NBEMS-HI / Fldigi/Flmsg in Hawaii
Use of NBEMS communications software: fldigi, flmsg, in Hawaii. Ask for help, receive net notifications.
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Nefesh B' Nefesh Group
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NC4AR / NC4AR Tri-County Amateur Radio Club
The is the membership email server for the Tri-County Amateur Radio Club NC4AR. We are located in the heart of North Carolina and cover Davidson, Randolph, Guilford, Forsyth and surrounding counties. Our local repeater is 145.290 Mhz with a positive offset and an 88.5 hz tone to access. Our weekly net is held every Thursday evening at 8 P.M. We enjoy rag chewing, DXing, digital modes, contesti...
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NCCConnections / North Chevy Chase Connections
The NCC Connections Group is an email discussion list for members of the North Chevy Chase Connections community. Wondering if you can join North Chevy Chase Connections? If you live within the boundaries on this map, then you can be an NCC Connections member! The purpose of this listserv is to allow its members to share information, post questions and get direct responses from neighbors who live ...
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Welcome. The NCE-DCC list will serve as a forum for users of NCE Digital Command Control Systems to obtain and share information about NCE Products and DCC with other users. Notes to new potential members: 1) Membership requires approval. Why? This is just a "front Door" SPAM filter to get rid of computers or people searching for member's email addresses to spam later. It ...
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A webspace for the North Coast Historical Model Railroad Society, AKA SCMRS and it's members. The group is dedicated to modeling the NWP in the Old Healdsburg Freight Depot in Northern California.
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A webspace for members of the HOn3 model railroad group North Coast Narrow Gaugers.
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Group for planning and discussing operating sessions on the NCNG model railroad.
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NCOS / National Capital Orchid Society
This Email list is a communication tool for members of the National Capital Orchid Society (NCOS). You are welcome to post your questions about orchids, show us the beauties you have at home by creating an on-line photo album, or promoting an orchid related event. Brag about the ribbons you got at the last show, or ask about on-line sources for orchid supplies, or anything that relates to our sh...
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NCPN / Naturist Campaign for Public Nudity
This is a campaigning group to draw attention to the legality of public nudity in UK so as to reduce pointless harassment of innocent naturists. No photos are permitted here which depict nudity because this would infringe Groups.io terms and they are in any case irrelevant to our purpose. A separate web site is under construction on which a few photos may be placed at some future date
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NCRDivision2 / NMRA NCR Division 2
Group site for Division 2 (Tip of the Mitt Division) of the North Central Region of the NMRA. This site is open to any member of the NMRA and is intended to facilitate Division 2 communications and host back issues of the newsletters and meeting photos. Upcoming Events: Saturday March 24, 2018 TC Yard Meeting Car and Locomotive Tune up Fire House 2 Old Mission Peninsula Saturd...
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NCVA-YgMT is a group set aside for NCVA to store backup information
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This group is governed by the topic of DCC for model railroading in N Scale
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NDHQRA / National Defense Headquarters Rifle Association
The NDHQRA message group facilitates discussion between the members of the National Defense Headquarters Rifle Association. You must be a member of NDHQRA to participate - this is a closed group.
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NDofficemngrs / Naturopathic Office Managers
A group for managers of naturopathic clinics to discuss and collaborate on the unique challenges presented to us. I envision this group board as a collaborative space where we can launch topics for discussion such as scheduling, pricing, front desk triage, office blogs, community resources, office polices, FAQs, ways to work with conventional medical community, resources for front desk staff, cl...
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Northeast Georgia Amateur Radio Club email list located in Commerce, GA
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NEBCR / NEBCR Volunteers
This group is for volunteers of New England Border Collie Rescue. If you would like to become a volunteer, please click on the link to fill out the Volunteer Form or Foster Home Application! Volunteering is not only limited to fostering - we have many other needs as well! We will post pleas for foster care, transport, needed supplies or special funding, people needed to help with educational tabl...
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Group Description Wild birds and birding in Siskiyou, Modoc, Lassen and Plumas counties CA. Interesting observations, sightings of uncommon, rare, and extremely rare birds, birding locations, trip reports, identification issues, birding events, club activities, and other issues of interest to the birding community. Please include the date and time of observation or event, your full name, and gener...
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NEFree-mo / New England Free-mo
This is a discussion area for sharing ideas and information on free-form modular model railroading in New England. Topics may include design, construction, operation, standards, news about Free-mo meets and groups, and any other topic related to Free-mo modular model railroading. Membership in this Yahoo Group is NOT limited to NE Free-Mo members. Any modeler interested in Free-Mo and/or Free-Mo...
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