DWSSG2e / Doctor Who Solitaire Story Game (2nd Edition)

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Mailinglist exclusief bestemd voor leden aangesloten bij DX-Antwerp https://www.facebook.com/groups/dxantwerp/ http://www.dx-antwerp.com http://www.dx-antwerp.be
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This is a group to test the features of groups.io in order to use the platform further for our homeschooling group in dubai. Homeschooking moms in dubai are currently looking fot better alternative to google groups and would like to transfer their group from google groups here to groups.io. This group is used for sharing homeschooling materials, experiences, for organising meet ups and related ev...
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Forum for current users of DXBase to meet and exchange ideas as well as assist owners of DXBase with problems.
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A daily posting of ham radio news. Covering allaspects of the hobby. Any interest in ham radio from old to new technology. Areas of interest can bejt65 to wspr frequencies to software define radio to questions about the hobby.
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format testing
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DXLab / DXLab
This list is devoted to the DXLab Suite of applications for amateur radio and its inter-operation with other applications. The DXLab Suite includes, Commander for transceiver control, DXKeeper for logging and award tracking, DXView for world map display and antenna rotator control, Pathfinder for QSL routes, PropView for propagation forecasting and monitoring, WinWarbler for CW/Phone/PSK/RTTY oper...
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this groups supports the development and distribution of DXLab documentation
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Group for support and discussion of DXLog.net amateur radio contest logging software.
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DXingToday / DXing Today Video/Audio Podcast Group
Members can exchange ideas about program topics, suggest guests, offer ideas for inclusion in the programs, and more fully participate with this group. The program host and group moderator is Tom, AJ4XM. This group is open to anyone, but it will be lightly moderated to avoid offensive material. Remember people from all ages, walks of life, and countries may be present. Dedicated to Ham Radio DXing...
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DZC / Home Of The Driftless Zone Contesters
This is the E-Mail list for the Driftless Zone Contesters. It will be used to keep in touch with each other.
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DZNOVA / Delta Zeta's Northern Virginia Alumnae Chapter
The Northern Virginia Alumnae Chapter (NOVA) was installed on Founders Day, October 24, 1991. Our core membership consists of members of all ages and from all parts of the country. While our chapter caters to the Northern Virginia area, a small number of sisters live in Washington, DC, and Maryland. NOVA's programming is always evolving, and we offer our members a plethora of activities in whi...
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Aircraft Construction
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DaAgency / Da Agency
Group for cats
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A Cat Club for Tom Cats Only! NO Gurlz Allowed (Except for da young, bootiful, sexy Bond Gurlz, of course)
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Welcome to DaElite's coc clan page, if you wish to join the clan here is the caln tag:#JCCYLLRJJ
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Da Paws Place offers dog agility training. This is a place where I can be sure that people who would like to get email can join.
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Dabblers / Dabblers, Donors, and Dreamers

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For all people who have or love the dachshund breed to share stories and events of these amazing dogs.
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WlalaƱs a a a a a a A
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