Lafayette Indiana Classifieds is where you can buy, sell, trade or barter any item you want as long as it is legal. You're welcome to also list your garage sale here. Alcohol, drugs and firearms are not permitted. Private individuals only please, no businesses. You should list one item per message. When placing a message use the words: Sell, Buy, Trade, Barter in the Subject line. This web si...
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This is a Community Cafe' for Lafayette, Indiana and other Tippecanoe County residents or emeritus members of our area. This is where our members can chat, post for information or request for services, and to help build community spirit.
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LandNEKDivisionOperators / Gary Siegel's L&N, Eastern Kentucky Division HO scale railroad
This group concerns Gary Siegel's L&N, Eastern Kentucky (EK) Division, HO-scale model railroad, and discusses the progress, schedule, activities and operations of that railroad. We invite those interested to offer their appreciation, help, ideas, opinions and suggestions. We also invite discussions about the prototype L&N railroad although that is not this site's main focus. At Gar...
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Those with interest in the King Off the Road
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Langham-WilsonWCSummit / Langham-Wilson Workers' Compensation Summit Group
This list-serv and website has been created to dialogue and the sharing of resources among members of the WC Summit group convened by Bob Wilson and David Langham.
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Model Railroad Layout Construction Everything about Layout Construction. From Track Planning to building benchwork. Got questions or ideas? Want to contribute your knowledge in track planning and layout design. This is the group.
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LeCroyOwnersGroup / LeCroy Owners Group
This is a group for owner and users of LeCroy Oscilloscopes and related equipment. It is meant to share information about the use, maintenance and repair of these instruments. NOTE: IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR FILES AND MANUALS PLEASE SIGN UP FOR THE LeCroy_Owners_Group on Yahoo! Groups. THIS GROUP WAS SET UP AS A BACK UP INCASE YAHOO! PULLS THE PLUG ON GROUPS. ALL OF THE FILES AND INFORMATION YOU A...
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We are joining together to network, to learn, to develop business, Jobs, careers, certification opportunities, to participate in best practice sharing, and maintain & build new relationships. We are a global community, uniting all White Belt (WB), Yellow Belt (YB), Green Belt (GB), Project Managers (PM), Black Belt (BB), Master Back Belt (MBB), Project Sponsor (PS), Deployment Champion (DC), E...
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Contracts from around Leicestershire
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LendingHand / Lending Hand
This is a group where blind and visually impaired people seek support and inspiration, exchange tips and hints about different aspects of independent living, connect with old and new friends.
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This is a forum to discuss all things related to Leopard sailboats. CURRENTLY A TEST SITE AS WE CONSIDER MOVING OFF YAHOO GROUPS
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Lets-talk-tech / Let's Talk Tech
The Let's Talk Tech group is a forum for buying & selling technology. Feel free to share an article. Everyone here loves to hear about new products. Please be sure to spread the word about Lets-Talk-Tech!
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LetsEatItalianoTonight / Wonderful Italian Recipes
This is where we can post any and all Italian recipes. They don't have to be tried-n-true, just something that sounds like it might be interesting to share, make and taste! There is a posting requirement in this group. Group members need to only post one (1) recipe to the group once a month. I don't think that's too much to ask. There won't be a weekly "theme" to the recipe...
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This group os for LGBTQ identified parents to share resources and get support from one another. It is open to parents on all parts of their parenting journey and regardless of what that journey looks like.
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Hello, This group is for those who love books and love to read and also for some good movies that we have seen too. Also can discuss topics too. Please no politics! I would like this to be fun group that we can meet and have fun. Also we can talk about what is going on in our lives also! Pet pictures are welcome too and if you have a pictures of what you like to do that is welcomed also. ...
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Lidless Eye exists to discuss politics and policy options in the post-911 world. Members from all nation-states and political persuasions are welcome, but the dialogue can range into the extreme at times; a good sense of humor is mandatory. Polite, thoughtful and considered exchange is the rule at Lidless Eye. Flames, ad-hominem attacks, and other objectionable debating tactics will be tolerated o...
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Life-is-a-pile-of-crapsical / Life-is-a-pile-of-crapsical
Do you consider that your life is full of depression grief and anxiety? Do you feel like you're family do not accept or love you anymore? Welcome to life-is-a-pile-of-crapsical, the group which accepts everyone no matter what background or circumstances/issues that you have, my name is Xylas i am your list administrator, and I shall see that all bullies and offenders in here are banned immedia...
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Many people think that lime tastes sour, like many other citrus fruits, but wow are they wrong or what! Lime is actually rather sweet, particularly when ripe. It is used in many cultures around the world, from Asian to the Caribbean and Mexico. Lime is my favourite among the citrus fruits. Do you feel the same way? Maybe it is your favourite fruit of them all? In either case, congratulations, you...
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A group for researching the pedigrees of cats.
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