A group for blind parents.
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This group is for blind and low vision people to buy, sell, and trade new and used items. no illegal file sharing will be aloud. We will not put up with flaming.
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This is a group specifically for those of us who are legally blind, totally blind, or visually impaired who live each day with a diagnosed mental illness, whether severe or mild.
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BlindAds / BlindAds
The purpose of this group is to enable the buying, selling, and trading amongs its blind & vision impaired group members. No illegal activity, dishonesty, or attacks on any Group member will be tolerated with the attacker being banned from further participation in the group.
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A group for anyone who is blind or visually impaired living in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador to share ideas, plan events,meet one another, and learn from each other.
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Whether it's iOS, iPhone, the mac mini, the mac book pro, pages, numbers or anything apple related come on in and ask your question. This list is for the blind or visually impaired Apple user out there. this is a friendly place where the apple newbie and the expert alike can discuss issues faced everyday by blind users of apple products.
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We warmly welcome you to the revised original Blind Attic list! A group created to assist blind individuals in buying, Selling, or Trading goods and services!
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BlindAudibleTech / BlindAudibleTech
A help list for Visually impaired or blind people to access advice or help with accessibility issues with any aspect of audible.
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BlindBid / BlindBid Help Forum is the official market place for the blind. Accessibility is a fore-thought and not an after-thought for our members. This forum allows members to get quick answers to questions or concerns. There is absolutely NO buying or selling allowed in this forum. All selling is done at Please think before you post. There will be no bullying or disrespect to others allowed. Th...
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A Place for Blind and Visually impaired business owners and others to Buye,sell, trade and advertise their business.
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This is a group for blind people who create content to share their tips and tricks on how to get around the disadvantages of creating content. On this group, you may share your podcast or YouTube channels or any other projects that you may have. Don’t forget to always be respectful and give as much as you take from the group. Without further ado, I hope everyone enjoys this Community.
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Blind Designs is a special group of blind persons building and maintaining accessible websites with WordPress. Members must be approved before membership. Beginners& Intermediateweb builders welcome. Advanced blind web builders are welcome and encouraged to join to spread their experience & knowledge to others.
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BlindDiabetics4Jesus / BlindDiabetics4Jesus
Dear Friend, We are God- Fearing Christian individuals who trust God with our lives as we walk through life with Diabetes Always keeping in mind that our faith is what holds us together And here, we discuss our personal experiences in coping with diabetes and educate one another about the disease and the latest innovations in diabetic medicine and products. Articles on Diabetic Health are often ...
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BlindDroid / BlindDroid
Группа для пользователей устройств Android.
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group is for people who wish to share and discuss issues, concerning the development of Blind Golf as a sport. Issues of concern might include how to find a guide, how to set up an association in your country, sight classification, golf handicaps. Other issues might include the promotion and marketing of the game. Currently there are about 200 active golfers associated with the IBGA and EDGA. Outs...
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BlindGoogleHome / BlindGoogleHome
This group is for blind/VI users of Google Home devices to share information about how to get the most out of them.
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The Blindhandyman group is for blind and visually impaired individuals who have a desire to be as independent as possible with projects and tasks from simple to complex. The group is comprised of individuals from all over the world with various needs and accomplishments. Topics discussed are from a wide variety including but not limited to, cars, house repair, plumbing, electrical, gardening, yar...
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BlindJesusFreaks / BlindJesusFreaks
If you are a blind person with a radical, on fire, sold out faith in Jesus Christ, this is the place for you! We send devotionals, and offer bible study, prayer, and fellowship...all in a safe Christian environment.
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BlindLife / Blind Life
Blind Life - A place for discussing technology, daily living tips n' tricks, accessibility, disability law, and pretty much anything else with a focus on relation to those who are blind or vision-impaired. Those who are sighted are welcome, too.
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