Coalition of ME/CFS Expert Clinicians
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This group is for modelers of the Maine Central Railroad and will at times be used to host internet based Virtual Clinics for modeling MEC Locomotives, Rolling Stock and structures
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MEPSUG / Maine PowerSchool User Group
Maine PowerSchool User Group Please specify your school district and/or reason for wanting to join when you request membership.
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For East Anglian members of the Model Electronic Railway Group to share information on electronics for model railways, to ask questions and provide answers. You can upload photos and files, eg circuit diagams, computer code etc.
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Third iteration of MERL, a Strat-O-Matic baseball play by e-mail league.
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MEV / Macrobiotic Ecovillage project
Creating an International Macrobiotic ecovillage project in Denmark
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MEXLIST / MEXLIST--The Group For Mexican Railway Information
MEXLIST is a forum for the exchange of knowledge about the Mexican railways. Its members include scholars, railfans, historians, railroaders, businesspeople, photographers, modelers, and other interested persons worldwide. "MEXLIST" is a service mark of Lowell G. McManus.
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This group is for those interested in medium format stereoscopic photography, aka MF3D, 120, or 6x13 stereo. It is open to those who shoot MF3D, collect images, share their images in folios, or like to learn more about equipment, technique and products. Those who use cameras like the Sputnik, Rolleidoscop, Heidoscop, 3DWorld, or home-made rigs are all welcome. Buying and selling is permitted.
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A discussion forum dedicated to the prototype and modeling of North American railroad freight cars and cabooses operating from 1960 to the present day. Topics may also include trucks, couplers, cushioning devices, brake gear and other appliances applied to railroad freight cars and cabooses. Freight car pools and relevant discussion of industries shipping by rail are also on-topic. Note this...
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Here is a place to get help on your MFJ, Ameritron, Hy-Gain, Mirage, Vectronics and Cushcraft product from other users who have been there, done that! Please no flames or MFJ bashing or out you go! List you mod, repair or operational tips here for all to read. Copyrighted software will be deleted if uploaded and spammers accounts will also be deleted. This group is the moderated replacement of the...
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Trialling for possible implementation in MQ's blended and fully online programs.
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MHDXA / Mile High DX Association
President's Message Hello and welcome to the Mile High DX Association forum. My name is Richard (Dick) Williams K8ZTT; I’ve been DXing for many years. I am a twice retired pilot (USAF in 1989, and United Airlines in 2005) who got started in amateur radio in 1961. Since I was a young boy, I had an interest in electricity and electronics; but it was not until I was a so...
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MHS-PTSA / Monrovia High School PTSA
Monrovia High School PTSA - Parent Teacher Student Association. We are a school unit of the California state PTA, in the 1st district, Monrovia Council.
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MI-250 / MI-250 Users Group
Discussion on the Mountain Instruments 250 transportable German Equatorial Mount. Please note that this Great mount is no longer being produced or supported. Mountain Instruments has closed there doors. I know we are all sorry for this loss. That however does not stop this mount from becoming a classic. The Mountain Instruments web site is no longer available. But I have tried to restore as m...
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MI-allergy / Allergy to Isothiazolinones MI/MCI/BIT/OIT
This is a mailing list + group for those who are either suffering from an allergy to isothiazolinones, or are advocates to protect citizens worldwide from this biocide in household products and cosmetics. Variations include methylisothiazolinone, methylchloroisothiazolinone, benzisothiazolinone and octylisothiazolinone. The plan is to grow with the needs of the group, and to build subgroups for ad...
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A historical discussion list for fans and modelers of the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad - aka "The Milwaukee Road". The Milwaukee Road was famous for its many superb passenger trains and popularly known by its "The Route of the Hiawathas" moniker. The western end of the system (Montana, Idaho and Washington) once boasted hundreds of miles of electrified mainli...
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MILWmodelers / MILWAUKEE ROAD modelers
== [ This group is the new home of the previous [MILWmodelers] Yahoo group. ] == This list is a forum for people interested in modeling the Milwaukee Road in any scale and any era. Virtual modeling is included as is Protofreelancing based on the historic Milwaukee Road.
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MLBC / Mystery Lovers Book Club
Mystery Lovers Book Club (formerly MysteryLovers_BookClub Yahoo! group) Welcome to Mystery Lovers Book Club!! We are a small group of avid mystery book readers. We have in depth discussions on 1-3 books per month. We love all kinds of mysteries including cozy, soft-boiled, hard-boiled, and traditional mysteries and suspense thrillers. Our favorite authors include Ellery Adams, Jenn McKinlay, Lin...
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Mother Lode DX/Contest Club DX spots and discussion
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A place to discuss the MMDVM, its clones, and other important stuff.
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