HSVTARC / Huntsville TARC
Group devoted to matters pertaining to Team America Rocketry Challenge in the Huntsville, Alabama area. Established by Bill Cooke to promote communication and idea exchange among the mentors and teams.
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Houston, TX RPG Group
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HUB-NShore / HUB North Shore, your cycling connection

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Pour organiser les parties
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A group dedicated to the British post-war Humber FV1600 Series, not just the Humber Pig but all variants of these Rolls Royce powered vehicles.
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Chào mừng bạn đến với Email Group của Trường Đại Học Công Nghệ Tp.HCM (HUTECH) ! Quá trình tham gia hơi nghiêm ngặt chút, phiền các bạn nêu rõ họ tên, mã sinh viên, lớp khi tham gia và nên sử dụng Email cá nhân và chăm chỉ checkmail lấy tài liệu !
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Hudson Valley Golden Retriever Club is made up of Golden Retriever lovers in and around New York’s lovely Hudson Valley including other areas of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Our meetings are open to all but only members can bring their dogs. Our members are drawn primarily from the tri-state area–Connecticut, New York and New Jersey. They are involved in all manner of activities an...
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HW8 / Heathkit HW8 users group
The Heathkit Model HW-8 Transceiver is a solid-state, four-band QRP (low power) unit covering the CW portion of the eighty, forty, twenty, and fifteen meter amateur bands. The direct-conversion receiver features an RF stage, a balanced product detector, and an active audio filter wide or narrow selectivity. Other features include diode band switching which is controlled by pushbuttons and a metho...
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HWcares / HW C A R E S - Hinchley Wood Computing, Amateur Radio and Electronics Society
This group is for members of HWCARES to chat about matters of mutual interest, and the affairs of our club. For details of membership of HWCARES see our website
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this group will serve to see all the message from FRHYPER (REF) and HYPER (from DAY) with search capability and etc .. maintained by F1CHF
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This group contains those students who are traveling to HYPER's "away" competition during the present season.
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HabanTractorAttachments / Haban Tractor Attachments
Welcome To Haban Tractor Attachments This is a support group for the Haban equipment that was manufactured by the Haban Manufacturing Co of Racine WI. The company was started in 1953 and has since gone out of business. The assets of the company have been bought by Agri-Fab, ...
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The Haddonfield Friends Monthly Meeting communication (group) center.
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More Haiku for Inner Peace
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A group for discussion of Braille devices, such as all paperless devices and paper-type devices.
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HalfscaleMinis / Half Scale Miniatures
The home for miniaturists working in 1/24th scale, G scale, or 1/2” equals 1’ in real life. Our creations are half the size of most scale miniatures - but twice the joy! Or perhaps we are just twice as crazy? Halfscale is not as easy to find as our “big sister” 1/12th scale, so many of us are makers are well as collectors Come join the fun! Half Scale members share their photos, patt...
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Hall-of-Flame-Volunteers / Hall of Flame Volunteers
Volunteer group dedicated to the support of Hall of Flame Museum and the National Firefighting Hall of Heroes.
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HallCountySAR / Hall County EMA SAR Team
This group is a private email group for the Hall County Georgia EMA SAR Team. Team members are automatically added to the group. Non-member subscriptions must be approved by the team leadership.
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Hall Green Surgery Patient Participation Group
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HallicraftersRadios / The Hallicrafters Radios Collectors and Users Group
This site exists for the exchange of ideas, advice, technical and general information for Hallicrafters transmitters, receivers and other Hallicrafters products. And more importantly, this site is dedicated to those devoted Radio Amateurs, Vintage Radio Collectors, Vintage Radio Re-builders and Vintage Radio Users of this wonderful radio equipment which used the technology of the day - vacuum tub...
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