LP-PAN user group is dedicated to the support of the LP-PAN and LP-PAN 2 panadapter products. The group is also a good resource for sound card and SDR information, especially the NaP3 SDR application. 73, Larry N8LP
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LSC-Listserv / LSC Listserv
The Northeast Indiana Libraries Serving Communities consortium exists to provide a greater level of library service to our communities through collaboration and to foster peer-based support to our members.
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E-Group for Lodge st.George
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Informal e-group for Lodge St. George members
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To research, exchange information and enjoy the ex LSWR lines of the Southern, its predecessors and its successors focussing primarily on the steam era.
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LTspice / LTspice
This group is dedicated to LTspice. It's independent from the owners of LTspice (ADI and Linear Technology). This group is a test group so far. The main LTspice group is https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/LTspice/info .
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LVRAC / Las Vegas Radio Amateur Club, Inc.
STORY Edit The Las Vegas Radio Amateur Club (LVRAC) was formed in April of 1961, and is the oldest HAM radio club in Las Vegas. It began in Jerry Mann's kitchen (W7VYC later N7CAH now SK). The first meeting was held as a picnic at Mt. Charleston, 150 people attended. In the early days of the LVRAC the club was contacted by Joe Wells, then the head of the Thunderbird Hotel, who want...
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LVRW / Las Vegas Romance Writers
The Las Vegas Romance Writers is the Southern Nevada chapter of Romance Writers of America®, a worldwide non-profit professional organization of over 10,000 published and unpublished writers. The group’s purpose is to promote excellence in the romance genre, to provide support for writers within the romance publishing industry, and to help writers become published and establish careers in their...
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LWDiscussions / Leisure World Discussion Group
Informal gathering of Leisure World residents having common interests.
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Welcome to LW Ideas On behalf of our entire team I want to thank you for your interest in "our" Leisure World and its future. You must request (and be approved) for group membership, to participate and receive dialogs. To obtain a voice in these dialogs, you must be a current Manor Owner in Leisure World Arizona. You must also pledge to operate within the rules of this Forum.
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The Leisure World Tennis Club promotes tennis play within the community, including open tennis, tournaments, clinics and socials. Membership is open to any full time or part time Leisure World resident.
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The Model Railroaders of Leisure World is a group dedicated to the hobby of enjoying, creating and utilizing the workings of model railroading. The members meet October through April at 2:00 PM in the Leisure World Theater.
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Provide email capability to members of the Leisure World 2.0 team.
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This is the Meade LX-10 dedicated user group, where owners and users of this fine Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope gather, share and discuss their experiences, exchange views..... Look at the resources listed in the files page and the links page. You will find valuable information - answers to many questions over there. We are wary of spammers, so please give some personal information in your joining...
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This group, 'The Laessig Connection,' is for those of us interested in connecting with our known Laessig kin, and to compare notes and photos, find family resemblances, with those who have no known connection as yet. Perhaps through research, we can find those connections, and if we don't, we can share what information we have and perhaps one day there will be more information availabl...
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Lafayette Indiana Classifieds is where you can buy, sell, trade or barter any item you want as long as it is legal. You're welcome to also list your garage sale here. Alcohol, drugs and firearms are not permitted. Private individuals only please, no businesses. You should list one item per message. When placing a message use the words: Sell, Buy, Trade, Barter in the Subject line. This web si...
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This is a Community Cafe' for Lafayette, Indiana and other Tippecanoe County residents or emeritus members of our area. This is where our members can chat, post for information or request for services, and to help build community spirit.
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A forum for those interested in the Lake Shore Electric Railway. Feel free to post anything to do with the LSE, its predecessors, successors, and connections. Topics can include current status of existing cars, buildings and ROWs, any presentations about the LSE, modeling and pretty much anything else you can think of as long as it is even remotely LSE related.
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Lakeshoremodelrailroad / Lake Shore Model Railroad Association
This Group is for current members in good standing as well as past or inactive members in good standing with the Lake Shore Model Railroad Association in Chicago. This group was created to provide our members with timely information and give our members a tool to assist in exchanging ideas. This is NOT a public Group and you must be a member of the Lake Shore Model Railroad Association to be in...
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Boardgame group in Lakewood
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