AVTraders / African Violet Traders
Welcome to AVTRADERS! Have you ever been surfing and saw a picture of a beautiful AV and wondered where in the world can I find one of those? Well I am hoping that you will find what you are looking for right here. Since African Violets are like eating potato chips, you know you cannot have just one. :) It is the goal of this group to bring people from all over the world together to share their lo...
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AWAGroup / Amateur Wireless Assemblers Group
A Group focusing on the building, restoration and use of Ham Radio transmitters and receivers common to the era 1920-1941. After you have become a member, please post a message to the group mentioning your call and related interests. TKS es 73, Lou VE3AWA
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Amazon Web Services (under construction)
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AXAunionreps / AXA-Unite Union Reps
List for Unite workplace, learning and safety union reps in AXA.
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A group about the history and scale modeling of the Atlantic & Yadkin Railway in North Carolina.
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AZFC2018 / Arizona Formation Clinic

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AZScorpions / Arizona Scorpions Formation Team
Arizona Formation Flying Team.
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Our organizational medium for a "West Marches" style role-playing campaign.
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Abandonment-issues / Abandonment-issues
My name is Jerry, welcome to the abandonment-issues list, a safe place for anyone struggling with abandonment issues. Do you think your mum or dad is not spending enough quality time with you or your siblings because they've met a new partner? Does it feel like they don't love you anymore? Or that they don't respect accept or care about your identity conditions or issues? You are not a...
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A group for Aberdeen Saints Croquet club.
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Abolish-Christmas / Abolish-Christmas
Welcome to abolish-Christmas, the number1 antiHoliday group for uncelebrators
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AbsenceCentral / Absence Central
A meeting place for anyone interested in Absence Management.
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Abuse_survivors / Abuse_Survivors
Whether you have suffered because of online bullying, religious abuse, SRA, mind control, physical, emotional or sexual, or even financial, domestic, or you're an adult survivor of child abuse, this safe support group is here for you to vent or reach out, but to keep it safe there are a few guidelines to follow: 1. My name is chelsea i own this list, if you have concerns about the list or anot...
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AbusedSurvivors / Abused Survivors

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AbusedSurvivorsUnited / AbusedSurvivorsUnited
Welcome, this is your list owner Jace speaking, welcome to AbusedSurvivorsUnited, a place where sufferers of all types of abuse can get support alongside their families/friends/carers, this is a non-judgmental list that means it doesn't exclude anyone on grounds of race, religion, ethnicity, colour, disability, or gender identity, this list is an abuse support group, to keep all members safe i...
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This group is for blind people to share the different apps that they use on the computer
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This is the new home for the Accordions Group that was hosted on Yahoo.com. Your membership has automatically been transferred to this new platform which is more stable and offers more features.
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A group for ham Radio Activities
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Deutschsprachiger Austausch und gegenseitige Hilfe zum Thema Acumos.
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Addicted2Fonts / Addicted2Fonts
Do you need a font? Want a particular font? Do you just want to increase the fonts that you already have? If you answered yes to these questions then this is the group for you. I have over 30,000 fonts and I want to share them with you. The volume of email will be low since I will be the only one to post....maybe one email a day. I haven't really decided yet what will work best...we can all wo...
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