A group for users of DesignaKnit 8 that purchased the software from Stitchers' Dream or have attended our classes. I love using this software! I probably am using the software more than I am knitting! Lets create, get help, share and most of all knit!
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The Motorola Desktrac radio can be found in either VHF or UHF models and are usually made of one to two Maxtrac Radios (There is also a Spectra Variation, See Photo Section). The one radio variety is a Base Station, while the two radio variety is a Repeater. All contain their own 12v dc Power Supply. The Repeaters also include a controller board. This group will provide additional information spec...
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DevOpsPortugal / Comunidade DevOps Portugal
Grupo de discussão da Comunidade Portuguesa de DevOps.
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This is a Buidler/Scripter Group for Roblox! Group made by: minecraft4034 Owner's Profile :
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DevSecOps / DevSecOps Community
DevSecOps Community is focussed on DevOps practices SecOps practices tooling using FOSS technologies sharing of knowledge. case study community project Saturday face2face community meetings. Community Projects repository Community Wiki Documents, Case Studies, Photos online
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DevilishDenPSP / DevilishDen
Here we will be sharing goth, gore, fantasy and dark arts. Tags tubes graphics and horror movies are allowed to be sent. Come give us a try. Mail may be heavy at times. Please share at least twice a month.
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This group will be for those pet owners/rescuers who are dealing with Diabetes Insipidus in their dog(s). Hopefully this will be a venue where we can all discuss current treatments and share stories about our pets. This group was started because we had a 4 year old rescue who was being re surrendered because of this. I have found no group out there that deals with this disorder, as rare as it is. ...
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DiabetesInsipidus / Diabetes Insipidus
A friendly place to provide support and information to patients diagnosed with Diabetes Insipidus; including central diabetes insipidus (nephrogenic), and nephrogenic diabetes insipidus, (NDI). All DI related email is welcome. Please note, this is not a list for Diabetes Mellitus (sugar diabetes).
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Diabetic-Friendly-Recipes / Diabetic Friendly Recipes
Having trouble coming up with new diabetic friendly ideas for meals and desserts? Then you've come to the right place! This group is designed for those looking for new diabetic friendly recipe ideas as well as sharing their own ideas. Active members are very much appreciated. Keep the new ideas flowing and enjoy the group!
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DieBRomBeeRe / Die BRomBeeRe
Von unserer Miete soll niemand profitieren außer uns selbst. Deshalb haben wir uns zusammengefunden - wir sind eine vielfältige Gruppe, die gemeinsam wohnen, leben, arbeiten und feiern möchte - nachhaltig, ökologisch, solidarisch und selbstbestimmt, als lebendiger Teil von Brombach. Wir wünschen uns dafür Raum auf dem Schöpflin-Areal für eine gemeinschaftliche Siedlungsinitiative. Das Miet...
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DieCuttingFriends / DieCuttingFriends
We are a small friendly group who love making cards and sharing ideas using our die cutting machines. We hold 2 swaps a month and welcome suggestions on other types of swaps members would like to have We don't have many rules in this group, just that you enjoy yourself - but we like you to get involved by taking part in swaps, sending raks etc. We do request that you post at least once a mont...
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Boston Dig '18 edition. We're New England's premier ultimate team in open division.
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Digikeijs / Digikeijs Forum
Welcome to the NEW Digikeijs forum. Please check back often as we will be putting a lot of information about all Digikeijs Products on this forum. We will be using both Dealer and User information. Any authorized dealer is welcome to join this forum. This Forum is to discuss using Digkeijs products, Documentation, Firmware Updates and setting up a system using Digikeijs products and to other DCC p...
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This site is for Digital Ham Radio all aspects of the Digital Communications used by Hams is welcome.
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Digital-Rebels / The Digital Rebels
A fun place to share techniques of digital photography.
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DigitalArtHeaven / Digital Art Heaven
Group to show off and share creations using DAH artists. Enjoying challenges and general fun and friendship. Sharing our creations with any artist, no matter what company or indie... :)
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Digital files are easily shared and collected. Music, Cartoons, TV Shows, Movies, Audio Books, Comic Books, Pulps, Concerts, Old Time Radio, Cliffhanger Serials, Bootleg Broadway Musicals, Music Videos, and so very much more, are now being shared, easily. thanks to digital. This is the home group, to be used as a gateway to sub-groups for each of the above referenced digital types as well as ot...
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DigitalHamRADIO / Digital Ham Radio / Amateur Radio
Digital Ham Radio / Amateur Radio ****** share this with others ******* Digital Ham Radio / Raspberry Pi / Ham RADIO / This is a place for Digital Amateur Radio Ops to discuss the Digital devices such as Raspberry Pi and how it can be applied to Ham Radio. This is a moderated Group. Please keep posts civil and on topic. (Any dis...
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Digital plus by Lenz system and decoders users discussion list. Designed to help NMRA Digital Command Control or DC users using all scales get the most out of their Digital plus or Model plus model railroad DCC and DC products.
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DigitalQuiltingBee / DigitalQuiltingBee
This group was created for all computerized quilters who LOVE or would LOVE to learn how to use Art & Stitch and/or Pro Stitcher Standard or Premium! Additional chats and chatter about Electric Quilt software, and cutting machines such as Brother ScanNCut and Canvas software. PLEASE NOTE, I am NOT a Dealer or associated with Brother, HandiQuilter, Babylock, or Janome corporations. This grou...
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