HamptonRoadsCafe / Hampton Roads Cafe
This is a test IO group to see how well it can support a Café and a Freecycle. It's an area to chat or discuss Freecycle type groups in general.
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General talk about ham radio
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HAM amateur radio on the cheap!
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Handloading / Handloading
This list is for those who enjoy the hobby of handloading/reloading and wish to talk with other experienced loaders, and generally be able to tap into the vast amount of experience available in this field. This isn't Facebook. We are civil here. You'll find very little tolerance for the uncivil. A few rules: 1. If somebody posts something you don't like, delete it or ignore it. I'l...
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HandmadeCardsWithCare / Handmade Cards With Care
Handmade Cards With Care is a friendly, small group of card makers. We are mainly devoted to stamping but won't turn our backs on other techniques such as embossing, paper piecing, die cutting and collage work. This group is for a more advanced skill level but if you've been stamping for a while and would like to join please apply. We ask only 2 things of our members...that they treat o...
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HandmadeDollsandFriends / Handmade Dolls and Friends
Handmade Dolls and Friends is all about handmade dolls, clothes and the friends behind them. It is a place to show off your dolls and help others make dolls too. Dolls take the center stage but the people behind them become friends. We have Hitty, Bleuette, and more. Wood, cloth, crochet or knitted, we love them all.
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HandmadeSellNTrade / Handmade Sell and Trade
Are you a crafter with handmade wares to advertise? Then this is the place for you! Come buy, sell, or trade anything handmade or list your online shops.
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Hand Stitchers of San Diego County is a consortium of Embroiders' Guild of America (EGA), American Needlepoint Guild (ANG) chapters and Creative Stitchery. The ANG chapters are: SDANG and Palomar Mountain Stitchers; EGA are Torrey Pines Needlers, Muchas Manos, Threaded Needle.
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HanoverFriends / [HanoverFriends]
An e-mail list for Hanover NH Friends Monthly Meeting members and attenders.
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A friendly, welcoming group of spinners and knitters, in upper Westchester County, NY. We welcome newcomers and enjoy sharing our passion. We especially welcome spinners … if you aren’t one yet, we’ll see if we can make you as excited about spinning as we are. Then you can make exactly the kind of yarn you want for a special project. Join us on the and 1st Sunday and 3rd Saturday ...
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This is for the best TV Shows of the 1960s - Untouchables Mod Squad Star Trek Ironside and so many others
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This is where we can post any HOLIDAY recipes - desserts, main dishes, sides, breads, drinks etc. They don't have to be tried-n-true, just something that sounds like it might be interesting to share, make and taste! They can even be holidays from another country! There is no posting requirement in this group but I do ask for the group members to not just lurk but to participate in the group wh...
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Happys-Pro-Lessen / Happy's Pro Lessen
Deze groep is een verder zetting van mijn groep op Yahoo. Maar omdat er veel problemen waren met Yahoo, hebben we een andere oplossing gezocht. Deze groep dus. Wendy, Anita en ik, Claudia, wensen jullie hartelijk welkom op deze groep, waar onze passie voor PSP verder zal gaan :) Het Pro-team. PS : Als je bent toegelaten, stuur dan een kennismakingsmail over jezelf, zodat we weten wie je bent :)
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This is a group for residents of Har Chochmah (Chomat Shmuel) to interact with each other, ask questions and share any valuable information.
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HarNofSiege / וועד פעולה - מצור הר נוף
Discussion Group for the Upcoming Har Nof Traffic problems - וועד פעולה - מצור הר נוף
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Group for organizing weekly runs
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Group email for officers and directors of Harborough Energy Ltd.,
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Harbortronics / Harbortronics
Discussion of Harbortronics products.
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HarbourHouseCondoTampaFL / Harbour House Condo
Group is exclusively for the use of residents of the Harbour House Tampa Florida.
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Harbourfront / Harbourfront Units Main Grouping
Harbourfront Units Harbour St Wollongong
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