Pro92 / Pro92
Discussion of the RadioShack Pro-92 portable scanner radio
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A private group for a small number of people to share photos of their miniatures, dollhouses and scenes, purchased and handmade.
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ProjectCissy / ProjectCissy
This is the new location for the Yahoo ProjectCissy group. All albums and files will be transferred here. The group is dedicated to the study of the Vintage Cissy doll created by the Madame Alexander Company from 1955-1962. We welcome learning about the artistry of Cissy as well as those interested in creating vignettes and new clothing. We also discuss restoration projects. No Spam Will be Tol...
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ProjectIDIC / ProjectIDIC
The USS Hippocrates is one of the most advanced medical ships in the Federation; but can they cure the incurable? The crew struggles to create something lasting in a new arm of the Federation but time is ticking. Can they help bring peace and health to the galaxy or are they destined to fall victim to the same plague that is ravaging civilization? Join us and find out as doctors, scientists, and e...
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ProjectPathfinder / Project Pathfinder-USS Atlantis NCC-100013
Space, the Final Frontier... In 2377 the Starship USS Voyager encountered a small outpost of Talaxians living inside an asteroid mining colony. While at the colony the crew of the Starship Voyager learned of the plight of the Talaxians and their constant attacks by an alien species intent on capturing the base for its mineral reserves. With the assistance of the Voyager the Talaxians were able to ...
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PrometheusDX2400 / PrometheusDX2400
The Prometheus is Amateur Radio's First Solid-State Legal-Limit+ 160-10m HF Amplifier. With no tuning and no warm up time delay, the Prometheus provides reliable power instantly so that rare DX station does not get away. This is a rugged, commercial quality amplifier designed to run cool under 1500W continuous SSB, CW or RTTY, with special ferrite transformers and combiners designed for full p...
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Promus / ProMus United
ProMus United is an incubator for Muslim youth designed to create a community of aspiring leaders through professional development. We equip the youth with the tools, resources, and opportunities they need to be successful in the professional world. Our mission is to strengthen the Muslim youth by shaping, inspiring, and educating the next generation of leaders. ProMus United is an organization ...
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If the band is open and nobody is transmitting, "can anybody hear it"? This is the e-mail group for the PropNET project.
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Prosfanfic / Prosfanfic
Welcome to the home of Prosfanfic, a group for writers of The Professionals fan fiction. We have a large archive of stories which is still being added to. New members, writers or readers are encouraged to participate. Obviously we also enjoy talking about the programme and actors and welcome all new input. Please note, we are a non-slash group. This applies to both stories and general discussi...
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Proto-Layouts is for modelers interested in building and/or operating prototype-based model railroads. Clark Propst photo of his M&StL Bear Creek bridge and a prototype photo of the scene on which it was based.
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Discussion and support for the Iowa Scaled Engineering ProtoThrottle ( )
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Prudent-Living / Prudent-Living
This is a group where we can collectively share and learn from others on how to DIY, whether it be gardening, home repairs, homesteading, self-reliance, self-sufficiency, permaculture, organics, making your own products, economical cooking, home remedies, auto repairs, and much, much more. PLEASE NOTE!!! All we ask is that you play nicely with others and not cause trouble, start arguments, disag...
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prueba01 es mi grupo de prueba
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PsP-Group-SiCa / Psp-Group-Sica
English below Welkom bij PsP-Group-SiCa. Wij hebben deze groep opgericht voor iedereen die het leuk vindt om in ontspannen sfeer PaintShop pro lessen te volgen. Op vrijdag sturen we 2 lessen met een tekstlink via email naar je toe. De lessen bestaan onder meer uit Blend, Tag, Animatie en eigen geschreven lessen. Op woensdag sturen we een extra les. Ben je nieuwsgierig meld je dan aan, om het crea...
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PstRotator / PstRotator by YO3DMU
The PstRotator and PstRotatorAz programs handle almost every controllable antenna rotator in common use. PstRotator provides automatic satellites tracking and moon/sun tracking for EME. PstRotatorAz supports the SteppIR and UltraBeam antennas, and different relays boards. Both programs support multi-user remote control over TCP/IP. A lot of loggers, satellites trackers, moon trackers, DX Cluste...
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Non evil pawn of the Pysonix umbrella corp
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PulpMagazines / PULP MAGAZINES - Pulps and Their Stories
This group is for all fans of PULP MAGAZINES and Fiction ! Whether it is the Heroes: The Shadow, Doc Savage, The Spider, Phantom Detective, Operator No. 5, Secret Agent X, The Avenger, Black Bat (Black Book Detective), Green Lama, Angel Detective, Captain Future, Buck Rogers The Flyers: G-8, The Lone Eagle, Dusty Ayers, Terence X. O'Leary, Red Falcon, Buzz Benson, Capt. Danger, Biggles The ...
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Currently migrating the PulpMags Group from YaHoo to here. Updates to come.
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A pups dreams
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Purple-Passion / Purple-Passion
Incredimail group of friends sharing Incredimail related subjects. We are not accepting new memebers at this time!
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