This is a neighborhood group for people living on Glen Park Road, Oakland, roughly between East 38th Street and Excelsior Avenue. We plan National Night Out, soup night, and other neighborhood get togethers. Nearby neighbors can also join.
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GlennMillerArchive / Glenn Miller Archive
An upgrade and possible replacement for the 14-year-old and influential Glenn Miller Archive Yahoo discussion group, consisting big band music scholars and collectors. The group is an essential forum for conversation, information and knowledge, and is visited daily by approximately 390 members. We seek a new platform and home that will preserve our important message archive and allow us to move fo...
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GlobalAstronomy / Global Astronomy
This group is intended for anyone with an interest in astronomy or astronomy, space and the related sciences. From Amateur to professional all are welcome to ask questions and provide input on everything from observing the night sky to the physics observed in the universe. Spammers will not be tolerated in this group. Your email provider will be notified if you spam in this group. This is an all a...
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This group is where members of the Global Deposit Network can communicate. There are deposit campaigners and supporters from all over the world in this group. Feel free to post with any deposit news or question, or anything else that you feel the whole group should know.
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GlutenFreeVegetarian / Gluten Free Vegetarian Recipes
We share recipes that are both gluten free and vegetarian and/or vegan.
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Gnostic / Gnostic
An Exploration of the Gnostic Gospels, Nag Hammadi Library, Book of Pistis Sophia, and Other Scriptures or Apocryphal Texts
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GoCrazyOverScraps / Go Crazy Over Scraps
This group is only Scrap Kits, nothing else. There is a requirement send to be in here with us. Please make sure you understand if this is not done you will be removed . All Sends must have clean and clear previews. Sounds fun to you please ask to join you will need a form to fill out..Any question email the owners for more info. All Links must be good and everyone must be able to use them. No Dra...
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Go Dogs Instructor List
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The Frankford Radio Club (FRC)
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We make your ideas into reality. Got questions? We got answers. Welcome to Goblin Wizards.
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GoddessDreamKeepers / GoddessDreamKeepers
GoddessDreamKeepers Please share your dreams and astral journeys with your sisters! This is a Women's group. You must be born a women and be 18 years of age or older to join.
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This group will be for pics of Men with Bodybuilder Physiques in natural settings like at Home, Outdoors, or By the Pool, etc. Pics of Men with Average Builds are not allowed.
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This is a Wallpaper group dedicated to Muscular Male Bodybuilders. No sexual content is allowed! Only muscular men may be used in your designs as we are here to honor the dedication these men put into creating their muscular physiques in the wallpapers we create. If you have the ability to make these men into super hero`s that is also welcome here. I want the group to be about the beauty of the ma...
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Golden-Weight group from Yahoo. This GRoup is for Golden Owners who want to lose weight and have the support of others
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This is a platform for people who have completed the MA in Counselling at Goldsmiths, University of London to stay in touch and share resources.
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Gole1 / Gole1 Unofficial Support Group
Gole1 Unofficial Support Group
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A book club where children and invited to do a playdate while we talk about good books! Welcome to everyone to join- parents and non-parents.
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This is a group where you can post all your recipes, whether they are tried n true (TNT), something your grandma or mom has handed down or a recipe that you found on the internet, in a cookbook or magazine or saw in a newspaper. There will be no "theme" in this group so it's basically a "free-for-all". There is a posting requirement in this group and group members will need t...
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GoodFoodNationCampaignMoray / Campaign for a Good Food Nation
Discussion group and resource base for helpers and organisers involved in the Campaign for a Good Food Nation in Moray; directed by Owen Davidson Knight, on behalf of the Scottish Food Coalition.
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GoodFriends / GF
Welcome to Good Friends! This is where you are among friends where everybody respects and cares for each other. Come in and join us and share time and laughs together just like you do at home! This is your home away from home where you can talk about your concernes, thoughts and just be among friends.
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