Main site for players of the FW Quick Start Rules.
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Main site for QS rules level play for Fighting Wings games.
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Game site for FW series game referees to confer on running games.
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This is a support group for Clash of Arms' Fighting Wings air - naval game Series. This is the place to put and find new "unofficial" ship data cards (SDCs) that have been developed by players. The SDCs may be downloaded for personal use only. They may not be published in other forums or distributed elsewhere without the permission of the creator or owners of this group. Whistlin...
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Site for contributors to top cover FW supplements.
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Brown's scenario
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FWAtG / Fighting Wings air-to-ground games
Group site for Fighting Wings air-to-ground scenarios
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Group for playing the Fighting Wings series of games PBEM. We encourage new players to either play or watch and ask questions.
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FWPractice / Practice for Fighting Wings Game
Group set up to play Fighting Wings PBEM Games
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FWTraining / Training site for FW games
Site for Fighting Wings training games
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FabulousInternationalRecipes / Great International Recipes
This is where we can post any type of INTERNATIONAL recipes. I am always looking for recipes from other countries to make and try so I thought this would be a great place to do that!!! They don't have to be tried-n-true, just something that sounds like it might be interesting to share, make and taste! There is no posting requirement in this group but I do ask for the group members to not just ...
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Facial-swellings-and-disfigurements-support-group / Facial-swellings-and-disfigurements-support-group
Welcome to the facial-swellings and disfigurements support group, where people with these issues can reach out for support alongside those who care for them, my name is Kaden your list owner, and I've been struggling with a complex facial swelling for 4 years, the hospitals and doctors have said that there is nothing that they can do for it, or in other words that they simply can't be both...
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Alumni and friends of Fairport Crew Club, Inc., a not-for-profit rowing club in Fairport, New York.
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FairwindMembers / Fairwind Yacht Club members
This group is for discussions by members of the Fairwind Yacht Club (FYC) in MDR and CIH. Need crew for a daysail? Have a question you want to run by other FYC members? This is the place.
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FaithandFabric2018 / Welcome to Faith and Fabric 2018!
Greetings! FaithandFabric2018 is a faith based group of quilters. Many of us have been friends for years, others are relatively new friends. We all share a love of quilting and collecting beautiful, high quality fabrics. We also enjoy doing fabric swaps and group projects occasionally such as Round Robins, Roosting Robins, Mystery Quilts, etc. Some of our members do or have done many charity ...
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FalmouthLETS / Falmouth LETS
Mailing list for members of Falmouth LETS , Cornwall, UK - Falmouth's Local Exchange Trading Scheme has been running since late 1993, and trading online since Jan 2009. This list is restricted to group members. Follow us on twitter
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For people who own and adore felines of every breed, size, shape, and age. Off topic post are allowed but will be watched. Please trim and change the subject line of your posts from time to time. Have fun talking about anything and everything. This is primarily a cat site, however we all have lives beyond our fluffballs too.:-) Sharing photos is urged!
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FamilyFriendlyTV / Family Friendly Television
This group is a resource for those who want to find family friendly television shows. It is focused on live action television programs, not animated, although interested parties may discuss animated shows. One of our services is calendar updates for premiere episodes upcoming shows, The primary networks we cover are Disney and Nickelodeon, although any regular broadcast network may have shows t...
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A group for cat breeders, exhibitors, and other fanciers to discuss issues of feline health and husbandry.
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Space, the final frontier... STCV - Far Beyond the Stars is a Star Trek PBEM RPG set in the year 2424 exploring the darker side of the final frontier. Set amid the Typhon Expanse, a region of space known for dangerous anomalies and temporal dangers, it's the mission of our team of explorers to chart this mysterious region and push the limits of discovery as we explore. SIMULATIONS Deep ...
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