If you love gathering tags with your name on them but don't have to worry about Requesting, then this is the group for you. Pull up a chair and enjoy getting beautiful tags. All tags are copyrighted so you can use them in your groups and on your websites.
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BetweenJobsMinistry / Between Jobs Ministry
ntroduction To Between Jobs Ministry "BJM" is a Christ-Centered job support ministry of NorthWest Bible Church. We meet weekly on Wednesday mornings beginning promptly at 9:00AM and meeting until 12:30PM (except major holidays and during Vacation Bible School in early June). You should be at the church sanctuary by 8:30AM to register if you are a first time attendee (PLEASE Don't be l...
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Bewegungskrieg / Bewegungskrieg
Bewegungskrieg micro-armour wargaming rules are designed to simulate Divisional level conflicts from 1920 to today. The primary focus is World War II and the Cold War. These rules are based on Lightning War, Red Storm micro-armour rules. The main focus is to expand on these excellent rules offering detailed army lists, scenarios and other supporting material.
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Samantha, a powerful member of the society of witches that has lived apart from humanity for many centuries, falls in love with a mortal, Darrin Stephens. Much to the disgust of most of her family, she vows to give up witchcraft and become an ordinary suburban housewife.
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BeyondReality-RPG / A World Beyond Reality
Amelia Earhart, Atlantis. Throughout history there have been disappearances, great and small. Where do these missing people go? To a new world where fantasy, horror, and even science fiction collide. A place called Terra. All across Terra there are Summoning Crystals. Powerful but dangerous. Their misuse has created tears in the fabric of time and space that have wormed their way toward Earth...
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Beyond The Hike exists to facilitate communication between members of the Forest Trails Hiking Club (FTHC) that goes beyond information specific to a club-led hike. Car pool requests, plans for training hikes, gear recommendations, and special events, books and movies pertaining to the outdoors are examples of topics appropriate for this group. Files and photos related to the above topics also may...
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BhamSuhba / Birmingham & West Midlands Shadhili email group.
﷽ This Group is for the announcement of local Shadhili gatherings/events in the Birmingham (UK) and Midlands region. If you'd like to join this group, please include your details, and whom else you know that is a member of this group along with their contact details.
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Bhc news for all to see.
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Basset Hound Club of Southern California Board of Directors
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BibleProphecy / Bible Prophecy from a Christian perspective
BibleProphecy has been created to provide a forum to discuss topics and share information related to Bible prophecy/end time events from a Premillennial / Pre-Tribulation Rapture viewpoint. Topics of discussion include: eschatology; global government; global religion and the New Age movement; rapture; antichrist; environmental changes (earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanoes, freak storms, floodi...
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This group is where people can discuss bible topics, such as favourite bible character, bible passage, and more.
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BiblesAndBuffCoats / Bibles & Buff Coats
Bibles & Buff Coats is a set of tabletop miniatures game rules that portray the forces supporting King Charles I and of those supporting Parliament during the English Civil Wars. Players take on the rolls of the Generals and their Colonels who commanded the unique and varied forces of Foote, Horse, and Artillery during this colorful period. Using pikes, muskets, swords, and cannons players ca...
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Biblical Greek study group.
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Read, discuss, eat, drink!
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Biblit / Biblit
Nuova sede del gruppo di discussione Biblit, nato nel 1999 per offrire a professionisti e appassionati uno spazio di confronto sulla traduzione letteraria da e verso l'italiano. Nel 2006 Biblit ha ricevuto il Premio Speciale della Giuria della XXXII edizione del Premio Mondello per la sua attività a favore della traduzione e dei traduttori. **L'approvazione delle richieste di iscrizione ...
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Biblitiana / Biblitiana
Il mezzo più semplice per essere aggiornati sulle iniziative di Biblit e sul mondo della traduzione letteraria e dell'editoria. Biblitiana non è un gruppo di discussione, ma un canale informativo unilaterale attraverso il quale vengono inviate, a scadenza non regolare, segnalazioni di eventi, bandi, corsi, ecc. che hanno attinenza con la traduzione letteraria e l'editoria. Se desideri i...
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Discussion group for BMHA -- the Bicycle Mobile Hams of America Dedicated to ham radio operators who also bicycle.
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BigBlueSupportOurMilitaryTroops / BigBlu Sky Support Our Military Troops....
This group is for anyone who is Air-force related or Military Related/ US or UK... All the Armed Forces, are Welcome HERE! A place for people to share their thoughts and talk about their life with the Military or Air force. Big Blu Has An Assortment of Incoming Programing and News Feed! The Moderator Highly Recommends that you place your Email Settings on Daily Digest or Special Notices..Or "...
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This is a test site
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This is a group that shares information, links and laughs all about Big Brother. We love the show.
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