Piedmont Chapter of the Embroiderers Guild of America. We Serve the Piedmont area of NC. including Greensboro, Winston-Salem and High Point.
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Owners of herding dog breeds training and competing with sheep and duck courses through AKC, AHBA, ASCA and Border Collie Organizations.
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Pinehill Homeowners Association located in Sammamish Washington. Purpose is to communicate HO issues. Others can be invited as HOA deems suitable.
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Pinkys-Place / Pinkys Place
Thanks for considering joining Pinky's Place. Here you will find all sorts of different PSP related things. Tubes & Graphics, Plugin's, Incredimail Tutorials and Stationery. We will try to help anyone needing it, if we can. We do not ask much of your stay here, but we are asking you to share something at least once a week. It can be a tube, graphic, plugin, or just a note to say HI. We...
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This group supports DMR Philippines' efforts to insure that all our assets (Repeaters, MMDVM Servers, Networking, Web pages and information is correct. We hope to have members who are willing to adopt 1 or more repeaters in their area and check to insure that they are operational, working properly and their operations. This would include our MMDVM servers, Echo servers and other assets that a...
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Piss-off-Christmas-adverts / Piss-off-Christmas-adverts
My name is Silas, this is an adult list for anyone who believes in greys day and doesn't believe in Christmas who are sick to death of hearing those blasted christmas adverts, why not advertise for greys day? That would make a greys day believer like me and some other people I know who believe in greys day happy? So piss off Christmas adverts please or I will personally write to the government...
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Test of this platform
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This Pixie II group is for for Basic building and enhancement of the Pixie II Transceiver board. You can start with the basic board and put in an Altoids can. We encourage you to not stop there, change the transistors to get 1 Watt out, add a keyer, put it in a hand finished Mahogany case, etc. SPAM OR FLAMING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED
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This is where we can post any type of pizza, calzone and stromboli recipes. They don't have to be tried-n-true, just something that sounds like it might be interesting to share, make and taste! There is a posting requirement in this group so all group members will need to post to the group every month, 1 recipe per month, to remain a group member. There won't be a weekly "theme" to...
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PlantBasedDoctors / Plant Based Doctors
This group is for doctors and related health professionals in the greater Portland, Oregon area that are interested in plant based nutrition. Topics are focused on health optimization for patients, including whole-food plant-based diets versus alternative diets, fasting, sleep, exercise, stress reduction techniques, and creating supportive communities. Resources will include a calendar listing im...
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Group to coordinate and document hiking, backpacking, camping, walking, kayaking, and other outdoor activities. Including trail reports from members that are completing sections or thru hikes for the Florida Trail, Appalachian Trail, or any other trails. Also allow members to share photographs and helpful tips.
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PlasticFreightCarBuiilders / Plastic Model Freight Car Builders
An alternative to ResinFreightCarBuilers for those whose primary freight car modeling medium is injection molded plastic. Primarily but not necessarily aimed at HO 1/87 scale. Kits and scratchbuilt from any form of plastic. RTR equipment is not a welcome topic unless it has been substantially rebuilt to match a specific prototype. Example: an Accurail 36 foot box car would be a welcome topic on...
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Playtesting-with-Don / Playtest Night
Join the group, then check the Calendar to view and sign up for meet-ups!This is a meet-up for play-testing the light-to-medium social board and card games that I'm usually working on. If you like those kinds of games and being part of game development, join! Drink a beer and give feedback. To meet up we need at least four players - so three outside myself. If we have that, we'll meet. If ...
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Alicia Rasley will help you explore the elusive concept of "Voice"-- your unique presentation of your story. rasley@gmail.com
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the Plymouth Astrophotography Club provides a forum for astrophotographers in SE Michigan to display their astrophotos and discuss acquisition and processing techniques.
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PoNYTYA / Parents of NY Teens & Young Adults
This is a place for parents of teens and young adults located in all five boroughs to come together and openly discuss the trials and tribulations of raising teens in this crazy city... where else can a teen travel as far as from coney island to the bronx for only $2.75! Homework, high schools, college, leaving the nest and more! ... discuss it all here! Please sign up if you are a parent of a tee...
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Voor eer opgeruimd huis en tuin
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Beta Group - For Conservative Political Pundits to share news stories, thoughts, etc. Friendly debates. No name calling.
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PonderingNVC / Pondering NVC

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A San Francisco Bay Area play/hiking group for Standard Poodles and their owners which meets monthly on Sunday mornings.
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