Aussie Stockdog “Australian Shepherd StockDog News and Information” Designed for the people interested in Herding, Trialing and Ranch Work. Posts about upcoming events, tips, tricks, general info, and stockdog brags are welcome. Sorry we will need to agree to leave the discussion of politics to other lists ;-)
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The Australian Sheperd Events list is an announcement list for fanciers of the Australian Shepherd to find out about Aussie related events. This can include ASCA, AKC or UKC sanctioned shows and trials, dog health clinics or dog seminars. Only posts about dog related events will be allowed. For more information about a specific event please privately email the listed co-ordinator of the event o...
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Autoimmune Chronic Urticaria
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AvalonARC / Avalon Amateur Radio Club [M0IOA] -
An online forum for all those in the Glastonbury ("Isle Of Avalon") area of Somerset (UK) with a passionate interest in all things radio. (Also all members of the Avalon Amateur Radio Club - M0IOA.)
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AzeriFleet / Azeri Fleet
Welcome to the Azeri Fleet, a rated "R", Role Play Game (RPG) where members actively participate in a Play By Email (PBeM) Star Trek genre. This should not imply that the writing is outrageously sleazy, outrageously gory etc, it simply means that some content written is considered to be inappropriate, by international law, to those under this age. The Group is open to all players 17 years ...
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Azeri_Fleet / Azeri Fleet (test site)
Test Site Welcome to Azeri Fleet Role Playing Game (RPG), and Interactive Writting Group (IWG). The Fleet is a Star Trek Play by Email group. To to join fill out application
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BALDYGA / Baldyga Cousins
An electronic message board for the Baldyga cousins. Successor to the Baldyga Yahoo! Groups! message board originally founded June 23, 2002 ( )
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This list is for members of the Bridgerland Amateur Radio Club and interested people to communicate Club meetings, Activities, For Sale's and anything related to ham radio.
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A group for discussion and planning for High Altitude Balloon launches conducted and supported by the Bridgerland Amateur Radio Club.
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This is a closed group for the members of the Broome County, NY BARK-9 therapy dog group. Membership must be approved by the list owner. Please include your name, your dog's name and the registry you're certified with in subscription requests. If you're interested in doing pet therapy in the Binghamton area or arranging for a visit, please contact the group owner or moderator.
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A forum for members to share ideas and concerns
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Fall 2017 BBSA students, use this group to communicate with each other prior to the start of the semester at Berkeley
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For graduates of Binghamton Central High School - January and June 1971
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BD / Duikers - Bermuda Divers
Mail naar alle leden van de Bermuda Divers Hulst.
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Bartiméus Informatie Technologie voor en door mensen die slechtziend of blind zijn. Testen van toegankelijkheid en gebruiksvriendelijkheid van zowel software als hardware producten.
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This group exists for constructors of the various BITX projects, to discuss all aspects of the design and construction including problems, components, modifications and experiences using the rigs.
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This list is intended to promote the exchange of information regarding the Boston & Maine Railroad and its corporate predecessors. Appropriate historical and modeling topics consist of, but are not limited to, equipment, operations, stationary plant, and personnel.
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BPHA / BPHA Members Site
Bill's Point Homeowners Association Members Group. This group site is the internet home of the BPHA. It is for the benefit of BPHA members only. BPHA documents (bylaws, covenants, and other documents related to the Association, records of past meetings, etc.) may be seen by clicking the "Files" tab in the left side bar. Official BPHA communications are sent out to members from this sit...
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BPI-Discuss / Blind LGBT Pride International
This is the discussion list for members of Blind LGBT Pride International (BPI).
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BSHS1970 / Bozeman Senior High Class of 1970
A group intended for the Bozeman Senior High School Class of 1970 alumni and their families.
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