Personal group to communicate with friends and acquaintances
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Davidbradleytractors / Davidbradleytractors
This group is about Post David Bradley Garden tractors David Bradley Suburban riders and Prewar and Post war Handiman Tractors
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Davissquares / Davis Squares
Fellow Davis Squares: use this here list to build community by announcing your potlucks, house concerts, yard sales, skillshares, crafternoons, etc. There are too many awesome people in this area to not cross pollinate social groups!
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Welcome to Days Of Future Passed, our new online Moody Blues group where Moodies fans from around the world can come together to share and discuss all things Moody Blues related, and maybe even throw in a few un-Moody things from time to time. We are here to make friends and have fun.
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DeFeverCruisers / DeFever Cruisers Forum
This is a forum of yachting enthusiasts who share a passion for our vessels and the cruising life! About This Forum – This is a membership-only Forum with over 350 members representing most states in the US and 13 other nations around the world. Paid membership in DeFever Cruisers is required in order to join this Forum Information on memberships and how to join is found at Join DeFever Cru...
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DeKalbARES / Dekalb County Georgia ARES Group
Our Mission We provide public service communications support, on a voluntary basis, to Public Safety, Public Health and other community organizations. Our commitment is to be a ready resource of trained communicators for these organizations and to serve when and where needed. What is DeKalb ARES The Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) consists of licensed radio amateurs who have voluntaril...
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Group place for the DeWitt Public Schools Instrumental Music groups.
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Battery Powered Radio Controlled Model Trains and Locomotives. Please go to: BatteryPoweredModelTrains@groups.io
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For modelers interested in Battery Powered Radio Control Model Trains
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This is a group to celebrate the Artists we love in beautiful IM letters! They are family friendly, and will bring pleasure to everyone. Creators are always welcome. If you like art that makes your heart happy, this is the place for you. Please come and join us with a Weekly Theme, Tut Challenge, Tube Challenge & more. Here Are our Artists... Mary Englebreit Debbie Mumm Becky Kelly Debi Hr...
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DebbiesTreasures / Debbie's Treasures
THIS IS A PRIVATE GROUP ONLY MEMBERS OF MY OTHER GROUPS CAN BE ON IT IF YOUR NOT A MEMBER OF MY OTHERS U CAN NOT JOIN.. Myself and Staff will be the only ones sending in this group.We will be sharing Tubes,Tags,Wallpapers,Backgrounds,Music,Movies,Programs basically Anything so please just sit back and enjoy..We will take requests when its sent out alright? We will always try and do our best to ge...
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Sharing Everything
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My Always List for Tags you must fill out roll call to get tags
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Group for those Debutaunts (and anyone else!) interested in training together outside of practice time.
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Debbie's World
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This is my always List, there will be mandatory roll calls with hair colors and questions they must be answered in a timely manner to get the tags and they must be picked up and comment left.
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DeeZiningDivas / DeeZining Divas
Create with your imagination in PSP. Tutorials and Challenges presented by the moderators. English speaking group. No nudity No moving stationery. No pressure to complete all the tuts Your suggestions for what you would like to do are always appreciated
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DeepSkyStacker's Support Group This group is your place to ask questions, make feature suggestions, share experience and of course post nice results. We will do our best to answer all the questions in French or in English. Membership is open to all but message from new members are moderated to avoid spammers. Current DeepSkyStacker version : 4.1.0 DeepSkyStacker web site: http...
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Defend the American Republic is a citizen action group, established in Western Massachusetts and open to all. It was organized for the purpose of challenging and resisting President Trump's agenda for America, as made evident by his choice of appointees and cabinet nominees, as well as his actions as President and the actions of his appointees. The purpose of this group is to facilitate commu...
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