NTMS / North Texas Microwave Society
The North Texas Microwave Society is an amateur radio club dedicated to microwave operating, contesting, construction and education for the VHF/UHF/SHF bands. Member interests include special propagation modes, EME, digital modes such as FT8, and helping new members get on the air. The club participates in ARRL contests with both rover and fixed stations. We promote weekly activity nights for vari...
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This venue is for the discussion on issues pertaining to NTRAK modular modeling
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NTRAK-CH / NTRAK Swiss Division
Welcome to the group of NTRAK Swiss Division! Access is for members only.
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NTREG / North Texas Renewable Energy Group
The North Texas Renewable Energy Group (NTREG) was established in 2001 with the primary goal of educating North Texans about the power of renewable energy ("RE"). We are the North Texas Chapter of the Texas Solar Energy Society. Would you like to learn more about energy conservation, energy efficiency, solar electricity, solar hot water, and related topics? Whether you're experienced i...
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NTSO / NTSO (Non-Traditional Student Organization) at NWACC (formerly Empty Nesters club)
This group is for the NWACC student club NTSO (Non-Traditional Student Organization) formerly known as "Empty Nesters" club. The club was created to support all non-traditional NWACC students, whether they attend online or on campus part-time or full-time. The primary focus of the club is to help students with college struggles, such as: technology issues, test anxiety, stress management...
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NTX-FSQ / North Texas FSQ
This group is for the use of interested parties and participants in North Texas FSQ Emergency network(s). You do not need to be a member of any Ham Radio Club to join or participate.
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The N_Tutorial list is for the absolute beginner in N-Scale model railroading. That means that no question asked here is ever stupid!! Initially this list was dedicated to people building the 3' x 5' beginners layout, described in detail on: http://users.iafrica.com/c/ca/caroper/tutorial. In time some of the list members developed more advanced versions, like Geof Dagley's Advanced Tut...
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North Texas Free-mo was established in November 2008 to provide some organization for railroad modelers in the area wanting to build HO scale modules to the Free-mo standard. Since that time we have grown from concept to an operational Free-mo group holding our first setup in September of 2009. We are still in the building phase of our group and our modules. The majority of our modules model the m...
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Getting naked in the woods since 1941.
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NVANGHighRollers / NV Air Guard High Rollers Retirees
Past members of the 152d who wish to be notified of events and share information.
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NVDACon / NVDACon Planning Committee and Task Force
A task force for planning NVDA Users and Developers Conference (NVDACon).
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NVDACon-announce / NVDACon Announcements
An announcement-only list for NVDACon activities.
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NVDAhelp / NVDAHelp
A group for learning about the NVDA screen-reader and for discussing problems people are having with the program. It is for users at all levels, from beginning to advanced.
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NVIS / NVIS - Near Vertical Incidence Skywave communications
NVIS - Near Vertical Incidence Sywave communications NVIS: A method for reliable communications in the MF and HF radio spectra. For now, this group was created as a possible follow-on to the [NVIS] group on Yahoo!Groups. The owner of that group hasn't suggested yet that his group will transfer over to here, so it's unclear whether this group will become its official successor, or just a n...
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NWATCS / Northwest ATCS
This is a user group for ATCS Monitor Users in The Pacific Northwest. This group is intend to share updates, changes, information, related to ATCS Monitor related to the area of the Pacific Northwest. Note to prospective members: You must be already a member of ATCS Monitor Group or your membership will be denied. Please explain why you want to join this group. Why the Pacific Northwes...
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Qualified handlers that are registered with the Washington State Department of Emergency Management and ready to search for lost or missing persons as unpaid volunteers.
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NWCALBIRD / Northwest Calbird
Northwestern California (Humboldt, Del Norte and Trinity Counties) birdwatching and information exchange. Within the specified counties any pertinent information about rare birds, birding locations, birdwatching activities including field trips and festivals can be posted. Ornithological information about local bird species, their conservation and any related questions are also welcomed. Members a...
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small list for scholars interested in British Studies activities and events in the Pacific Northwest.
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NWFTC / Northwest Field Trial Council
Electronic home for the Northwest Field Trial Council, dedicated to all things afield with pointing dogs, including bird hunting, AKC hunt tests, and AKC/American Field competitive field trials. Repository of much history of the NWFTC, as well as helpful files, event premiums, & photos.
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NWFrontiergaming / NW Frontier Wargaming Group
The flying bullet down the Pass that whistles clear “All flesh is grass” (Kipling) To discuss all aspects of wargaming on the North-West Frontier of India during the colonial period, also the First, Second and Third Afghan Wars. Discussions on uniforms and equipment, painting and conversion of wargames figures and equipment, Orders of Battle, battle reports of your games and suggestions for...
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