JMT / John Muir Trail
Proposed successor to the Yahoo John Muir trail group. The group is inactive until there is a consensus to migrate the Yahoo group here and how to manage the group. I formed the group so we could hold onto the name
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A group for guys curious or interested in contacting a JO Bud. Must be 18+
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JP / Joseph's People, Ltd
Joseph's People is a faith based community dedicated to helping members find meaningful employment.
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Nice art and such
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parents of kids of Class 2024 at JP Manning Elementary
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JPSudentorreTesting / JP Sudentorre Testing
This group is for evaluation of site features and usability by Sudentorre members
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This group is dedicated to discussion, sharing materials, and exchanging helpful information about the amazing line of Japan Radio Company marine/commercial receivers, such as the NRD-93/92/91 and earlier sets, NRD-301A/302A, and ultra rare NRD-630.
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JS8VKZL is a casual group for the VK, ZL and other areas, whose members have an interest in the new FT8-derived JS8 digital HF mode. The purpose of this group is to support experimental JS8 work, help and support for setting up JS8Call, making skeds, propagation alerts, etc. Note, this is not the JS8Call software forum. The JS8Call software forum (including software download) is: https://groups.i...
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Our group started from the JSN Women's Seminar. We are dedicated to growing through increasing our gratitude and connections to each other. Women are free to share stories, and experiences that have to do with creating connections, and developing gratitude. We will schedule meetings here, and share with each other.
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Friends of the Jane Stickle quilt, the Jane Stickle Quilt Retreat meets twice a year in Shipshewana, Indiana, at the Farmstead Inn.
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JTACertificationStudyGroup / JTA Certification Study Group
This is a study group for students of Japanese temari who are applying for certification with the Japan Temari Association.
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The Junior Texas Astronomical Society (JTAS) is devoted to youth interested in the sciences of Astronomy & Meteorology. Members ages 12 to 21 are welcome to join this group.
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JTDX / JTDX Technical Group
JTDX means "JT & T modes for DXing", it is being developed with main focus on the sensitivity and decoding efficiency, both, in overcrowded and half empty HF band conditions. "Including JTDX T10" New T Mode "Tonal" Created for HF operation and being shaped by HF community. Please provide your amateur/SWL callsign and name when applying thank you JTDX support group for d...
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JTSDK Development Traffic, Support, and General Announcements
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This is the centralized location for communication and information relating to the School Advisory Council of J.W. MacLeod/ Fleming Tower School in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
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This Forum is for exchanging ideas, suggestions, assembly instructions, debugging, and enhancements for the JackAl DSP board for the µBITX. The official web site for the JackAl board is This Forum is a clearing house for all things pertaining to the JackAl board.
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JacksBluesClues / Jack's Bay Area Blues Clues
This group promotes live blues music events throughout the San Francisco Bay Area by sharing a Calendar that releases "reminders" of live blues performances 12 hours prior to the event. ----This group replaces my yahoo Blues Clues calendar which has ceased to be fully functional ever since yahoo groups were bought by the hosts of this improved option. ----To start I'll be feeding new...
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If ever gets over populated, we will move here. Right now you can request and invite to at;
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Online group for Jackson Battleground gaming group
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JacksonAmateurRadioClub / Jackson Amateur Radio Club (JARC)
The Jackson Amateur Radio Club (JARC) is a local club comprised of licensed amateur radio operators, also known as "hams". Amateur radio operators are licensed, private individuals that own and operate radio transmitters and receivers that operate in the ham bands. While there are many, many areas of interest in amateur radio, our club is primarily interested in helping the public through ...
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