Het forum anders-kijken is een directe voortzetting van het vroegere forum aangepast-lezen dat werd opgericht in mei 2002. De oprichting van het loket aangepast-lezen in 2007 maakte een naamsverandering noodzakelijk om verwarring te vermijden. Oorspronkelijk werd dit forum opgezet om tips uit te wisselen over zaken die met het aangepast lezen te maken hadden maar het karakter van het forum is in d...
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android-discuss / all about android
This group is all about android from a visually impaired perspective. Developers are more than welcome to subscribe as well to learn about accessibility.. The first post from each member will be moderated. However everyone is expeced to follow the group guidelines which will be sent out to all members at the first of every month. This will be a separate email not sent out to the list, unless other...
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android-users / Android-Users
This list has evolved from the Eyes-Free list on Googlegroups. The Eyes-Free list still exists, however this list though unmoderated will require a list admin to approve your membership. That is really the only main difference between this list and the eyes-free list. that and the fact that if things get out of hand from a technical standpoint, for example, e-mails bouncing, etc. there wil...
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andycutlerchelation / Andy Cutler Chelation
This free discussion group was created for the purpose of supporting people who are interested in chelating with Andy Cutler's chelation protocol. The chelation protocol that we use is outlined in the book Amalgam Illness Diagnosis and Treatment by Andrew Hall Cutler PhD.
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test test
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Questa è il servizio di newsletter di Aned Emilia Romagna
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angelsonges / angelsons
a christen group for prayer, and chat, and fun
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angus-alumni / ANGUS alumni
Announce list for alumni of the ANGUS course for bioinformatics,
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angus2017 / ANGUS 2017
ANGUS! This is a mailing list for all the people coming to ANGUS in summer 2017. See:
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animal-pals / Animal Pals
Hello and welcome to the animal pals group. The group where the animals do the talking. This group requires some imagination and powers of observance after all you will be writing from your animal’s or pet’s perspective and you know their personality/animality best right? All animals are welcome, what ever is your pet or working animal is welcome here. For any human inter...
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Test group for Anityaconseil
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annarosy / How to Make Grilled Chicken and Pineapple Sandwiches
Want to know a killer culinary combo? Try chicken and pineapple. The sweet, savory combination satisfies without being greasy or heavy, and the secret sauce really knocks this meal out of the park. Stir together a little French dressing, light mayo or plain yogurt and some pickle relish. This meal is quick and easy (like all our recipes) as well as fresh and healthy. That’s the way we like it! ...
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Clams..., oysters..., avocados..., chocolate of all kinds..., strawberries..., tropical fruits.... If you were to cook a meal for your date, what would you cook to make him or her... Hmmm... interested in you? We all know the foods that go straight to our hearts and make us feel romantic. So come and share those wonderful recipes that light the spark of love in you. The wait is over; now there is ...
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anoldsewingmachine / An Old Sewing Machine
This is a group for collectors and admirers of old sewing machines.. You may have a sewing item somewhere down in the basement which can be worth some money,however we are NOT here to give you values, so please do not ask for a value of your old sewing machine. In truth, most have no true value as machines were massed produced in large numbers. There are some modes are worth more then other...
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anoldsewingmachinefile / An Old Sewing Machine File Archive
This is file storage group,for An Old Sewing Machine. This group is not for message posting and is by invitation only to join.
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anoldsewingmachinephoto / An Old Sewing Machine Photo Archine
This is a photo storage archive for the An Old Sewing Machine group. This is an invitation only group, and no posting is done in this group!
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This group is for anyone struggling with and/or recovering from anorexia nurvosa
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ansible-ch / Swiss Ansible Community
Swiss Ansible Community -
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ansibleu / Ansible Europe Community
Community list for users in Europe. We also have an irc channel: #ansibleu on Freenode And the obligate twitter account
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Trying this new site. 17.01.2015
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