Tudo sobre a Apple – notícias, reviews, iPad, iPhone, iPod, MacBook, Mac mini, Mac Pro.Para os apaixonados pelos produtos e serviços da Apple.
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Machine knitting group based in northern metro Denver area. This IO group is loosely based on the Handweavers Guild of Boulder Machine Knitting Study Group and customers of RMA (PacaKnits) Silver Reed knitting machines.
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Machine learning inc. deep learning (under construction)
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Madison74 / James Madison High School class of '74, Vienna VA
Alumni of James Madison High School, Vienna VA, Class of 1974. Created to plan our reunions, and to generally facilitate on-going contact between alumni.
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Madklubben / Madklubben!
Dette er det nye onlinested for den sagnomspundne 8-mands madklub fra Amager. Her deler vi billeder, historier, arrangementer med mere..
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Discussion and support for those interested in the MagLoop brand of magnetic loop antenna (
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This is another option to Yahoo Groups that looks very good. It has all the same features as Yahoo but is newer technology. There is a way to migrate all information from Yahoo. Google groups does not seem to have an easy way to do that. We can use this as a test group to validate the functionality. Regards Jean
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Groupe de potes pour discuter Magic
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This is a group for and by Magic Programmers. Magic is a powerful development platform, but on occasion it has it's share of glitches. Our goal here is: Let everyone know that something is, in fact, a bug, so you don't waste time trying to fix it on your own. Use tags to make them easy to find in the cross-reference. Avoid duplication of bug reporting. If you have submitted a ticket to MS...
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MagicalColorsOfFall / MagicalColorsOfFall
Welcome to "Magical Colors Of Fall" group. This is a friendly Incredimail letter group. In this group you may share anything that has the look of Fall in it; rolling into Halloween and Thanksgiving Holidays. Please no blood gorey letters,No SAC/AC letters! Let's keep it friendly and enjoyable for all. You may share tubes, animations tags of Thank you,
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The Historical Connecticut Introduction Leaders Program 11 people taking on their fearless leadership and transforming our state!
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This is my group for blinds.
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Blah blah balanakajsnnsnendn
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Swimming club group
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Main-geological-list / MAIN_GEOLOGICAL_LIST
Main Geological List Questo è il gruppo dei geologi dell'Università di Padova, vecchi cazzoni e chi altro si vuole aggiungere .... scrivete idee, proposte, cazzate e quant'altro vi viene in mente
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anyone interested in the history and or modeling of Maine's 2-foot narrow gauge railroads
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This group is for amateur radio operators in Maine who are actively involved in some aspect of packet radio. This includes the establishment and maintenance of packet infrastructure (nodes, bulletin boards, etc.), software and network development. APRS, both VHF and HF is also within the scope of the group. Interoperability with other systems will be addressed. These would include the Winlink syst...
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Make-Ahead-Meals / Make Ahead Meals
Make Ahead Meals is about cooking once and eating twice. Whether you cook ahead for the entire month, or love to cook extra to stock your freezer for easy meal nights. Forget spending a ton of money on pre-made convenience food. You can do this yourself and save time and money. Lets not forget about canning and preserving recipes! We share those here as well. So lets share some of our recipes and ...
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MakerEdLeadershipSummit / Maker Educator Leadership Summit Participants
The email group for the Maker Educator Leadership Summit (2017).
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