BlackSheepFleet / 214th Black Sheep Heavy Medical and Support fleet
Welcome to the Black Sheep a heavy support and medical fleet.
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Blairroadcommunitygarden / Blair Road Community Garden
Group for members of the Blair Road Community Garden in Washington, DC.
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Blanaz / Hameau de Blanaz
Liste concernant le hameau de Blanaz sur la commune de Saint-Rambert-en-Bugey : - informations générales - transmissions d'informations officielles - échanges de bons tuyaux et petites annonces - invitation pour des randonnées, des balades à vélo, des picnics, etc.
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Hello and welcome to Blankety Blank Tag Group This is a sharing group. Don't join if you don't plan on sharing. 
All shares must be between the ratings of G - SAC. We do not offer tags as our primary focus is on sharing, not tagging. New Members are required to share within 7 days of joining and are modded until they make one approved post. If they do not post at least once in 7 day...
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BlanksForFun / BlanksForFun
Group Description A friendly group for Sharing Blank Tags. ratings G-SAC
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BleuetteSewingClub / Bleuette Sewing Club
A new home for our old favorite, The Bleuette Sewing Club. Created for fans of Bleuette, her La Semaine de Suzette patterns, and ready-made G-L wardrobe. Welcome to fans of Rosette, Bambino, Benjamine, Loulotte, and Becassine, too. Our Challenge for May 1st until June 15th is G-L "Tyrolienne" and LSDS "Robe de Fete" and "Guimpe de Bleuette." A knit and a crochet skirt a...
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From the original patterns of the French girls magazine Le Semaine Suzette...1905-1960...patterns that can be made for your Bleuette. This is my bucket list make Bleuette's patterns and GL designs... Each pattern is in English with instructions in pdf. All the pattern pieces are there and fit the modern JN doll body....Will fit antique Bleuettes with minor adjustments. Take the m...
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Blim-WinISU / WinISU programski paket
Mailnig lista uporabnikov programskega paketa WinISU
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BlimRazvoj / Blim razvoj SW
Testna grupa predvsem za učenje in kasneje za izmenjavo podatkov med našimi projekti
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A group for blind parents.
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BlindBid / BlindBid Help Forum is the official market place for the blind. Accessibility is a fore-thought and not an after-thought for our members. This forum allows members to get quick answers to questions or concerns. There is absolutely NO buying or selling allowed in this forum. All selling is done at Please think before you post. There will be no bullying or disrespect to others allowed. Th...
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A Place for Blind and Visually impaired business owners and others to Buye,sell, trade and advertise their business.
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BlindDroid / BlindDroid
Группа для пользователей устройств Android.
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group is for people who wish to share and discuss issues, concerning the development of Blind Golf as a sport. Issues of concern might include how to find a guide, how to set up an association in your country, sight classification, golf handicaps. Other issues might include the promotion and marketing of the game. Currently there are about 200 active golfers associated with the IBGA and EDGA. Outs...
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BlindGoogleHome / BlindGoogleHome
This group is for blind/VI users of Google Home devices to share information about how to get the most out of them.
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BlindJesusFreaks / BlindJesusFreaks
If you are a blind person with a radical, on fire, sold out faith in Jesus Christ, this is the place for you! We send devotionals, and offer bible study, prayer, and fellowship...all in a safe Christian environment.
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BlindLife / Blind Life
Blind Life - A place for discussing technology, daily living tips n' tricks, accessibility, disability law, and pretty much anything else with a focus on relation to those who are blind or vision-impaired. Those who are sighted are welcome, too.
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BlindLifeIsNoDrag / BLIND
Welcome to the BLIND (Blind Life Is No Drag) list! A group for blind discussion and support. Where you can express yourself without the fear of forwarded floods or false images. Come and make friends, and let real people show you that blindness isn't the end of a world, but the beginning of a new one. Just be warned, the discussion can often be of an adult nature! Younger people might want to ...
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BlindMiceSwapShop / Blind Mice Swap Shop
Blind Mice Swap Shop Swap, Sell, Buy and Promote The Mice receive calls everyday asking if we buy or can help sell used or unwanted things in The Mice don't deal in used products so they created a place for this to happen! here is the place for Blind Mice Members to sell and trade their used stuff and to promote special services or upcoming events! The Blind Mice Swap Sho...
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