PRC319 / PRC319
Military Radio PRC319 Operations. PRC319 is a British Special Forces HF manpack transceiver designed by MEL (Mullard Electronic Labatories), A Division of Philips, in 1988. (It is part of the Clansman family). It is an all solid state and microprocessor controlled radio. It covers 1.5 MHz to 40 MHz. Power levels are selectable, 5W/50W. Modes are CW, USB and Data. It's EMP and water proof but...
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PSP-Freubelaars / PSP-Freubelaars
Ben jij een beginner, gevorderde of vergevorderde met Paint Shop Pro dan zijn wij de aangewezen groep voor je. Ben je beginner dan start je bij les 1, ben je gevorderd dan mag je instappen bij les 20 en ben je vergevorderd mag je instappen bij les 101. Mocht je starten bij les 1 of 20 dan is er nog de optie om tot en met les 100 de lessen versneld te maken. Momenteel hebben we meer dan 1000 les...
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Forum of the San Diego Division of the Pacific Southwest Region of the National Model Railroad Association. NMRA PSR San Diego Division
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PTSD-DID-CMPD-and-trauma-safe-Houdveure / PTSD-DID-CMPD-and-trauma-safe-Houdveure
Welcome to the PTSD-DID-CMPD-and-trauma-safe-Houdveure, my name is bonnie I am the list administrator. This group is for sufferers of post traumatic stress disorder, dissociative identity disorder, complex mixed personality disorder, and trauma NOS, as well as for family and friends of sufferers to connect, chat, share conditional related information and resources, give and receive advice and supp...
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PTSD-and-trauma-survivors-sanctuary / PTSD-and-trauma-survivors-sanctuary
If you have PTSD, DID, or suffered any abuse or trauma, you are welcome in our sanctuary, my name is jerry i own the group, i suffer from DID, PTSD and gender identity disorder as a result of being abused, you're not alone, all that i ask is that all list members be respected and trigger warnings be placed on all sensitive posts
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PTSDSufferersAgainstCelebratingChristmas / PTSD Sufferers Against Celebrating Christmas
This is a safe non-judgemental group created by me the owner Jamie for all PTSD sufferers who like us hate the December holiday
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PWB / PWB Electronics
To provide a place where the customers of PWB Electronics can exchange ideas on how best to utilize the products of Peter Belt and transform their audio listening experience.
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PWP / Professional Women Photographer Members
Welcome to Professional Women Photographers
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PWTNunspeet / Plaatselijke Werkgroep Toegankelijkheid Nunspeet
Werkgroep voor en dor mensen met een beperking in de gemeente Nunspeet. Deze werkgroep behartigd de belangen voor mensen met een beperking op het gebied van toegankelijkheid in de gemeente Nunspeet. Het gaat dan om de toegankelijkheid van openbare gebouwen en om de bereikbaarheid daarvan. Het adviseren aan de gemeente Nunspeet over het aanbrengen van markeringen voor visueel beperkten, waar en hoe...
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PacificNWNordhavns / Pacific Northwest Nordhavns
PacificNWNordhavns is dedicated to travel on The Salish Sea and along The Inside Passage by owners of Nordhavn Yachts.
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Testing out this idea for PH. . . . . . .
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PalestineGrassRoots / Palestine Graas Roots
We hope to reach a broad community, a cross section, not just palaver with "in' people and cliquists. We especially want to hear accounts from people who have been in Palestine, or are still there, or are planning to travel there soon. Membership requires UNQUALIFIED SUPPORT for the right of return.
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PanzerGardenTractorsGroup / Panzer Garden Tractors Group
Welcome To Panzer Garden Tractors Group Panzer Garden Tractors.This group is dedicated to the preservation of Panzer Garden Tractors, Copar Panzer, Panzer, Pennsylvania Panzer,Penn 88s and Meteor Garden Tractors. We have the most info about Panzers that can be found on line in our files section and we want to welcome you to join us in talking about a great American tractor.We are a user oriented ...
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Papercrafts / Papercrafts and Cardmaking
Papercrafts is a multi technique card making and paper crafting group. We have members from many parts of the world all participating in monthly paper crafting swaps. We do a group of card swaps a month, along with an ATC and a sketch swap and special project swaps now and then. Also we encourage everyone to participate in the RAK's(Random Acts of Kindness to bring a smile). We would love ...
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ParacorOntario / Paracor Ontario
Our goal is to help people with disabilities become more active in life by providing an information source for them on disability-related recreational activities, competitive sports and events, fundraisers and festivals.
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Paranoia-support-group / Paranoia-support-group
My name is Steph i am your list owner, are you struggling with paranoia like me or know someone who is? Well come on in to the paranoia support group, since this is a support group for sufferers and supporters, let me run through some general housekeeping rules: 1. We don't do therapy here we are not qualified therapists, seek help off list in emergency situations. 2. We don't do judgement...
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Parckzijde / Bewoners Parckzijde Utrecht
Deze groep is alleen bedoeld voor de bewoners van Parckzijde te Utrecht.
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Parental-issues / Parental-issues
Welcome to the parental-issues mailing list, my name is Enzo i am your list owner, do you have a parent or guardian who is controlling you? Do they overrule every decision in life you try to make independently? Are they being selfish and choosing their new partner over you and your siblings? Are they not balancing their time properly? Does it feel like they are abandoning you? Are they misundersta...
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ParkersburgOTC / Parkersburg Obedience Training Club Members' List
The official POTC members email list. This list will provide a forum for POTC members to discuss and announce events, to brag about our dogs, and other POTC related items. List rules will be sent to you upon subscription. The list is owned by POTC and governed by the Board of Directors. To join you must be a member of or training w/ POTC and considering membership.
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PaseoPlazaRules / Paseo Plaza - Rules Committee
This group is for the Paseo Plaza Rules Committee (RC). Membership is restricted to active committee members, the Board liaison, and the Paseo Plaza management company.
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