Possible new spot for AT_Sprint
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ATCHDP / ATC Hand Draw & Paint
This group is for ATC artists who incorporate original drawing and/or painting into their cards. ATC cards, or miniature works of art, are 2.5" x 3.5" and are traded, never sold. You are welcome to join this group and participate in trades that feature your original drawing or painting. ATC Hand Draw Paint is a good place to connect with individuals who love creating and trading art a...
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***Membership is approved upon answering the REQUIRED Questionnaire that will be sent to you. If you do not receive the questionnaire, look in your spam folder. If its not there, please contact the owners of our group at and we'll send another to you. Thanks. The group is about trading Artist Trading Cards (a 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" piece of art) as well as other mixed ...
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Alfa Tango International group
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ATJ / All Time Jelly - former members of Roaring Jelly
All Time Jellies [ATJ] are former members of Roaring Jelly, the Contra Dance band formed in 1970, by and for over musicians, veteran to novice, to develop their skills by playing Contra and Square Dance music. Some have stayed many years, other have passed through briefly. As few as a handful or as many as 40 have gathered together at any given time - fiddles, whistles, flutes, trombones, acco...
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FROM ATLANTIC TO PACIFIC AND AROUND THE WORLD Bringing together American Tug owners from all corners of the Seven Seas With over 180 members, the American Tug Owners Group (ATOG) is for owners of American Tug yachts, and we believe that close to 80% of the world's American Tug owners are members of the group. Our membership includes American Tug owners, former owners, AT builder...
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ATS-Forum / Antique Telescope Society Forum for members and guests, by subscription
Email platform of the Antique Telescope Society. The Antique Telescope Society is an international society. Its purpose is to unite colleagues interested in antique astronomical telescopes, binoculars, books and related items and to promote the membership's interests in astronomical history & discovery, the history of optics and the preservation and use of these instruments through steward...
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ATSF / ATSF Railway
A placeholder group for the ATSF group at Yahoo groups. If you are the owner of the Yahoo ATSF group, contact me at and we can work out a transfer. This group may be expanded and populated as time allows.
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AT Scholarship
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AThirkell / Angela Thirkell; her world and books. All AT admirers welcome.
This email community discusses Angela Thirkell, her world, and her many wonderful books. All AT admirers are welcome.
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AVImark / AVImark Users Forum
Migrated to on 20th of July, 2018 after 18 years of being with Yahoo!groups and starting to have problems with their platform. Will retain archives there for as long as they provide the support but almost all the data has been transferred over.
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Information about the Audio Vector Network Analyzer (AVNA) construction project. Covers building and using this test instrument as well as software to control measurements with the AVNA.
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Allegheny Valley Radio Association is an online community of amateur radio operators in the ARRL Western Pennsylvania Section.
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AVRT6 / A group dedicated to the discussion of the Sainsonic AVRT6
A users group dedicated to Sainsonic AVRT6 Mobile iGate Tracker. Please keep your conversations/queries to the APRT6. If you have questions about the AVRT7, please head over to . If you have questions about the AP510 slide over to
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Users group for the Sainsonic AVRT7 APRS I-gate. This is a small self contained unit whoes primary purpose is to transmit APRS VHF amateur radio digital packets to the Internet
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AVarietyShop / A Variety Shop
We are a sharing group, where you can share a wide variety of things, including recipes. Some chatter in the group is allowed. Members are required to share at least once weekly. Please no lurkers, anyone not sharing for 2 weeks will be removed. No pay for programs shared in the group.
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AVnature / Improving our natural landscape in Ashburn Village
A group of concerned residents in Ashburn Village organizing to revitalize our community's landscape as we mature past 3 decades in Loudoun County.
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AWAGroup / AWAGroup
The Amateur Wireless Assemblers Group focus is on the building, restoration and use of Ham Radio transmitters and receivers common to the era 1920-1941. After you have become a member, please introduce yourself, mentioning your call and related interests. - For photos showing members’ reproductions or restorations of transmitters and receivers from this period, see: Photos / “Ge...
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Amazon Web Services (under construction)
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AXAunionreps / AXA-Unite Union Reps
List for Unite workplace, learning and safety union reps in AXA.
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