PJ4K Contest Team coordination communications and file storage
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PLRB / PLRB Users Group
The PLRB Users' Group is the online platform for PLRB member company employees to share their views and ideas of and about PLRB's products and services. Comments are welcomed from users of PLRB's Website, PLRB webinar attendees, and those who have attended PLRB conferences - The Claims Conference, a Regional Adjusters Conference, and the Large Loss Conference. When you ar...
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PMRRC / Pasadena Model Railway Club
The Pasadena Model Railroad Club operates the Sierra Pacific Lines, one of the largest HO Scale operating Model Railroads in the world covering almost 5000 square feet. This e-mail list is a CLOSED group available only to present and past members in good standing who are full time members of the Club to facilitate club communications. Past full time members who are now associates may also join. ...
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PNW-Operations / PNW DMR Operations
This group supports PNW DMR's efforts to insure that all our assets (Repeaters, MMDVM Servers, Networking, Web pages and information is correct. Our network is large enough now that no single or several hams are able to manage operational correctness by themselves so we are reaching out for more help from our membership. We hope to have members who are willing to adopt 1 or more repeaters in t...
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This is a group for people in the Seattle/Tacoma area that are interested in 2M FM Simplex
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PNWfreemoN / Pacific Northwest Free-mo N
PNW FreemoN was established to serve N scale Freemo modelers in Western Washington and Northwestern Oregon areas. We are an offshoot of the FreemoN group. "Free-mo is a modular scale railroading standard designed for individual modelers that specifies bench work, track work, scenery, and digital control intended to raise-the-bar for scale modular railroading for N scale. The standard promo...
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The official communication center for the Police Officers Association of Canton, Inc.
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Greetings All... This email group is made for the students, learning 'PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING'. Class lectures, case studies, handouts will be shared via this group. Lets be connected, positive and interactive to get maximum benefit from this course, for a longer period of time, even after your studies! Suggestions are always welcome. Best Wishes, Sarfaraz Khan, CPM (Asia) 03...
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POTAM7Vandmore / Planet of the Apes (TV Sereis), The Magnificent Seven (TV Series), V (The Original mini Series & Final Battle) and More
Welcome to the POTA ,M7, V, and more group This is a list for role play stories for the short lived TV series; V ( the original mini series, Planet of the Apes TV series, and the Magnificent 7 TV series. Stargate Atlantis plus many more. If you love these shows plus others, and Love to write this is place for you. If you just want to lurk and read the stories You are welcome to do so. Although...
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POTC-Board / POTC Board of Directors
This group was designed to provide communication for the current board members of the Parkersburg Obedience Training Club.
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PPGBigList Group
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Private communication group - Directors of PPL
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PPP65 / PPP65
Email group for classmates of MHC '65 Porter People Group. membership is restricted.
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PRC-174 / PRC-174 HF/SSB Manpack Group
The PRC-174 group is for the sole purpose of sharing information on the Tadiran PRC-174 and the PRC-174S series of HF/SSB combat radios. Posts will be limited to general information, modifications, for sale items, manuals, how used, and anything else general related to this series of radio. Please be respectful to others with your posts.
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All about the Tadiran PRC-2200 manpack radio including base and accessories. Discussion to include various hardware versions, hacks, hidden features, and fixes.
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PRC319 / PRC319
Military Radio PRC319 Operations. PRC319 is a British Special Forces HF manpack transceiver designed by MEL (Mullard Electronic Labatories), A Division of Philips, in 1988. (It is part of the Clansman family). It is an all solid state and microprocessor controlled radio. It covers 1.5 MHz to 40 MHz. Power levels are selectable, 5W/50W. Modes are CW, USB and Data. It's EMP and water proof but w...
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This group is dedicated to the repeater owners/trustees of the PRN system of repeaters.
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A forum for Native Californians that have made the choice to become Political Refugees Of California due to the oppressive taxation, laws, ordinances and personal danger that living in California now entails. We love our beautiful home State but can't bring ourselves to live there anymore and will work from the outside to influence our home State's politics. Proud but disappointed to be a ...
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A group dedicated to information for the Paradise Recreation & Park District
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This list is the fusion of the PRR-FAX List and the PRR-Modeling list. The purpose of this list is to expedite the sharing of accurate information regarding the Pennsylvania Railroad, both in prototype and model form. It exists for all of us who admire, study and/or worked for the "Standard Railroad of the World". All factual information regarding the PRR is welcome. Accuracy is expected,...
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