BlindLifeIsNoDrag / BLIND
Welcome to the BLIND (Blind Life Is No Drag) list! A group for blind discussion and support. Where you can express yourself without the fear of forwarded floods or false images. Come and make friends, and let real people show you that blindness isn't the end of a world, but the beginning of a new one. Just be warned, the discussion can often be of an adult nature! Younger people might want to ...
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BlindMiceSwapShop / Blind Mice Swap Shop
Blind Mice Swap Shop Swap, Sell, Buy and Promote The Mice receive calls everyday asking if we buy or can help sell used or unwanted things in The Mice don't deal in used products so they created a place for this to happen! here is the place for Blind Mice Members to sell and trade their used stuff and to promote special services or upcoming events! The Blind Mice Swap Sho...
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A place to discuss technology with an emphasis as to how it applies to blind folks. Sighted folks are welcome too.
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A Place For The Blind and Their Friends to Buy, Sale, Trade, and advertise their businesses.
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Blindattic / Blindattic
This is the replacement group for the nonworking Blindattic list but not run by any royalty where you can buy, sell or trade items.
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BlindiOS / Blind and iOS
This is a friendly group! let's talk about iOS devices. you can talk English,, many other Japanese version is here. っっこれは、もっともフレンドリーなグループです。 初心者の方も、iOS devices.に疑問を持った時に助け合いの場です。 さあ、どなたでもご参加ください。 なお、このリストは日本語を...
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This E-Mail Group Is A Friendly Group Where We Discuss Every Day Happenings. This Is An Adult Group. Nothing Is Off Topic But We Do Treat All Members With Respect.
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A listserv for the board members of the Bloomingdale Civic Association that serves the Bloomingdale neighborhood of Washington, DC, USA.
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BlrClub / Bangalore - club members
Welcome to Bangalore - club members !
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BlueDV user group
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BlueRibbonRecipes / BlueRibbonRecipes
This is a group where the recipes are winners! Literally. A judge, somewhere, at sometime, declared them the best. These are the ultimate TNT recipes. I love collecting cooking contest recipes and cookbooks, whether they're from a TV show, a website, a national or local competition, or the local county fair. If you like entering these competitions or just like collecting recipes, this is...
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Dear Doctors, Welcome to our little group of trailblazers who will be trying the benefits of blue scorpion venom in the US. To protect our group, I have made it and all its archives private. I am hoping that we will see good results in most patients. Let's get to work! Warmly, Mary Lis
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Group for training/teaching Birds of Prety
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Group for teaching/training PBEM games of Birds of Prey.
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Email group to facilitate the Gray Matter self and group learning project for the Birds of Prey boardgame.
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Dedicated to the preservation and use of older Communications and Test Equipment.
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BolensTractorGroup / Bolens Tractor Group
Welcome To Bolens Tractor Group This group is for the discussion of Bolens Garden Tractors, attachments and any related topics. It offers support for owners, restorers and those interested in Bolens equipment. Feel free to explore the Files, Photos, Links and Database pages of this group. You will find a great deal of information and resources relating to Bolens tractors and attachments ...
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BoneyardMorrisDancers / Boneyard Morris Dancers
This group is to be used for organizing Morris dance practices and performances in Champaign-Urbana and east central Illinois.
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This group is dedicated ! Book discussion as you might expect, given it's name but from a visually impaired perspective. Anything to do with books you can talk about it here. How you read them and why. What you thought or didn't. Authors you like or don't like, it's all fair game here. JUST please remember to respect the views and opinions of others. There Are, after all, plenty...
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This A list for people to request and share audiobooks
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