AnPRR / HO Model Layout and DCC Sound Projects
Digitrax Sound Projects and Anderson County SC HO Layout
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Where we can send scrap kits, tubes, wordart, frames, selections, anything to do with paint shop pro n more..
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This is a builders group of the Apache Labs Angelia SDR radio. The project starts with a bare PCB. Only subscribers with a Ham call sign will be allowed to join. Please include call when asking to join. 73, Stew KF5KOG
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Discussion Group dedicated to the unbelievable music of LIBERA
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Angry-alters-support-group / Angry-alters-support-group
Welcome to the angry-alters-support-group, my name is Silas I am the list owner. This list is a safe place for all us angry parts in DID systems who need support or just somewhere to vent? Please be mindful of others and remember your trigger warnings? Silas, admin
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AnimalActivists / Animal Activists in the USA
Animal activists in the United States promoting animal welfare via networking, petitions, and collaborating with lawmakers. This group is public. New members are moderated to keep out spammers.
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AnimalCompanions / Animal Companions
Welcome to Animal Companions! This group is about much more than dogs. This is for all pets. From cats and dogs to fish and small creatures. We talk about it all here. A group for information, chat and friends.
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Welcome to Anna’s First-Aid Laughs! This is a list for mostly clean jokes. Any jokes that have adult content etc need to be announced as such. This is an announcement-only group, which means that if you have a joke you want to share with us – Which you are most welcome to do! – you need to send it to and please include the name of the group, or a shortened ver...
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I guess it's quite self evident what this group is about. It's for using the wonderful tool we all know and love: The microwave. Whether you want to cook fast meals with no hassel or don't feel like heating up the whole kitchen on a summer's day, this is the right place. Come and share your favourite microwave recipes or just a recipe you found somewhere but haven't tried yet -...
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AntiChristmas-zone / AntiChristmas-zone
This is the group for all those who are fed up of hearing about, celebrating and believing in Christmas, my name is jerry and I personally don't believe in Christmas I believe in greys day, i think that Christmas is over celebrated and over commercialised and pushed on people, there is to b no judgement of any sort on this list, no christmas crap, and all posts about the day must be triggered
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AnytoneDMR / AnyTone DMR
User Support - info and sales - camaraderie among Amateurs of mutual DMR interest.Group dedicated to the Anytone Dual Band Models and general accessories. Those wanting to join this page - YOU MUST ANSWER 3 questions when selecting the join request. This is a way of insuring your are genuine and not a spammer. FAILURE to do so will result in me having to DECLINE your request to join. Be s...
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Watching for the Lord
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Un grupo de ayuda
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AppleWatchProject / Apple Watch Project
Apple Watch Project, toegankelijkheid Apple Watch voor mensen die slechtziend of blind zijn. Met name tijdsaanduiding, tijdsduur, enz.
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For users and others interested in the Arcom Controllers RC210
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ArkansasMissouriRailroading / Arkansas & Missouri Railroading
A group for the discussion of the Arkansas and Missouri Railroad in Western Arkansas ans Southwest Missouri. All topics A&M are most welcomed!
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ArmyBuilder-Fr / Army Builder Fr
Ce groupe a pour but de communiquer sur les logiciel de création de liste d'armée (traduire ou créer des fichiers data pour le logiciel Army Builder ou tout autre programme open source... ). Le groupe permet d'archiver, de regrouper tous les fichiers traduit et de développer ceci grâce à une section de discussion.
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ArtAndStitch / ArtAndStitch
Group for Art & Stitch users
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Artists_Cafe / The Artists Cafe
I have created this group for anybody who is an artist. It doesn't matter if you have never sold a painting or have sold every painting that you have created. I believe that all people who allow their inner child to come out can create a painting. What? You say you are an artist; but, you don't paint. That's okay, too. I have seen some pretty amazing works of art in the fields of...
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AsafeplaceforthefrightenedlittlesofDIDsystemswhoneedafriend / AsafeplaceforthefrightenedlittlesofDIDsystemswhoneedafriend
Welcome to, asafeplaceforthefrightenedlittlesofDIDsystemswhoneedafriend, my name is bonnie I run the list, I am part of a system myself and a large system at that, and I am a helper/guardian of the littles, when littles in any dissociative system become frightened or triggered by something that reminds them of the trauma that they or the body itself had suffered, the atmosphere and surroundings th...
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