blind-flashers / Blind flashers
A group for blind Android users wanting to find informations or updates on accessibly flashing a custom rom.
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blind-gamers / the blind gamers list
This is a list where all gaming topics are welcome. The primary goal of the list is discussing games accessible to the blind and visually impaired. If you are looking for the latest news in accessible gaming, tips and tricks on that favorite game, or you simply want to know what is out there then this is the right place. We have a specific set of guidelines so please read them carefully before joi...
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blind-hams / Blind-hams a group to discuss amateur radio as it relates to the blind
This is a list to discuss amateur radio as it concerns blind hams. This list is also for blind hams to ask other related tech questions that may tangentially deal with ham radio, i.e. use of adaptive technology.
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blind-mentalhealth / Blind Mental Health Home
1. This is a safe place for those who are blind & are struggling with mental health issues. If you are blind, and are struggling with any mental health issues, feel free to join. 2. After joining the list, please introduce yourself to the list, as it would help me, and everyone else on the list, get to know you. Thank you. 3. Please, do not advertise any other groups unless you have the adm...
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blind-penpals / Blind penpals
This grou p is created to help people make new friends and serves as a support pla tform.
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blind-roku / Blind-Roku
Thank you very much for your interest in the Blind-Roku list! This list is aimed to serve as a portal for anything related to the Roku device lineup. To be very clear, this includes, but is certainly not limited to setting up the Roku for the first time, differences between Roku device models, navigating and using the Roku website with a screen reader, enabling/disabling accessibility features suc...
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blind-singles / Blind singles
This is a group to help people make new friends and find someone special.
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this group is for friendship and support
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this group is for blind and visually impaired teens, from all over the world.
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this group is for friend ship support and to have a chat to each other
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blind-users / Blind Users of Everything
Welcome to the discussion group for the blind. All topics are welcome. Feeling frustrated with a new update that broke accessibility? Trying to figure out how to use a program? Want to know what others think about life as a blind person? Welll you are in the right place. All questions are welcome! :) Please keep the following in mind when useing the list: This is a help group. So please keep that...
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blind-women-chat / blind women chat
Hi. Welcome to blind women chat. This is a list where blind women can get together to talk about topics that interest them. We will discuss womens issues, and also just have general chit chat. Please come join us for lots of fun, and laughter and friendship.
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blindaccess / Blind Access
This list is a discussion group for the Blind Access podcast. For more information about the podcast and the topics we cover, see
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blindalertnl / blindalert, waarschuwingen voor ontoegankelijkheid van apps en besturingssystemen
Dit forum werd in het leven geroepen omdat blijkt dat steeds meer apps en besturingssystemen na updates hun toegankelijkheid volledig of gedeeltelijk verliezen. het gaat vooral om apps van de overheid, bankinstellingen, sociale media, winkels of vervoersmaatschappijen, programma's die vaak levensnoodzakelijk zijn voor onze doelgroep. Wat mag er gepost worden? We posten liefst alleen alerts voo...
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blindcooks / blindcooks
a list for blind cooks, to share ideas and recipiees.
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blindcraft / Blindcraft
this is a group for blind and partially sighted crafters who are not letting their loss of sight keep them from the work they love. Join us and learn how to continue enjoying your crafts without sight, or how to learn a new craft. Some of the crafts discussed here are: knitting both loom and needle, crocheting, and spinning. But we welcome discussions of anything craft related. We ...
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blinddemocrats / blinddemocrats
This is a group for democrats who are blind or visually impaired. This is a place where you can air your views about the opposition without arguments. The last few elections have been difficult for us, until 2008, and since we don't know how this one will go, I'm providing a place to voice how you're feeling Welcome!
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This group is for blind people living with depression. It is intended to be a respectful place for sharing and receiving support. The motivation for the group is that we can all become more understanding of our feelings, more mindful of our thinking and more compassionate in our suffering.
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blinddiabetics / blind diabetics
a list for the discussion of diabetes
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blinddiscussion / blind discussion
My names Bob Edenhofer, and I'm the owner of this group, called blind discussion! the rules are as follows! there's no profanity, nor dirogratory remarks twards each other, nor fighting! you's will be obedient on this group, witch means, you's will not act like teenagers! you will, act like adults, or you're gone! it's that simple! so if you's wanna act up? then go join...
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