Beat The Clock Quick Tags This group is for Quick Tag Offers Only If you are a Siggy Piggy and like many tag offers then join this group. You will receive a questionnaire.Please be patient, We will get one out to you shortly. It needs to be sent back before acceptance in the group so we make sure you understand the rules of this group which differ from out other tag groups. Since...
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Beaver-County-Oklahoma-freecycle / Beaver County Oklahoma Freecycle
This group practices a concept to reduce landfill and share with other members of the community that may put these items to good use. There is a catch, everything must be free and no trades. Our mission is to keep stuff from our bulging landfills by making the free exchange of items from hands that no longer want it, to hands that do. We promote the reduction of clutter in the lives of our member...
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A handicraft group were we get together to share all kinds of different handicrafts.
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Discussion on beekeeping for everyone from beginners to elders. Commercial to sideliners. Group is here to help anyone and everyone. The only stupid question is onethat isn't asked. Come one come all!
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BeerBaronsOfMilwaukee / Beer Barons of Milwaukee
Beer Barons of Milwaukee homebrew club. This is the main group where all members are included. It is only for use by the board. You have to be a member to join this group.
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Zomaar foto's van een heleboel mooie dames
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This is our place to discuss and share matters or issues that concern all of the owners regarding our HOA. It is also for posting records, files, ideas, travel tips, photos and more.
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BellevueARC / Bellevue Amateur Radio Club
This group is for members of the Bellevue Amateur Radio Club (BARC) in Bellevue, Nebraska.
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Bellizzi / The Bellizzi Extended Family Exchange Site
Restricted group for members of the extended Bellizzi family to exchange information store photos & memories
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BeneluxRailGen / Benelux Rail Gen
A Group for Railway Enthusiasts interested in the Benelux Rail Scene. This Group is intended to be an informal group where people can post their information in a style and format that suits them. All information is welcome on the Railway scene in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Nederlands. The group is primarily about information on passenger locomotive workings but information is welcome on unusual...
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Bergen2Baka / Bergen2Baka
Bob & Ruthie's Aliyah Adventures
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BerwynHeights / Town of Berwyn Heights
This is a discussion group for residents, as well as former residents who have been beneficially active residents in of the Town of Berwyn Heights, Maryland. Members of this group may post messages on any topic that they consider will be of interest to the residents of the Town. No item sales or giveaway listings please. This list is intended for the use of residents of the Town of Berwyn Heights,...
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BestPets / Best Pets Discussion Groups
Parent group for Best Pets Dog Training LLC
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BestTagsNTubeWars / Best Tags & Tube War's
Welcome To Best Tags & Tube War's Thank you for joining in on the Fun, There has been some changes with the war we now allow Tubes and Tags Please follow all the rules.. Now its a 15 send per war requirement to join in on the fun. They all still must be done within the 12 hours so example if we start the war at 9:00pm cnt time zone all sends must be in by Saturday Morning at 9am cnt time z...
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BethelSistersInSpirit / Bethel Sisters in Spirit
Sisters in Spirit is a womens ministry at Bethel Baptist Church in Oakland, CA
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BettyBoopIsBack / Betty Boop Is Back
A group to share Betty Boop stats , tags, ect. May share music with stats as well. All Members must share to stay in group. No AC is allowed at anytime and that goes for the personal tags you use. Please keep it clean. No ripping of other creators work, that is a no no here. This is a G rated group . Any ideas are welcome to be heard to the owner and moderator of this group. We enjoy what our memb...
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BetweenJobsMinistry / Between Jobs Ministry

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Bewegunskrieg / Bewegunskrieg
Bewegunskrieg micro-armour wargaming rules are designed to simulate Divisional level conflicts from 1920 to today. The primary focus is World War II and the Cold War. These rules are based on Lightning War, Red Storm micro-armour rules. The main focus is to expand on these excellent rules offering detailed army lists, scenarios and other supporting material.
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BeyondReality-RPG / A World Beyond Reality
Amelia Earhart, Atlantis. Throughout history there have been disappearances, great and small. Where do these missing people go? To a new world where fantasy, horror, and even science fiction collide. A place called Terra. All across Terra there are Summoning Crystals. Powerful but dangerous. Their misuse has created tears in the fabric of time and space that have wormed their way toward Earth...
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BibleProphecy / Bible Prophecy from a Christian perspective
BibleProphecy has been created to provide a forum to discuss topics and share information related to Bible prophecy/end time events from a Premillennial / Pre-Tribulation Rapture viewpoint. Topics of discussion include: eschatology; global government; global religion and the New Age movement; rapture; antichrist; environmental changes (earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanoes, freak storms, floodi...
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