Meeker County Amateur Radio Club, Litchfield, Minnesota
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k0usy / K0USY Group
K0USY Group & KS-DMR Network: Analog & DMR Repeaters, Linking, DMR/IPSC/HBP Application Development. This is the home for information, discussion and all things K0USY Group, but it's about our repeaters in Kansas, their configurations, maintenance notifications and other general communications with repeater users and the operators of the system. This is not a general purpose DMR, HBlin...
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k1bke / The Contoocook Valley Radio Club
Welcome to the remailer for members and friends of the Contoocook Valley Radio Club in Henniker, NH. The CVRC is a general interest amateur radio club that meets monthly and conducts activities throughout the year including Field Day, a flea market, and family picnic. The CVRC maintains a 2-meter repeater on Pat's Peak in Henniker. We view this email list a means of disseminating news ...
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Information and user posts for K1EL Morse Keyers and Kits
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k3y-0-ops / K3Y/0 Admin

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k3ytl / Murgas Amateur Radio Club - K3YTL
The Murgas Amateur Radio Club in Wilkes-Barre, PA We are a diverse group of Amateur Radio operators in Northeastern Pennsylvania. We are invloved in many activities including Field Day, and the PA QSO Party. Members also provide communications support for several local Public Service events. Our club holds it's yearly Hamfest and Computerfest yearly during the first weekend in July. The cl...
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k4cConfab / CONFAB
A private group for members of Knit4Charities and friends attending our Annual Conferences (CONFAB)
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k4cq / Lynchburg Amateur Radio Club
K4CQ group is for Lynchburg Amateur Radio Club (LARC) members and friends to discuss and communicate the interests of its members.
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k4dkx0318 / Carolina Amateur Radio Club
This a group dedicated to the Carolina Amateur Radio Club and the Amateur Radio community as a whole. The club is located in Lincolnton NC, where most of our work is centered. This club is an ARRL registered testing site as well as a Laural testing site. We hold weekly meetings on Thursday nights from 6:30pm to about 9:pm. For more information see our website at http://www.carolinaradioclub.com/
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k5eok / EARS Members discussion forum

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Ham Operator K8CIX and his endevors.
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k8daa / Holland Amateur Radio Club K8DAA
Holland (MI) Amateur Radio Club, K8DAA.
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Discussion forum for working out local D-Star Rasperry Pi Hotspot and Gateway stations
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The Bolingbrook Amateur Radio Society (BARS) K9BAR
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k9epileptics / Canine Epilepsy Support Group (Worldwide)
This group is the extention of the Yahoo Group started by Paul Masters to honor his epileptic dog Big Bear (1995?-2001), pictured above right, and its continued stewardship by Cathy Bentley honoring her epileptic service girl Belle (2000?-2009), above left. This group continues the intent that knowledge and support for owners and their epileptic dogs can be provided in a welcoming, nurturing envir...
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K9YA Code Practice Net - Reminder List is a Restricted Group with 307 members. K9YA Code Practice Net - Reminders This is an announce only list—you may not post to the list..Subscribers will receive periodic reminders for the on-air K9YA Code Practice Nets. Please do NOT subscribe using an e-mail alias account (e.g. arrl.net, rac.ca, qsl.net, amsat.org, ieee.org, etc.). The K9YA Fast Net o...
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ka6wke-announce / KA6WKE's Live Stream
Announcement only email group for KA6WKE's Live Stream Events.
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kachaer / KaChaeR
Grupa Krakowskiego Chóru Rewolucyjnego
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Welcome Kaiser families! This is a community message group for Kaiser Elementary School in Oakland. Only community members can view and post messages on this web page.
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kalamazoopipeband / Kalamazoo Pipe Band
The new e-mail group for active members in the Kalamazoo Pipe Band.
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