HabanTractorAttachments / Haban Tractor Attachments

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More Haiku for Inner Peace
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A group for discussion of Braille devices, such as all paperless devices and paper-type devices.
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HalfscaleMinis / Half Scale Miniatures
The home for miniaturists working in 1/24th scale, G scale, or 1/2” equals 1’ in real life. Our creations are half the size of most scale miniatures - but twice the joy! Or perhaps we are just twice as crazy? Halfscale is not as easy to find as our “big sister” 1/12th scale, so many of us are makers are well as collectors Come join the fun! Half Scale members share their photos, patt...
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HallCountySAR / Hall County EMA SAR Team
This group is a private email group for the Hall County Georgia EMA SAR Team. Team members are automatically added to the group. Non-member subscriptions must be approved by the team leadership.
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HallicraftersRadios / The Hallicrafters Radios Collectors and Users Group
This site exists for the exchange of ideas, advice, technical and general information for Hallicrafters transmitters, receivers and other Hallicrafters products. And more importantly, this site is dedicated to those devoted Radio Amateurs, Vintage Radio Collectors, Vintage Radio Re-builders and Vintage Radio Users of this wonderful vintage radio equipment which used the technology of the day -...
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For hams and want to be hams worldwide.
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HamApps Support JTAlert download from HamApps.com
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Support and Announcement Forum for HamClubOnline -- Amateur Radio Club and Group Management Software
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HamRadioClub / Amateur Radio Operators Fun
This is for Amateur Radio Operators with a valid Tech. license or higher All Members will be checked prior to acceptance into the club.Leave email or PM with owner with your call-sign.Amateur Radio at it's best.. We share ideas and our stations etc. with other operators.Have fun and enjoy!!
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HamRadioDMR / Ham Radio DMR
This group was created to encourage courteous and respectful discussion related to ham radio use of Digital Mobile Radio, commonly known as “DMR”, which is an open digital radio standard published by European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI).
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Discussion of the Ham Radio logging program Ham Radio Deluxe Version 6 and up.
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an e-group for all radio amateurs in India
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HamRadioSwapShop / HAM Radio SwapShop
HAM Radio SwapShop Sales | Sell HAM Radio Equipment: The Exchange to Trade / Barter / Sell / Want Group dedicated to selling, trading or wanting of test equipment, hamradio equipment, etc. Limited to non-commercial purposes and listing of eBay auctions and other auctions of ones own sales.
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HamfeastAZ / HamfeastAZ
Notification to Ham Radio Operators in and around Arizona of weekly get together dinners. Bring an appetite and a few good stories and enjoy the company. This dinner is hereby a how much can you eat and have fun zone. This is an activity. Food participants may choose to get "real-world" experience through eating events organized by the unknown food critic. Old grumps and sour pusses ...
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The purpose of the Hamilton Forum is to provide a place for respectful, considerate dialogue among all stakeholders concerning any matter of importance in the Hamilton Community. It serves to raise awareness and build mutual understanding about these matters and their implications for everyone, in order to encourage well-informed choices about significant decisions and actions which can affect the...
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A Group where members of Hampton, VA Police and Fire Fighters can exchange information, skills, ideas, and projects. Request help from our brothers and sisters with things like auto repair, moving, borrowing tools or equipment, working on projects etc. We all have our own unique off duty interests and hobbies. This is the place where we can exchange those various "specialties".
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HamptonRoadsCafe / Hampton Roads Cafe
This is a test IO group to see how well it can support a Café and a Freecycle. It's an area to chat or discuss Freecycle type groups in general.
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General talk about ham radio
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HAM amateur radio on the cheap!
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