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Welcom to this Group. I share here only Cute Family PSP Tubes. Me to you/Tatty, Disney, HM, Diddle ect. I hope you enjoy this group. Hugs Lady
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LadyJPetServices / LadyJ Pet Services
This is a chat group for LadyJ Pet Services members to connect and share resources and exchange pet care tips and tricks.
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Ladyz in Noyz is both: a series celebrating women experimental/fringe/noise/sound artists/musicians increasing gender diversity & visibility w/in music and international inclusive feminist collective network that furthers those with similar missions and individuals alike.
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This group, 'The Laessig Connection,' is for those of us interested in connecting with our known Laessig kin, and to compare notes and photos, find family resemblances, with those who have no known connection as yet. Perhaps through research, we can find those connections, and if we don't, we can share what information we have and perhaps one day there will be more information availabl...
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lafamigliaruggieri / lafamigliaruggieri
Whether your last name is Snow, Aby, Miles, Tullo, McDevitt, DiDavide, Ely, Woolward, Blittersdorf, Miller, Stapley, Huber, Brown, Pappas, Hynes, Hackette, Deppen, Pratola, Bruni, Zeisloft, Baily, Coutts, Sunshine, Buel, DiProspero, Andriole, Pannell, Ferrara, Stier, or Ruggieri, you share common ancestors: Domenico Ruggieri and Rosina Rochetti. (See the wiki at the bottom of the left hand naviga...
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Family history group to discuss, share, or ask questions of a genealogical nature about persons who may have had a life event in Louisiana.
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lafayette-radio-collectors / Lafayette Radio Collectors Group
Lafayette Radio Collectors can meet here to Buy/Sell/Swap their radio equipment, post pictures, ask for help...
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lafayettecloudjockeys / Lafayette Cloud Jockeys R/C Flying Club
E-mail discussion group for the Lafayette Cloud Jockeys radio control modeling club. The Cloud Jockeys run two flying fields in the Lafayette, Indiana area: 1) a field with a paved runway in McCallister Park and 2) a shared space flying site at a private airfield south of the city. Discussions include club related topics, event scheduling, event rules, collaboration and visitation with other clubs...
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Communication among unit owners at Lafayette Condominiums in Highland Park, NJ.
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LAFD / Los Angeles Fire Department
A free distribution list for public information regarding Los Angeles Fire Department incidents, events and issues.
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LAFD-ACS / Los Angeles Auxiliary Communications Service (ACS)
A group for members of the Los Angeles Fire Department Auxiliary Communications Service (ACS). The group is used to communicate with members and for access to files and training materials. Only active LAFD ACS Members may join. When applying to join, enter your email in the format: Your Name, Member Number <Your Email Address>.
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LAfeeders / LA Feeders
Animal welfare group dedicated to the long-term maintenance of community (stray) cats in the Greater Los Angeles area. Our group feeds almost 10,000 cats daily and performs TNR when necessary to ensure all cats under their care are neutered. This will help control the population of unwanted pets living in LA.
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laffite / The Laffite Society
The Laffite Society is an informal group of individuals with a common interest in the early-nineteenth-century privateer brothers Jean and Pierre Laffite and the historical events of their epoch. The group meets monthly in Galveston, Texas, on the second Tuesday of the month (except in December, when an annual holiday banquest is held on variable dates, although usually on a Sunday).
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Formerly Rootsweb genealogy list. For the discussion and sharing of information regarding the Lafountain surname.
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Salut a tous ! L'objectif de ce groupe est de lister toutes les allusions a la France dans l'univers Marvel (du Golden Age au mois dernier). Vaste entreprise qui vise a retrouver les persos Français ou vivant en France (civils nommés et organisations diverses compris),les épisodes se passant en France ou l’évoquant (references historiques,allusions culturelles),etc. Bien que ce soit ...
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lagooncatowners / Lagoon Cat Owners
For owners of Lagoon Catamarans to discuss design ideas, problems, repairs, their cruising experiences and sailing topics. For owners of ALL Lagoon yachts. Join over 1900 Lagoon Catamaran owners worldwide!
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LaGrangeAmateurRadioClub / LaGrange Amateur Radio Club
LARC - LaGrange Amateur Radio Club. Located in LaGrange Georgia, USA. LARC repeater on 146.70- 141.3 tone. Lanett repeater on 147.00+ 123.0 tone
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A group for gardeners in the Gulf South. We encourage discussions on favorite plants, gardening successes and failures, growing hints, and everything plant related. Discussions involving life events, recipes, hobbies and books are also allowed. As a group we have been together for twenty years and know each other well. We are friendly and welcoming to new members but ask that you introduce yoursel...
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