Facial-swellings-and-disfigurements-support-group / Facial-swellings-and-disfigurements-support-group
Welcome to the facial-swellings and disfigurements support group, where people with these issues can reach out for support alongside those who care for them, my name is Kaden your list owner, and I've been struggling with a complex facial swelling for 4 years, the hospitals and doctors have said that there is nothing that they can do for it, or in other words that they simply can't be both...
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Alumni and friends of Fairport Crew Club, Inc., a not-for-profit rowing club in Fairport, New York.
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FalmouthLETS / Falmouth LETS
Mailing list for members of Falmouth LETS , Cornwall, UK - Falmouth's Local Exchange Trading Scheme has been running since late 1993, and trading online since Jan 2009. This list is restricted to group members. Follow us on twitter
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For people who own and adore felines of every breed, size, shape, and age. Off topic post are allowed but will be watched. Please trim and change the subject line of your posts from time to time. Have fun talking about anything and everything. This is primarily a cat site, however we all have lives beyond our fluffballs too.:-) Sharing photos is urged!
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A group for cat breeders, exhibitors, and other fanciers to discuss issues of feline health and husbandry.
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Fawler / Fawler Residents
Residents of Fawler, Oxfordshire
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Community news, events and help for FLeur de Ali's residents.
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Welcome to our New Fed_Up_Conservatives Group! We are moving from Yahoogroups to this one.
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FelineThyroidManagement / Feline Thyroid Management
Support and advice on all thyroid conditions for felines. Assistance for hyperthyroid, hypothyroid, and I-131 cats. Members gather here to exchange information about thyroid treatments. This is the only group with experience in managing post I-131 hypot cats. This group has also been in the forefront of recognizing the special needs of the hypot cat and in promoting ongoing research. Owners of...
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Feline_Smallcell_Lymphoma / Feline Small Cell Lymphoma
A gathering place for caretakers of cats with known or suspected small cell lymphoma (SCL), as well as veterinary professionals, for discussion, information, and support. Also known as low-grade or lymphocytic lymphoma, SCL often presents identically to IBD, including nausea and/or diarrhea, and sometimes just weight loss. It is treated with mild, every-other-week, oral chemotherapy and daily pred...
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Feral_cats / Feral & stray cats -- "hard stray" cats
A teaching group, on HOW TO HELP feral and stray cats -- care of cat colonies, how to TNR (trap-neuter-return), taming. List touchable cats as FOUND! at official animal control! Assume that cats are LOST, not dumped (& if dumped, often were dumped by people who don't own them). (Check anonymously first, that one can so list, without being required to relinquish the cat). I coined the t...
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Ficcao Cientifica, para quem consegue ler português
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We live in the digital world. These days, people tend to turn to the internet for everything they need. Whether we talk about people looking for a field engineer vacancy or about a company that needs someone to handle the duties of a field engineer, everyone tends to use the internet to fulfill their requirements. It is here that Field Engineer steps in to make things feasible for all concerned. F...
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Cette liste a pour but à long terme de développer une liste d'armée Fimir et de fédérer les joueur autour d'une liste d'armée commune pour Warhammer Battle V6. Pour l'instant elle ne regroupe que le travail de Rémi Guitreau (Dwarf Conan) et Benoît Dumeaux (Dreadaxe).
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Finance11 / Finance11
A discussion group for Chorus Finance Chairs/Treasurers in Sequoia Pacifica Region 11 of Sweet Adelines International
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FineArtPhotography / Fine Art Photography Discussion
Devoted to photography as an art form, this group includes photographers with decades of experience, and with the intent of both learning and passing along the traditions and skills of fine art photography. This forum was founded by Mr. Tracy Valleau, (a photographer for nearly 60 years, and whose images are in museums and foundations) with the intent of providing a place to discuss both technica...
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FiveCountyHamRadioEnthusiasts / Five County Ham Radio Enthusiasts
This is not a club, and there is no formal program. It’s just a group of friends interested in Ham Radio/Amateur Radio that occasionally get together in person for fun and fellowship. We welcome anyone interested in the 2-way radio hobby and emergency communications. It’s a chance to talk to others about different types of radios and modes of communications and antenna structures. Anyone ...
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Group for the Fleet Cruising Club of Plymouth UK.
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Group for members and friends of the Fleet Cruising Club.
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