This group is specifically devoted to that which is perhaps the most unique, possibly the oddest, and certainly non-standard bastard child of the "Standard Railroad Of The World", Pennsylvania Railroad's Elmira Branch.
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PRRPro / PRR Projects Group
This group is designed to allow modelers who are building specific Pennsylvania Railroad related projects to share ideas, techniques and the finished models. Every 6 months we will select a new project to pursue as a group. Only PRR projects will be considered. Only messages related to the current group project or completed projects are appropriate. Projects may include rolling stock (freight or p...
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PRSL / Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines
Hi and welcome to the Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines page. The rules are the same as the page. Please post ONLY P-RSL and PRR Atlantic Div. 1932-1976. Early Conrail is ok also 1976-1980's if its on the Ex PRSL or PRR Atlantic Div.Area we cover is Frankford Jct (the Bridge into South Jersey and up to Trenton and the Pemberton Branch and the UT. And ALL of the PRSL (...
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PS295PTA / PS295 PTA
PS295PTA is an online forum for parents & guardians of students attending PS295 in Brooklyn, along with PS 295 teachers and staff. This online group is intended for all of our community members: parents/guardians along with teachers & staff of PS 295. When applying to this group, please be sure to let the owners know who you are and your relationship to the school community (family/student...
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PSCTrees / Park Sutton for Trees
A Park Sutton committee to address the deforestation on association property arising from the construction of the Capital Crescent Trail.
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PSDMR / Puget Sound Digital Mobile Radio
A group of amateur radio operators in the Puget Sound and Pacific Northwest region that enjoy Digital Mobile Radio (DMR). Puget Sound Digital Mobile Radio uses BrandMeister as a means to interconnect to each other and the world.
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to keep track of our website design items and discussion, brainstorming, ideas, drafts.
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PSP-Cafe2 / Graphics Group
This is a Paint Shop Pro / Photo Shop Group, or whatever graphics program you use. This is an English speaking group. You don't have to live in America, but you have to speak English fairly. You can share anything graphic related, kits, tags, comp. sets, animations, etc. From a G rating to SAC. Tastefully sexy only. Feel free to offer up your tags for request to the group. Please share ...
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PSP-Freaks / PSP-Freaks
Private PSP sharing group.
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PSP-Graphic-Artists / PSP Graphic Artists
Welcome to PSP Graphic Artists. Whether you are new to Paint Shop Pro, rediscovering it or an old hand needing a fix, come and try out our tutorials with or without your own creative input. Enjoy the groups' appreciation, help and friendship
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Welcome to PSP-Weekend-Warriors. We war every weekend from Thursday evening to Sunday night. We send anything and everything PSP - tubes, brushes, masks, images, tags, gradients, presets, brushes etc. as long as they are free to use. Nothing pay to use is allowed to be sent. We do not allow jokes, rants, political/religious writings "the sky is falling" emails etc. We also do not allow ad...
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PSP-World-Share / PSP-World-Share
Hier kan en mag alles gedeeld worden wat met Paint Shop Pro te maken heeft. Het Share-Team.
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This is a group for businesses that have a connection to Park Slope Parents. There are sub-groups for Summer Camps, Kid Baby Businesses, and Perks information.
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Here we share things to make your tags with such as frames, accents, fonts, corners, templates, word art, scrap kits get the hint. You'll see some challenges come through as time permits. If you have a request you may ask members.
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PSPSharesMadebyMeshi / PSP Shares Made by Meshi
This group is for you to come and download masks,corners,dings,etc. that I have made that are free for you to use for your personal and not for profit projects only. I try to make them so that you can colorize them yourself. I am copyright aware and compliant and so I aim to use legal use items only in my creations for you to also use. Items are made with Paint Shop Pro and directions are given fo...
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PSPStuff High Volume group. Do NOT join if you cannot handle that! Welcome to the group. Enjoy and have fun! Anything related to PSP is welcome. Tubes, Tags, Blanks, Scraps, Tags etc Participating is mandatory. Sharing and saying thanks are welcomed. If there are any troubles let us moderators and owners know please (instead of reporting to Google!). Thank You!
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PSPTaggersInc / PSP Taggers Inc
A group for PSP taggers to create & share. Copyright Compliant Group
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We are a sharing group that shares tubes, masks,scrap kits,graphics etc. Anything that we can create with in PSP. We are a family-friendly group, so no A/C please. We have a high volume of mail at times, so you might want to use an email that gives you quite a bit of space. We would love to have you join us! So pull up a chair and start sharing and snagging!
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PSPTutsforFun / PSPTutsforFun
Thank you al for looking and hope you wil like it here I sent every friday one tut you can make a tag extras you may make tags for everyone stats what ever you like the only thing I want to see is your License on your tag So if you use a tube from someone use a license Have fun and hope you like the tuts
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Want to war at least one weekend a month? Possibly TWICE? If you said yes come join us. Tags and tubes are welcome. Oh who am I kidding? ANYTHING is welcome. There may be 1 day theme wars as well. Mail volume will be heavy. The catch is I can say DND We will be warring from this day to this day and you can send that time or go no mail. Biggest catch is you must participate in at least one war of Y...
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