Deutschsprachiger Austausch und gegenseitige Hilfe zum Thema Acumos.
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Here you can send your AD(S) at anytime you wish too. All you have to do is swap and share each others ads either as they come in or save them all and send them out at once. Just BCC who you swap with IF they ask you too. We are all adults and should share the ads on good faith.
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Addicted2Fonts / Addicted2Fonts
Do you need a font? Want a particular font? Do you just want to increase the fonts that you already have? If you answered yes to these questions then this is the group for you. I have over 30,000 fonts and I want to share them with you. The volume of email will be low since I will be the only one to post....maybe one email a day. I haven't really decided yet what will work best...we can all wo...
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Addicted2Holidays / Addicted2Holidays
Do you love holidays? This group is for anything and everything to do with the holidays.....all holidays. Stats, tags, recipes, crafts....whatever you want to share as long as it is holiday themed. This group can generate a lot of mail so please be aware of this.
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Addicted2MyAlphasCreations / Addicted2MyAlphaCreations
a place where you can get the Alphas I create
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Are you addicted to PSP? Then this is the place for you. Everything and anything to do with PSP can be shared here.
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Addicted2PersonalizedIMStats / Addicted2PersonalizedIMStats
Do you like personalized Incredimail stationary? If you do, then this is the group for you. I will send in an offer or 2 each week and you can request the stat with a name on it. Volume will be low since I will be the only one posting. My only rule is that you must have Incredimail to join since these will all be Incredimail stats. Please respond to the email you will get upon joining on an Incre...
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Addicted2Tags / Addicted2Tags
Are you addicted to tags for your email? So am I. I have collected many and would love to share them with you. I will be happy to customize them for you....just ask!! That is what this group is all about. All you have to do is sit back, relax and request the ones you like. Mail volume will be low, only I will post. All of my tags are transparent. That means (for those of you that don't know) t...
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Addicted2ThemedIMStats / Addicted2ThemedIMStats
Are you addicted to Incredimail stationary? So am I and I love to snag and share them. I also love the idea of sharing them with daily themes. If you like to snag and share, please join me here. I will post the themes 2 weeks in advance. I would appreciate you to share but if you just want to snag, that is fine too but the more people sharing, the more stats we can all snag :o) Please keep in mi...
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AddictedToTags / AddictedToTags
At this time Kat, Lavon and I are your taggers. We will offer tags from all Genres or at least as many as we can find or create. The group is rated G - to SAC with no full frontal nudity and that includes boobs and butts. Rules are simple, request only what you want, never pickup a tag that was not made for you. Dont complain to a tagger, if you don't like an offer please delete it. Only t...
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AddisonAlbright / NEWSLETTER / NEW RELEASE NOTIFICATIONS for Addison Albright
When you become a member of this group, you are signing up for Addison's newsletter/new release notifications. Addison will post notifications here, and you'll receive them via email per your subscription settings. Addison will create posts only to notify subscribers to this group of new releases and occasional special announcements. To ensure your privacy, the members list is visible only...
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A group for lads who love there adidas and puma trainers
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The Association was founded to keep the Antarctic experiences and memories alive. Membership in the Association is available to all in the following ways: Regular memberships in the Association are open to all that have shared the Antarctic Experience and Associate Memberships are available to anyone having an interest in Antarctica. The Antarctic Experience, for membership purposes, is defined ...
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Adopted-and-Searching / Welcome to Adopted and Searching groups: Wondering, Searching, Reunited.
ADOPTION-related Private Discussion Groups (Join for access). Adoptee Search Posts (If public, group membership not required). Post-adoption Search and Reunion Support and Guidance. Tips, Resources, and Insights. NOTICE: Report immediately any communication requesting money. We are an entirely NON-COMMERCIAL resource. TY!
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Welcome to Ads Ads Ads where more exposure to your group will mean more MEMBERS!! Please join - fill out the database for New Groups. If your group meets the requirements in having at least 8 Members it will be added right away provided that your Home Page of the group is VISABLE to Non Members.. If your group has less then 8 members, join anyway and get a spot saced to be put onto the ADs Le...
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Adult-DID-support / Adult dissociative support
This is a group for those over 20 who either have a dissociative disorder or know someone who does. If you are under 20 there is a teens DID support group I run. Please remember trigger warnings for hard topics. If you're unsure what trigger warnings are, or have any questions, please email me or other group members.
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For adults with narcissistic parents.
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advertise groups
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Adz By Designz Formerly known as Ad Swappers! WE ARE BACK, under a new name and a new website!! If you are looking for a working advertising place, Stop right here cause this is the place to get your ads seen! Do you want new members? All you need to do send me your ad with your link info under your ad, I will add it where you want the ad to be placed! If you need more members, there's ...
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AerialRopeways / Aerial Ropeways
This is the Aerial Ropeways mailing list, a discussion group for industrial aerial ropeways, telphers, and monorails. It is open to anyone who wishes to share information and items of interest about industrial aerial ropeways in the U.K. and worldwide.
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