Allelujah / Allelujah
Allelujah began in 2001 on YahooGroups as a small, friendly group for Christians to share email stationery! As technology has changed and more people use phones, tablets, etc for their email, we have evolved with the times :-) Yes, we still share and enjoy stationery, sig tags and other graphics when possible. But mostly what you will find here these days is friendship! We share fellowship, ...
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Alliance-Members / ACM Members-Only Listserv
This is the members-only email listserv of the Alliance for Community Media.
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All Things Audio was created with the following things in mind. First, to bring blind people to chat, discuss and share specially designed materials for the blind. I only have one rule, "Show respect and be courteous to others.
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Alpha SeeYa RV
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this is a list about game Alter Aeon the
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Alternative-Power / Alternative-power
Thank you for looking at this group. This group will discuss alternative methods of generating and using electrical power, independent of the grid. We will discuss the various methods of generating and using low voltage DC power, higher voltage AC power, inverters, battery and other storage methods, as well as solar power generation, both grid tied and non-grid tied. Of course, we will discu...
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Alumni-JSWT-PY / Alumni Job Search Work Team, Parsippany, NJ
This group is for alumni of the LHH outplacement service, Parsippany, NJ. Membership requires approval by the owner(s).
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I'll be designing signature tags for you. ! tag per person, sometimes I will make extras but not always.
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This is a group for discussion concerning the technical aspects of building DSN receivers and converters for the 2.2GHz, 8.4GHz and 32GHz bands. All aspects including observations of probes, technical information on LNA's, receivers and demodulation can be discussed, as well as related items such as software processing. Reports of detected signals from DSN space-craft are most welcome! If you ...
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Amateur-repairs / Amateur Radio Repairs
======================================================== IMPORTANT : This group is inactive at this moment ======================================================== Welcome to the Amateur-repairs Group! This Group is for those interested in or performing repairs and legal modifications to Amateur Radio equipment, and to seek answers to their questions or to post their discoveries for all to ...
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AmazingCrockpotAndCasseroleRecipes / Amazing Crockpot and Casserole Recipes
This is where we can post any type of recipes that you would be a casserole or cook in a crockpot/slow cooker. They don't have to be tried-n-true, just something that sounds like it might be interesting to share, make and taste! There is a posting requirement in this group. Group members need to only post one (1) recipe to the group once a month. I don't think that's too much to ask. T...
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This is a group for those who are fortunate enough to have one of the most unique of the early sewing machines ever made or are considering getting an American #1. We who have machines can exchange information and help each other with any issues that we may have with our machines or questions. This group is open to anyone who has an American Number 1 or any machine made by American B.H.-O Sewi...
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Americansinathens / Americans In Athens
This group is for exchanging info and inviting members to activities in Athens, Greece
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AnPRR / HO Model Layout and DCC Sound Projects
Digitrax Sound Projects and Anderson County SC HO Layout
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Where we can send scrap kits, tubes, wordart, frames, selections, anything to do with paint shop pro n more..
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This is a builders group of the Apache Labs Angelia SDR radio. The project starts with a bare PCB. Only subscribers with a Ham call sign will be allowed to join. Please include call when asking to join. 73, Stew KF5KOG
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Discussion Group dedicated to the unbelievable music of LIBERA
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Angry-alters-support-group / Angry-alters-support-group
Welcome to the angry-alters-support-group, my name is Silas I am the list owner. This list is a safe place for all us angry parts in DID systems who need support or just somewhere to vent? Please be mindful of others and remember your trigger warnings? Silas, admin
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AnimalActivists / Animal Activists in the USA
Animal activists in the United States promoting animal welfare via networking, petitions, and collaborating with lawmakers. This group is public. New members are moderated to keep out spammers.
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AnimalCompanions / Animal Companions
Welcome to Animal Companions! This group is about much more than dogs. This is for all pets. From cats and dogs to fish and small creatures. We talk about it all here. A group for information, chat and friends.
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