A private group for the mentors of the CW.
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CabConverter 2 (TM) is an Apple(R) Macintosh(R)-based program that helps amateur radio contesters by converting a QSO log into the Cabrillo file format suitable for submittal to a contest sponsor. CabConverter 2 is offered with a very generous license and is free to use. CabConverter 2 is also user-extendable: you can add contests yourself and share them with the CabConverter 2 community! CabConve...
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CafeMontgomeryMD / CafeMontgomery
This Bulletin Board is where Freecycle members in Montgomery County, MD, can have a friendly chat among like-minded people. Just keep it polite and free of politics, religion, or topics not appropriate for all ages. You can: Share community resources, including "freebies" as well as "nearly free" resources, for example, thrift stores. Ask for info. If you've got a "How...
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A private test group for the members of the Cal Central in Santa Clara, Ca.
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Welcome to the DEBENLLC California Freight & Details Company HO & N-Scale on-line store website. Now on the web since 1996, here your will find quality products & kits that although have been around for generations, are still original and fresh as when they were first offered. In 2009 DEBEN LLC purchased the structure & ancillary equipment portion of Thomas A Yorke Enterprises....
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CalQRP / The California QRP Club
The California QRP Club is dedicated to the promotion and enjoyment of Low Power Amateur Radio (QRP) communication using any authorized modes. Steve Smith, WB6TNL, and Doug Hendricks, KI6DS, will be the caretakers of the Club and this Group. They are responsible for maintaining all activities for the club, in the same way that Jim and Doug did many years ago. The club has no officers, n...
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CaliforniaStorks / California Storks
A site for files and other doings of the family of the late Floyd and Phyllis Stork
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Calrailfans / CALRAILFANS
Calrailfans is a list whose mission is to keep us informed of the railroad happenings in the State of California. Discussion should be focused on California, but general railfan discussion including the states of Nevada, Oregon, and Arizona is welcome. Once a month we meet trackside somewhere in California and have a day of train watching and camaraderie. If you have a location where you would l...
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CamelotAustin / Camelot Austin Forum
Neighborhood Communications, Files, Sharing, Finding, etc
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CampOn / CampOn
CampOn is world-wide community of miniaturists, who are serious about dollhouse miniatures as well as caring about each other. Formerly known as both SSRC and The Camp and then Camp2. Don’t worry about hashtags, they aren’t required. I may add one while I’m approving your message. All #hashtags that go with the menu (to the left) are dark grey when you click on hashtags. The banner miniature...
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Campnat / CampN@ attendees
CampN@ alumni only. The only real rules are: - Please be polite - Please no pitches - The occasional job posting is OK, but please put #jobposting in the subject line so that they can be easily filtered out by uninterested campers
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This group is for active Computer enthusiasts, we discuss current trends, software and hardware. We also meet for breakfast some Saturdays.
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This list is a place to discuss all aspects of past, present, and future passenger trains and rail travel in Canada. This includes all national, regional, commuter, and tourist rail carriers. Examples include VIA Rail, the former passenger services of the CNR, CPR, and BCR, the passenger services of the Algoma Central (CN), Ontario Northland, GO Transit, West Coast Express, and Rocky Mountaineer R...
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CandORwy / Chesapeake and Ohio Railway
Welcome! This group is for the discussion of all aspects of the C&O Railway from the days of the Louisa Railroad until the sun set on the Chessie System in 1986. All discussions concerning the C&O, the PM, HV, Chessie System, and related railroads are welcome (including forays into the B&O, WM, N&W, VGN, CSXT, and Amtrak). We encourage the exchange of information on modeling, curre...
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Candy-N-Nuts-Galore / Candy N Nuts Galore!
A collection of recipes for candy and nuts, shared by the members! You can share recipes for making or using candy and any type of edible nuts.
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CanonLargeFormatPrinters / Canon Large Format Inkjet Printers
This group aspires to be a forum where owners and operators of Canon large format inkjet printers can discuss and exchange techniques, settings, parts and service, workflow, colour management issues, RIPs and other related topics devoted to getting the very best image quality and productivity.
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Capitol Free-Mo is an open group of model railroaders who construct, operate and display an HO Free-mo modular model railroad at locations in and around the the Washington DC and Baltimore, Md., area. This group is a free forming group as there are no elected positions, no dues, and no club property. Each member purchases the needed materials and builds their module according to their interests ...
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This is a group where we share our interest and new techniques in cardmaking. We have swaps, challenges, COTM and RAKs. All made with lots of fun in mind. All members MUST participate once a month in either the swap or a RAK and also acknowledge that they have done so. NO swearing or OFFENSIVE material allowed and no copyright material, this is a family friendly group so lets keep it fun for all.
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Welcome to the first Caribbean recipe group on Io! Do you love the flavours of the Caribbean? Would you like to share and receive recipes for the different spicy, sweet and juicy dishes of this exotic region? Search no further! Welcome on board our imagined cruiseship. We will visit the whole region as many times as you want, and the best thing is, there is no charge! So don't forget your sun...
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CarneSoft / CarneSoft
Technical support for CarneSoft products.
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