PentlandRamblers / Pentland Ramblers
Pentland Ramblers is a friendly group of hill and countryside walkers based mainly in Penicuik, Midlothian. We hold an organised walk on the first Sunday of every month plus many other related activities.
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PeopleUnited-91point7 / KOOP Radio's People United
This is the announcement-only mailing list for KOOP Radio's People United. The radio program itself can be heard Fridays at 1 pm Central Time on 91.7 FM in Austin, Texas, or via its worldwide web simulcast at The program covers a wide variety of topics related to social justice, be they local, statewide, national, or international. This list announces upcoming speakers and topics on ...
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PerfectPastaRecipes / Great pasta recipes
This is where we can post any type of pasta recipes that we would like to share. They don't have to be tried-n-true, just something that sounds like it might be interesting to share, make and taste! There is a posting requirement in this group. All group members will need to post one (1) recipe to the group every month. There won't be a weekly "theme" to the recipes posted to this...
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This group is meant to discuss both the Perseus SDR hardware and its accompanying software.
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Personality_disorders_support_group / Personality_disorders_support_group
Welcome to the personality disorders support group, my name is Sarah i am your list owner, do you suffer with either antisocial, avoidant, dependent, emotionally unstable, histrionic, narcissistic, obsessive-compulsive, paranoid, schizoid, schizotypal or complex mixed personality disorder? If you have any or all of the above this group is for you, but as this is a mental health support group I ask...
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A group of Directors and Aspiring directors in Perth, Australia who meet and support each other
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This group/program is to help those who need a helping paw to feed their animals. The program receives any type of pet related coupons that will sent out to those that need a 'helping paw" to feed their animals. You can receive coupons and also be a clipper. The clippers are the backbone of this program without them I could not do the program. There is NEVER any cost to those who need coup...
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The game. Nothing but the game .
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We become quite attached to our pets, they become family members. Unfortunately, they do not live forever, even with the best of care. When the time comes that we must say good-bye to our long-time friends, it can become devastating to the other family members. Hopefully, this group can provide assistance in dealing with this loss. Please be considerate in replying to anyone expressing sorr...
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Welcome to Petitpointers.... A place to share your interest in stitching, creativity and see some of the stitching magic that is happening in miniature. Petitpointers is focused on miniature stitching of all types, but primarily petitpoint . This group shares and discusses projects, methods, progress and other aspects of creating with a needle and thread. Stitchers of all experience levels are ...
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Petitpointers traveling to the UK for miniatures and needlework
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Petsburgh is a place to share friendship and love of animals. We also share stories and photos of our pets. And there are discussions on the well being of all living creatures. To this end, we share and petitions to sign. And yes, lots of politics. Petsburgh Links:
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DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drone
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A Group for a Non Profit organization dedicated to serving the community and mentoring youth.
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Культурные события в Филадельфии, такие как поэтические выступления и концерты авторской песни в магазине "КНИЖНИК" - и не только!
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PhilaSUG-L / Welcome to Philadelphia Area SAS Users Group Newsgroup
PhilaSUG-L provides information about upcoming events, newsletter, and job opportunities related to PhilaSUG. PhilaSUG (Philadelphia Area SAS Users Group) is a non-profit professional organization whose primary purpose is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, increased knowledge of SAS® software, and professional advancement. This is a very low volume (average of 13 messages a year)...
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The Philadelphia Area Advanced Squad Leader (ASL) Club - is devoted to increasing the play and enjoyment of ASL gamers of all skill levels in Philadelphia and surrounding counties. Members use this list to discuss scenarios and rules questions, organize face-to-face games, share AARs, club communications and anything else dealing with the world of ASL. New members and ASL Starter Kit players are a...
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Email list for member of the Philadelphia MG Club, INC
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Photo-3d / Photo-3d
This is a test group as a backup for Photo-3D on yahoo groups.
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Photoshop-Players / Photoshop-Players
We are a casual friendly group wanting to help ourselves and others with motivation and encouragement to learn Adobe Photoshop. All members are encouraged to share tutorials, discuss the program, ask questions and share tips, hints, information and resources they have picked up along the way. We don't have a structured course of lessons in this group. None of us are experts; we are all at diff...
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