Meeting in Chicago to playtest board games.
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This is a private discussion forum for members of the 3014 Society - a group maintaining and operating a Kerr Stuart "Joffre" class locomotive in the UK.
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This 30MDG Group forum is dedicated to increasing 30 Meter Band digital activity (When joining please indicate your callsign or why you want to join for fast approval). The main focus of this group will be to support PSK, MFSK, HELL, OLIVIA, WSJT and other digi modes on 30M Band (10MHZ) to increase digi activity on 30M. Topics: 30M prop,30M antennas,30M activity,30MDG info. If you are interested t...
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Communication forum for our HOA.
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A casual group of ex-employees of RFS to remain in contact. After all, many of us worked together for decades Monday to Friday, rain and shine. Membership is by invitation.
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38thNationalNarrowGaugeConvention / 38th National Narrow Gauge Convention
Welcome to the 38th National Narrow Gauge Convention. The convention is in Bloomington, MN at the Bloomington Doubletree Hotel
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39-47Dodgetruck / 39*47Dodgetruck
Welcome to the 39-47Dodgetruck Group This group is dedicated to Dodge Trucks, Plymouth and Fargo Trucks and all Mopar truck lovers. This web site, on the appropriate database table, includes the official registry for the 1939-47 Mopar trucks. © by dlfenner. It also is a forum for those of us who own or admire the 1939-47 Dodge, Plymouth, and Fargo trucks. When posting messages, be sure to ...
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Email discussion group for neighbors who live on the 3900 block of 45th Ave S or on the next block over in any direction.
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3905ccn-4th-area / 3905 CCN Fourth Area News
Closed opt-in group for 3905 Century Club Fourth Area members created by your 4th Area Director, AE4NT to share information about current issues regarding the club with a particular emphasis on the 4th area. Please join to participate in discussions and surveys concerning our area. Note: this is not a group for classified ads, general chat, or topics unrelated to the 3905 Century Club. The moderat...
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chatgp for 3 club905
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3DPrintingForModels / 3D Printers for Models
This group is for Modelers and Miniaturist of all fine scales that are using 3D Printers, CNC cutters, Laser Etching machines, and other machine technology to create parts and content for their models. Model Railroading, Diorama, construction, and timescale modeling of all types. A place to share files, tips, and lessons learned. Got questions or ideas? Want to contribute your knowledge in the us...
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Discussion, advice, and information about 3D printing for railroad models
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Le groupe de l'infographie et de la création graphique numérique francophone.
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Getting bigger
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3mm-scale-modelling / 3mm Scale Modelling
The 3mm-scale-modelling group exists to facilitate communication between members of the UK based 3mm Society, which is devoted to railway modelling in 3mm, or 1/101.6 Scale. Please enter your FULL NAME, 3mm SOCIETY MEMBERSHIP NUMBER and TOWN of residence in the "Message to Moderater" field. This will then be checked against the membership lists. Unless you are a paid-up member of th...
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3mma / Three Mills Mooring Association
3MMA is an Association of residential boat owners moored on the Three Mills Wall River near Three Mills in East London. This is an area of exceptional beauty, right in the heart of the city. The river was historically tidal, but was converted to semi-tidal prior to the Olympics in 2012. It is accessed by two locks; City Mill Lock to the North and the Three Mills Lock to the East, in the Prescott ...
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Welcome to the 3rd PlanIt Group! This group is for users of, or persons interested in, 3rd PlanIt, a CAD software package for track planning and designing model railroad layouts. Here you will find lots of ideas and advice on 3rd PlanIt and links to many samples of great layouts and railroad objects created by our members. 3rd PlanIt is a product of El Dorado Software. However, this is an "uno...
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3% Patriot Group for Nebraska
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40-shades-of-food-issues / 40-shades-of-food-issues
My name is Lilly, welcome to FOFU 40-shades-of-food-issues, the support place for all sufferers of any form of food disorder, anything from IBS or coeliac disease to eating disorders like EDNOS, anyone can join if you are a sufferer or a supporter of someone dealing with food issues, we appreciate that sufferers may have other emotional disorders too, so i ask that all sensitive posts around food ...
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40plusvintagegroup / 40 Plus Vintage Group
Group communication center for the 40 Plus Vintage Group. We are a group of vintage off-road motorcycle enthusiasts primarily riding at the Hollister Hills SVRA in Hollister, CA.
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