Dark-alters-support-group / Dark-alters-support-group
Hello, welcome to the dark_alters_support_group. My name is Kaden I am your list owner and i suffer from a condition known as dissociative identity disorder alongside gender identity disorder and other issues, I started this group for those like me who have dissociative identity disorder, specifically for those of us who are struggling with dark alters, or for the darks themselves to express their...
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DarkSkyAR / DarkSky-AR
Arkansas Chapter of the International Dark Sky Association.
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I am wondering how all of this works. this might be a good group for many different projects.
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Data Literacy in Brazil
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DataioEPROM / DATA I/O Universal Programmers Group
Welcome to the New DATA I/O Universal Programmers Group. Groups.IO is now our new Forum host! This group is for Students, Hobbyists, Arcade Machine Collectors, Technicians and Engineers to share their knowledge and resources for DATA I/O Universal Programmers for use within their Hobbies or for educational purposes. For such programmer models as the Unisite, ChipLab, ChipWriter, Labsite, 2900, ...
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For discussion of Datron and WaveTek Test and Measurement equipment including, but not limited to meters and calibrators.
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"Friendships are sparked by a smile or a sympathetic glance; Nurtured by favors given and received; Fortified by moments shared and treasured." (Leah Pheterson) Dear friend, We are the daughters of Rachel Shapiro Ben-Zev Z"L. We always knew that our mother, of blessed memory, had myriad friendships which she deeply valued. That seemed to be a special talent of hers. We would like to m...
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I dont have a decription
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Personal group to communicate with friends and acquaintances
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Davidbradleytractors / Davidbradleytractors
This group is about Post David Bradley Garden tractors David Bradley Suburban riders and Prewar and Post war Handiman Tractors
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Davissquares / Davis Squares
Fellow Davis Squares: use this here list to build community by announcing your potlucks, house concerts, yard sales, skillshares, crafternoons, etc. There are too many awesome people in this area to not cross pollinate social groups!
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Welcome to Days Of Future Passed, our new online Moody Blues group where Moodies fans from around the world can come together to share and discuss all things Moody Blues related, and maybe even throw in a few un-Moody things from time to time. We are here to make friends and have fun.
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test test test test
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Group place for the DeWitt Public Schools Instrumental Music groups.
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Battery Powered Radio Controlled Model Trains and Locomotives. Please go to: BatteryPoweredModelTrains@groups.io
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For modelers interested in Battery Powered Radio Control Model Trains
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This is a group to celebrate the Artists we love in beautiful IM letters! They are family friendly, and will bring pleasure to everyone. Creators are always welcome. If you like art that makes your heart happy, this is the place for you. Please come and join us with a Weekly Theme, Tut Challenge, Tube Challenge & more. Here Are our Artists... Mary Englebreit Debbie Mumm Becky Kelly Debi Hr...
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DebbiesKitchen / Debbie's Kitchen
Welcome To Debbie's Kitchen All that sent in here are Recipes and Household Tips.We do require 2 sends per week, this is a group that is NON psp please do not send any stuff like that please. Recipes & Tips are our main focus please remember to brag and tell your friends your going to collect lots of goodies here been open for years... Debbie-Owner
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DebbiesTreasures / Debbie's Treasures
Myself and Staff will be the only ones sending in this group.We will be sharing Tubes,Tags,Wallpapers,Backgrounds,Music,Movies,Programs basically Anything so please just sit back and enjoy..We will take requests when its sent out alright? We will always try and do our best to get stuff as you like.
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Sharing Everything
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