DCC-Model-Railroads / Digital Command Control for Model Railroads
DCC for Model Railroads This group is for the discussion of NMRA Digital Command Control as used in Model Railroading. It is not specific to any one manufacturer, it is about DCC and the various topics surrounding it. It can be simple things like how do I set up a DCC system on my model railroad, to more advanced technical questions. Like using a RasberryPi as a command station. If you are a mode...
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DCCSwap / DCC-Swap
This group is made for all DCC/LCC/ devices or equipment to be sold or swapped. NO FEES NO HASSLES NO LIMITS This is THE place where DCC/LCC Only items can be sold or swapped. Whether it is new in the box or just collecting dust, you may have what others are looking for. We welcome all who are looking to buy, sell, or trade: -Command Stations, Decoders, Accessories, DIY -Hard-to-find items. ...
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DCChatters / DC Chatters
The Daily Chore Chatters Group - We are a diverse group of women here to help each other - with whatever lands on our plate. Chores, family stuff, you name it - we can help! We can be a very talkative group, so be warned. Many of us have found that we need each other and that our friendships are strong. If you do choose to join this group, please know what happens in group, stays in group. ...
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DCFCNE / Donor Conception Family Connection of New England
Welcome to the Donor Conception Family Connection of New England! Our goal is to provide opportunities for New England families created through donor conception (DC) and individuals/couples who are going through DC fertility treatment, to make real, on and off-line connections with each other. We intend to provide opportunities for the DC community to build friendships, to provide mentoring and...
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DCH is a group for people who are members of the DCH group.
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A forum for informing/sharing news about Indian music programs in the Washington DC metro area with out being spammed. This is merely an information exchange for music enthusiasts, and that messages are being mostly forwarded without editing, and the moderator does not have any direct knowledge of or responsibility for the actual events.
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DCMC / Durham Cave and Mine Club Members Group.
Durham Cave and Mine Club.
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Minutes from Parent Site Council Meetings are posted here.
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A Dorothy Dunnett discussion group set up for Australian and New Zealand devotees - participants from elsewhere are also invited: 'Khush geldi: welcome: thou art come happily,'
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Testing our Google Groups alternative.
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This is a group about the online multiplayer game Dungeons and Dragons Online, focusing (for now) on establishing and maintaining player groups.
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DDayOhio1944 / D-Day Ohio
Discussion group for D-Day Ohio
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The DEC group is for the falcon campus, extended care program, parents. The purpose of this group is to help facilitate pick up drop off (carpooling) coordination and community building. To request membership, please indicate your child's name, grade and teacher. This supports your membership eligibility. The DEC group is not to be used for advocating political or religious opinions, circulati...
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Wyoming Public School F.I.R.S.T. Robotics Team 858 The DEMONS.
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Strat-O-Matic retro baseball league
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The Down East Ship Model Guild Is a small group of guys, and one lady, that like to make ship models. Mostly we are just in it for a hobby, although a professional builder is welcome. We are associated with the Maine Maritime Museum, although we are currently meeting at the American Legion Hall in Bath Maine while the museum undergoes a construction project. Meetings are the Second Thursday of ...
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Working group for the re-write of the State of Delaware Source Water Assessment Plan.
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DEStevenson / D.E. Stevenson; her world and books. All DES admirers are welcome.
This email community discusses D.E. Stevenson (Dorothy Emily Peploe), her world, and her many wonderful books. All DES admirers are welcome.
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Founded in 2017, Deep East Texas Security (DETSEC) is a collective of IT professionals, information security (INFOSEC) practitioners, students and enthusiasts. We recognize the important role technology plays in almost all endeavors and the need for us to acquire and foster the skills to help protect and preserve privacy and digital services. DETSEC welcomes all public and private businesses, scho...
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DFTReaper / Don't Fear The Reaper
1 v 1 Warbirds Blitzkreig Game
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