ParkersburgOTC / Parkersburg Obedience Training Club Members' List
The official POTC members email list. This list will provide a forum for POTC members to discuss and announce events, to brag about our dogs, and other POTC related items. List rules will be sent to you upon subscription. The list is owned by POTC and governed by the Board of Directors. To join you must be a member of or training w/ POTC and considering membership.
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PaseoPlazaRules / Paseo Plaza - Rules Committee
This group is for the Paseo Plaza Rules Committee (RC). Membership is restricted to active committee members, the Board liaison, and the Paseo Plaza management company.
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PassaicJews / Passaic Jews
PassaicJews Welcomes You. Sponsor: NJ Patent & Trademark Lawyers/Attorneys NY - Michael Feigin See the Special Notices, Gas Prices, and the Eruv and Minyan Maps, at How to Post: Post announcements at which will also sends the message to this group, or send an email to . Rules: All messages must be according to Jewish and secular law and not...
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PassengerCarList / Passenger Car List
Welcome to the Passenger Car List, or PCL. This is the new home for the former Yahoo Groups Passenger Car List - all of the Yahoo PCL posts, photos and files are here.. This forum is devoted to railroad and railway passenger cars - past, current and future. Modeling and prototype discussions are welcome! Messages sent to the list should be restricted to passenger cars and passenger car modeling. C...
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PatrickNagel / Patrick Nagel: The Artist Who Loved Women
The Patrick Nagel group is dedicated to the discussion, education, buying and selling of the art of Patrick Nagel. This group is moderated by Rob Frankel, the author of the only biography of Patrick Nagel: The Artist Who Loved Women, also available at Amazon. Feel free to ask questions, offer suggestions and contribute helpful comments about the life and art of Patrick Nagel. If you are simply ...
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PauldingARES / Paulding County ARES
This is a Group setup for members of Paulding ARES.
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PaxtonPups / Paxton III Pups
This group is for all those interested in sharing information about the CCI pups sired by Paxton III. Paxton is a full labrador retriever. He is from Hanford II's last litter and Shadow V's second litter. Paxton was the third born out of litter of five born on April 9, 2005. Paxton was raised by the Griggs family in Washington State and matriculated November 2006. He was kept in the advanc...
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PaychexPedalPower / Paychex Pedal Power
A place for Tour de Cure runners/riders at Paychex to talk shop, plan runs/rides, build community, and prepare for charity events!
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PckLouda / PCK Louda
Cyklisticky klub
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PeachheadNanny / Peachhead Nanny
PeachheadNanny is the sister group to Peachhead. This site is for parents searching for nannies/caregivers and nannies/caregivers searching for a family. Nanny agencies may not join this group. If a nanny agency would like to advertise on this site or promote their business to the members of PeachheadNanny, please contact Linda Perry at to find out about having a dedicated e-...
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PebbleInTheShoe / Pebble In The Shoe
A fun place for friends to meet and chat -- and share things of all kinds. Please keep it clean as some folks have kids about. Come and enjoy !
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Email list for Pella Amateur Radio Club, located in Pella, Iowa 50219
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Peminismo / Mga Lalaking Peminista
Mga lalaking mahal ang peminismo mula noon sila ay isilang.
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This discussion group is for the members of the Pen Bay Amateur Radio Club. Please use this forum to share news about current events that are related to amateur radio or to ask questions about amateur radio. All memberships in this group require approval. Please sign all postings with your first name and call sign. Club website:
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PeninsulaGardeners / Peninsula Gardeners
This is a email group for gardeners in Burlingame/San Mateo/Hillsborough and surrounding area. If you just join, please introduce yourself and tell us your favorite plants. To send a message to the group, use this email address - To invite friends to join a group, have them send an email to Privacy Setting: Messages sen...
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A discussion group for the Penn Central Railroad and its predecessors. Pennsylvania (PRR), New York Central (NYC), New Haven (NH) and other associated roads (P&LE, etc) are welcomed. The time era is not cast in stone, although the primary focus is the years preceding, during and after the official PC era are expected to be foremost. Interchange and competition with other roads in the same geog...
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Discussions and planning for Weed Walk classes at Cooper's Lake Campground, especially at Pennsic.
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Pennsy / Pennsylvania Railroad
Successor file repository for the Keystone Crossings web site, in celebration of the late, great Pennsylvania Railroad, reporting marks "PRR". Prototype and modeling discussion is encouraged.
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PentlandRamblers / Pentland Ramblers
Pentland Ramblers is a friendly group of hill and countryside walkers based mainly in Penicuik, Midlothian. We hold an organised walk on the first Sunday of every month plus many other related activities. Membership of this group requires your full name and address.
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PeopleUnited-91point7 / KOOP Radio's People United
This is the announcement-only mailing list for KOOP Radio's People United. The radio program itself can be heard Fridays at 1 pm Central Time on 91.7 FM in Austin, Texas, or via its worldwide web simulcast at The program covers a wide variety of topics related to social justice, be they local, statewide, national, or international. This list announces upcoming speakers and topics on ...
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