For the closet gay boys. That need to come out and be gay. Trying I'm a submissive sissy bottom and needs to get the thing craving constantly
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Has anybody ordered anything from and been sent the wrong items? I ordered and paid for 4 12 Watt lamps and received 3.2 Watt lamps. The link I was given was, but this didn't work (non-existent) . I went to their online chat and was given another link that was an event ticket sales site. Eventually, they said they would "send me a ticket by ema...
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Geekystufriends / Geeky Friends of Stu
For Geeky friends of Stu. Geeks only are allowed. Non geeks are allowed if you can pass this simple test: What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
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Gamma Spec
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New incarnation since yahoogroups has been unreliable.
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Geleidehonden / Geleidehonden
Deze informatieve, interessante, en ook gezellige mailgroep is er voor geleidehondgebruikers, aspiranten, gastgezinnen, fokgastgezinnen, en mensen die om een andere reden met (aspirant)geleidehonden werken of omgaan, of om een andere reden betrokken zijn bij de blindengeleidehond. Allerlei onderwerpen over geleidehonden en kritische reacties daarop mogen aan bod komen. Verschillende meningen...
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Gemini-II / Gemini-II User Group
Please note that there is no manual published for the Gemini-2 controllers Note: The Gemini-2 mount controller is basically finished with only minor updates as needed. The latest updates are at There is a new Firmware uploader that can help you keep your Gemini-2 updated Please use the following to post errors logs. Please do...
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Gemini Telescope controller ASCOM driver update and developer group
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Gemini_ASCOM_Driver / Gemini_ASCOM_Driver
This group supports the ASCOM Driver for the Losmandy Gemini-1 and Gemini-2 Mount controllers
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This group gives users of Losmandy's Gemini system a forum to discuss its capabilities.
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In the late 2350s, the SS Santa Maria had set out to colonize the uninhabited world of Gemulon V. The vessel never arrived. It would be over a decade before the true fate of the Santa Maria was discovered. The fifth planet in the Gemulon system was forgotten. Now approaching the mid 2390s, Vice Admiral Kathryn Janeway has charged a group of intrepid Federation citizens and Starfleet officers to cr...
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Gen-Chat / Gen Chat
This is the new Genchat, now with a hyphen. The old list had migrated from server to server and finally got lost. It's started up again. A list for general chat. Note: We are a general friend chat list, not a "blind/disabilities" chat list. We don't define ourselves in terms of disabled, blind, sighted, etc. way too many people are doing that on Io Groups and they have their ex...
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Gender-variant-and-blind / Gender variant and blind
Hello my name is grey i own this group, its purpose is to support those like us who are blind and face gender identity issues, i said people like us because i suffer from DID dissociative identity disorder, I am part of the co-owner Jerrys system, The only two rules that I have for this group are respect and that trigger warnings are placed on sensitive posts please, we are a gender neutral syst...
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Genderidentitysupportgroup / Genderidentitysupportgroup
Welcome from your list owner Kaden. Do you have gender dysphoria or know someone with it? Caring for a differently gendered person with mental health conditions and stuff? This group is for you... But I must stress that this is a support group... And for that reason alone all sensitive posts that surround gender issues or mention of mental illness must be preceded by a trigger warning? This is not...
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GenealogyForTheBlind / Genealogy For The Blind
The use of online web sites and off-the-shelf programs to assist persons who are blind or visually impaired to both research their family history (genealogy), and to assist in getting such information into a usable format so that they can keep track of family groups and pedigrees.
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test description
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The Geneva Lakes Duplicate Bridge Club is located at City Hall, 626 Geneva St., in Lake Geneva, WI. Start time is 9:15 am. Thursdays. During the May - September timeframe the game is an Am. Contract Bridge League (ACBL) sanctioned game. We guarantee a partner so you can just drop in; advance notice helps as we may do a better job matching skills.
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GenteSenderista / GenteSenderista
Not-for-profit group for hiking and outdoors activities in Madrid, Spain. Everybody welcome. Nadal buscará medalla en las tres modalidades de la cita olímpica: en el torneo individual, en los dobles, junto a Marc López, y en el dobles mixtos con Garbiñe Muguruza. El tenista español, que se había perdido los Juegos de Londres por lesión y junto a ellos la posibilidad de desfilar con la ...
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Geology / Geology
This is a group for people who have an interest in Geology and to expand our network of people and ideas.
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