A Strat-O-Matic basketball league
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ISBVIAlumni / ISBVI Alumni
ISBVI Alumni Mailing list.
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ISCE / International Shipping Container Enthusiast
International Shipping Container Enthusiast. History, designs, rosters, paint schemes of containers operated by maritime shipping companies and container leasing companies.
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Bulletin board for real ISS operator's, who wishes to make qso's via International Space Station.
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ITC / Indiana Triumph Cars
Indiana Triumph Cars is a restricted (non-public) forum for members of the Indiana Triumph Cars club to discuss all things Triumph related. Friendly discussion, questions and advice regarding our favorite British cars are welcome. Also a good place for notification of impromptu runs and short notice tech sessions.
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Test Group
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The ITOM Market Development team leverages route to market teams to identify and monetize repeatable whitespace opportunities. Extended and net new RTMs key to growth Focus on low hanging fruit and high potential accounts Evangelise current offerings to find new opportunity Look for repeatable, rapid expansion potential This is there global chat group for external groups and parties.
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This is for Technical Support.
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IThinkitsPretty / I Think It's Pretty
Hi and welcome to I Think Its Pretty! If you think its pretty share it with the rest of us..This is a sharing group and anyone who joins must share at leas t2 pretty things a week. More is always welcome. All shares must be family friendly. No nudity or adult content. This is an incredimail group, so in order to be able to use the stationary shared here you need to go to http://www.incredimail....
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IWLAWinterLeague / Winter Skeet and Trap League
Arlington-Fairfax Chapter IWLA Winter Skeet and Trap League collaborative enviroment. League infomation and statistics will be posted to this site.
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Iarc-roadmap / IARC Roadmap
the purpose of this group is to discuss the future roadmap of the IARC
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Descendants (and their spouses) of Robert and Mabel Ibach (married 1936)
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Yes -you can make a Quilt! This Quilt Group is here to teach.encourage and Quilt-a-long! Celebrate your chuch history, your spiritual sojourn thru personal struggles and victories! Stitch your photos and t-shirts into family heirlooms! Sign in today!
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Icom-IC-2730 / Icom IC 2730
A group to discuss the Icom IC-2730 analog mobile radio. Please include your call when requesting membership, or the reason you want to join. This is a place holder for the future migration of the IC-2730 group on Yahoo.
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Icom7300 / Icom IC-7300 SDR Transceiver
Icom IC-7300 SDR Transceiver ***** share this group with others ****** ICOM IC-7300 IC-7300 that Icom has been announced, in SSB / CW / RTTY / AM / FM transceiver of HF ~ 50MHz band, “IC-7300″ of 100W output, “IC-7300M” of 50W type, of 10W type “IC- 7300S “. Features are as follows – It is equipped with a high-performance real-ti...
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Icom7610 / Icom 7610 Transceiver
Icom 7610 Transceiver
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Support group for users of the Icom IC-M801E marine MF/HF SSB radiotelephone (including IC-M801GMDS and any other variants out there).
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Icomportablerigs / ICOM Portable Radio Owners and Users
This site exists for the exchange of ideas, advice, technical and general information about the vintage ICOM VHF and UHF portable mini-rigs and their accessories from the 1970's and dubbed by hams, as "Bookshelf" or "Bookend" rigs. Commonly known as the: The IC-202 - 2 Meter SSB The IC-212 - 2 Meter FM(Euro...
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Illinois is second only to Texas in the number of rail lines criss-crossing the state. The northern portion of the state is cluttered with railroads, each of them gaining access to the "Rail Capital of the World", Chicago. The middle portion of the state is filled with trunk lines which connect Illinois industrial centers with the rest of the nation Railroading in Illinois is vast and exc...
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Have an interest in Amateur Radio? All aspects of amateur radio will be discussed here.
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