Group for Easter Deep Immersion
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For the marketing committee of Eastern Market, Washington, DC, a public market building and related farmers and artist and craft open air markets.
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The communications group for the Eastern N Lines Partnership of N Scale Clubs.
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Easy-100 / Easy-100 satellite upconverter special interest group
Special interest group for the Easy-100 amateur radio satellite uplink converter for accessing the QO-100 geostationary satellite QO-100 (Es'hail 2). The design was featured in the RSGB magazine RadCom, June 2019. Here's a place to swap tips, information, suggestions on what works and what doesn't work, cheaper ways of doing things, and so on and so forth. Please note that your first ...
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EasyPal is a free software program used by amateur radio operators, to send and receive high definition digital sstv pictures, gifs, movies, and more. If you are set up to run psk or any other digital mode, then all you need is the software. The learning curve is very simple to get started, but there are some features built into the software that need explanation. Please read the Sub Groups, you...
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EatYourWeeds / Eat Your Weeds
Eat Your Weeds A list for those interested in herbs and wild crafting.
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Echelon-NRO / Echelon Terrestrial Radio Network
Global HF Digital Communications Network for Amateur Radio Operators
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For the users and sysops of EchoLink node systems.
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EcoVilleNorthBay / EcoVille North Bay
A group of like-minded people creating a land community together.
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Ecoart / Eco-Art Therapy
Eco-Art Therapy is a blending of traditional Art Therapy with the emerging science of Applied Ecopsychology (learning to think, feel and relate like Nature’s wisdom works). It’s a creative process that anyone at anytime can use to consistently think and feel with the unadulterated clarity and happiness that each of us readily enjoys in attractive natural areas. It makes nature not only cathart...
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This is a site for all Ecrater Store sellers and buyers! Plug your store, ask a question, or just visit! Please note: GroupsIO does not allow anyone to post p_orn or adult content items in this group. If you have a question about something you want to post, or, if you have a question regarding a post, please contact one of the moderators. No limit on the number of plugs you post per day, w...
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EdenDSP / Eden DSP
Welcome to the Eden DSP group. The Eden DSP module is a low cost, high performance audio Digital Signal Processing unit that can be built by anyone with good soldering skills. The design was conceived as a platform upon which DSP techniques may be studied and useful applications developed. This group has been formed to provide support to constructors of the Eden DSP module and provide a forum for ...
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Edible-Flowers-Recipes / Edible-Flowers-Recipes
There are so many edible flowers in cooking and decorating that I thought it might be fun to have a place to share and/or find recipes, tips, and advice to do just that!
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Edible-Gifts-and-DIY / Edible Gifts and DIY
This group is for sharing and receiving recipes for edible gifts. Things such as gifts in a jar like cake mixes, cookie mixes, beverage mixes, etc. Of course we would be happy to see some non-edible gift recipes too like bath salt, bubble bath, perfume, etc. And now, introducing to the group, DIY projects! I'm not talking about DIY remodeling. I'm talking about smaller projects, they c...
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This group is to inform and update participants in the Edinburgh NXDN Project about the project and to allow discussion and reporting about the project functioning. It will become a reference point for NXDN radio configuration information and facilitate exchange, sale and updating of radio's related equipment. Participants must comply with the groups standards of conduct and behaviour.
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Used to disseminate assignments and other information about Edmond Siren testing.
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Ednos-recovery / Ednos-recovery
This group is for sufferers of EDNOS, eating disorder not otherwise specified, i have EDNOS and wanted to help others in my situation, this is not a pro eating disorder group, we support recovery michone owner
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All about the Edsel automobile
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Educationalists / Educationalists
A space for educationalist and professionals with an interest in AT to share their thoughts and ideas. To promote the use of Assistive Technologies into educational settings To demonstrate good practice of AT and publicise it
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Educator-Gold is a RESOURCE group with a specific purpose: sharing by its members of important, informative and useful Internet and sometimes other resources for learning and improvement of skills. The information shared should be suitable for Family Life and include suitability for at least adolescent level perusal. WIKI https://groups.io/g/Educator-Gold/wiki
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