MCBC / McHenry County Bicycle Club
Welcome to the McHenry County Bike Club Event Email system! MCBC members can post club events, such as road and trail biking, hiking, XC skiing, dominoes, and camping. The MCBC list server is unmoderated. Subscribers are asked to only use the system for MCBC event related information. To send a message to everyone listed on the server, simply address your email to: Misuse of the s...
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MCBVIradio / MCBVI Radio
This is for discussion of MCBVI radio.
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MCCLV is a group primarily for those with low Vision in Missouri. This group will focus on education, advocacy, as well as being a resource in Missouri for those with limited vision.
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MCCNaturalScienceClub / The MiraCosta College Natural Science Club Discussion Boards
The discussion boards for the MiraCosta College Natural Science Club. Members can create subgroups for topics that interest them (member-initiated hikes/activities, natural science books you've read, topical areas such as botany, desert ecology, etc.)
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MCCRT / Using Radio Contesting to gain opportunities to fully understand the abilities of Amateur Radio and discover its strengths and weaknesses while building team camaraderie
The Manchester Connecticut CERT Radiosport Team is a local team focused on providing radio operating skill training through Radiosport Team contesting; to make radio contacts nationally, globally as well as locally, utilizing available equipment in various frequency spectrums and communication modes; to successfully communicate during various operating conditions. By participating in amateur radi...
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MCHS-jazz-saxes / MCHS Jazz Saxes
Group for the saxophone section of the Moreau Catholic High School Jazz Band to communicate with each other, share music and ideas, and receive instruction and assignments form the sax coach.
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MCRT-Clinton / Clinton section of the Massachusetts Central Rail Trail (MCRT)
We're all about completing the MCRT (Central Massachusetts Rail Trail) in its passage to & through Clinton, The Gateway West at the Heart of the Commonwealth. From Boston, the trail passes over the Wayside, 6 communities working together, which ends in Berlin. Clinton has a working group making sure the MCRT in our town is finished by 2025. This is where we post.
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TYT MD-9600 Users group
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MDARC / Mt. Diablo Amateur Radio Club
The Mount Diablo Amateur Radio Club (MDARC) was founded and incorporated in 1947. Today it has a membership of over 350 dedicated hams and is one of the largest amateur radio clubs in California. MDARC's purposes are to encourage innovation in amateur radio, provide public service and educational opportunities, foster good will within our community, and have fun in the process. MDARC operates...
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MDARES / Metro/Douglas ARES Omaha, NE
The purpose of this group is to provide an electronic forum for all Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) members in the Metro Area and adjacent communities. Members should use this distribution list to share information on upcoming training, drills, exercises and other news and activities pertaining to Amateur Radio Emergency Communications in general and ARES in particular. For those unacqu...
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MDAS / Mount Diablo Astronomy Society
This is the discussion group listserve of the Mount Diablo Astronomy Soiciety.
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MDSRadio / Modulation - Demodulation - Software Radio and the "RF-Seismograph" - measuring Space Weather and Earthquakes with your HF station!
MDSR: "Modulation-Demodulation Software Radio" New!!! The MDSR can now be used as a server-remote client. The MDSR uses a FT-817,FT-857, FT-897 or a FT-950 (any 455kHz IF transceiver, like the IC-718 or IC-703 , will work) in transponder mode and a computer interface (LIF converter – RX only or a BiLIF – RX/TX capable, hardware). And we are also supporting now 9.0115MHz IF for the IC...
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MDW2018 / Mother Daughter Weekend 2018
This group is for the moms who participated in Carb DM's 2018 Mother Daughter Weekend.
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This group is for members of the Minnesota DX club. It is for exchanging radio information, what is being heard, club events.
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Coalition of ME/CFS Expert Clinicians
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This group is for modelers of the Maine Central Railroad and will at times be used to host internet based Virtual Clinics for modeling MEC Locomotives, Rolling Stock and structures
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MECOMP / Maine Coalition Of Minor Parties
Maine Coalition Of Minor Parties: This group is intended to allow Maine Greens, Libertarians, and other minor political party activists to organize for common interests and causes for our mutual benefit.
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The Middle Eastern Marine Science network (MEMS) is a regional network that aims to connect researchers with interest in marine related science in the middle east. The main subjects of the network include sharing publications, regional natural events (e.g. stranding, red tide events), setting research collaboration, data sharing, asking for scientific advise, and advertising for related conference...
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MEPSUG / Maine PowerSchool User Group
Maine PowerSchool User Group Please specify your school district and/or reason for wanting to join when you request membership.
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MERGCapitalRegion / MERG Capital Region
Model Electronic Railway Group, MERG, is a UK based group of model railway enthusiasts who have a particular interest in using electronics on their model railways. Membership of the group is worldwide. For more information visit our website at This discussion group is for the MERG members in the Capital Region of Australia, i.e. the ACT and southern NSW.
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