Group for management and running of Legio IX Hispana East Coast.
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LegBandNumbers / Leg Band Numbers
Hi My name is Joe and Welcome!! The purpose for this group varies 1.As a breeder this group is to record your band information which can help someone find you that may have obtained one of your babies through a 3rd party helping in various ways. There is also a link section to the left where you can provide a link to your website for others to visit. 2.Also we record pet band information whi...
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A group to service members of Legio IX Hispana located mostly in the Eastern part of the United States (along w/ some friends). Legio IX is a Roman Reenacting organization now based out of the Mid-Atlantic area. Our website is www.legioix.org and we are part of RomanTimes which is located at www.romantimes.org.
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Forum der Abiturientinnen und Abiturienten des Abi-Jahrgangs 1989
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Eine Gruppe für die Abiturienten des Jahrganges 1974 ( A group for the graduating class of 1974 of Leibnizgymnasium, Offenbach)
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Contracts from around Leicestershire
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LendingHand / Lending Hand
This is a group where blind and visually impaired people seek support and inspiration, exchange tips and hints about different aspects of independent living, connect with old and new friends.
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Leonia Talks is a community listserv that allows members to communicate with one another on subjects ranging from local issues, to inquiries about where to find goods and services, to notices of events and anything else that concerns the fabric and well-being of the town. Our mission is to knit the community together so that neighbor can easily relate to neighbor. To encourage participation by all...
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Leoniacommunitygarden / The listserve of the Leonia Community Garden
Listserv for members of the Leonia, New Jersey Community Garden
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LeopardCatamaran / Leopard Catamaran
Leopard Cat
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Lets-talk-tech / Let's Talk Tech
The Let's Talk Tech group is a forum for buying & selling technology. Feel free to share an article. Everyone here loves to hear about new products. Please be sure to spread the word about Lets-Talk-Tech!
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LetsEatItalianoTonight / Wonderful Italian Recipes
This is where we can post any and all Italian recipes. They don't have to be tried-n-true, just something that sounds like it might be interesting to share, make and taste! There is a posting requirement in this group. Group members need to only post one (1) recipe to the group once a month. I don't think that's too much to ask. There won't be a weekly "theme" to the recipe...
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Hi and welcome to Let's Get Ready To Rumble PSP! Are you looking for a great PSP/PSD War with lots of quality goodies to make your beautiful creations? You should have said "But of Course" then you have found your source. We allow G-AC if you mark the Subject line appropriately for SAC and AC. Please DO NOT put the artists name in the subject line. Instead put Lady tubes or whatev...
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Lettene / Lettine Ham Radio Transmitters
Repair, maintenance, and discussion of Lettine Ham Radio Transmitters.
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For Able's Trustee Vacancy
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LetterDesignedByLin2 / Letter Designed By Lin
Letter Designed By Lin This group is where I share my Incredimail letters. I create a variety of letters including,country,prim,floral and cute. I also use scrap kits in a lot of my letters. I am the only one that posts so the mail will be low. I hope you enjoy your stay here.
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Hello and Welcome.. This is a non participation group, where a few letters a week will be sent to your mailbox, its ideal for those that just want to snag and run. The graphics are varied...romantic.......floral...scenery..funny... all types of graphics... and will include "fantasy "...from the very occasional goth .. to unicorns etc. The letters are always "tasteful" ...
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This group is for those interested in the tool kits made in the 1930's-1950's period by the Lewis Machine Tool Co., of San Franscisco and then Los Angeles. These tools are of both the metal working machine tool types, such as Shapers and Horizontal Milling Machines, and of the numerous woodworking machine tool kits that they also made. Also of interest are Shapers, Milling Machines, and La...
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LexingtonWardTFH / Lexington Ward Temple & Family History
This is for the use of people with callings related to Temple and Family History work in the Lexington Ward of the Aiken South Carolina Stake. It is for internal discussions, training, and planning purposes. It is not intended for people that do not have T&FH related callings to ask questions about doing family history work.
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