7mmrailwaymodelling / 7mm Railway Modelling
For all aspects of railway modelling in 7mm and related scales
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7 Sirens Cove, a pirate rest stop at 7:30/A
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This is the group for the members of the 7th Division of the Grand Commandery of Knights Templar for the State of Ohio.
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7x12MiniLathe / 7x12MiniLathe
Topics Include: Homier, Grizzly, Harbor Freight, Real Bull, SIEG, Einhell, Micromark brands of 7x10, 7x12, 7x14, 7x16, & 8x12 mini lathes, metal turning, machinists, lathe and tooling mods, projects, tips, hints, and tricks for the mini lathes plus other shop related topics. Beginners and experts welcome! If you want to learn about machining metal on a lathe, this is the group you've bee...
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2 Rotor squared
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90-shades-of-nasty-and-abusive-family-members / 90-shades-of-nasty-and-abusive-family-members
Hello and welcome, my name is Anastasia I run the list, do you have a family member who is misgendering, sexually, physically, mentally, financially, verbally, racially, or emotionally and psychologically abusing you? Are they using your money for themself or their partner to live on? Is there problems with interpersonal interaction or inclusion in your family? Does your mothers new partner discri...
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Hello, having been the first person in the State of Arizona to put up a 900 Mhz Repeater, I liked 900 so much, I started this group for those of us amateur radio operators who have an interest in utilizing the 900 Mhz amateur radio band. This group is here to discuss modification of commercial radio gear to amateur radio use, repeater construction for 900 Mhz, and other related topics relating to ...
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Group of the 1993-1997 Electrical& Electronics Engineering batch, PSG tech, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. This class is one of the most vibrant, energetic and enthusiastic classes in PSG, during the period of their stay.
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A Podcast serving the Santa Cruz Mountain Community.
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What 95033talk was supposed to be, your virtual general store with people sitting around and chatting. It's for people who don't like facebook but want to chat.
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A place for local egg producers and consumers. Larry McVoy and Ruth Whitaker have flocks of ~50 hens each. Ruth and Larry have a donate what you can afford policy, we suggest $5/dozen for small eggs from new hens and $8/dozen for the larger eggs. It's a donation towards feed costs, you pay for feed, you get eggs, it's not a business. That said, if you have to wonder if you can afford tha...
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A place for 95033 people (and anyone else that you want to invite) to chat about fly fishing when they are stuck at home fondling their fly reels.
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Al things yummy You can post recipes (for people and pets), share BBQ ideas and techniques and ask questions. Postings about food events are also welcome! I'm getting hungry just thinking about all the good things to come! In order to make this easier to search, I'm asking that each post have at least one hashtag.
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95033free / 95033Free Community
Free Recycling is all about Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. It's better for someone else to reuse your item than recycle the materials in it or have it end up as trash. This also means finding people near us to minimize energy use and pollution. The better we care for our planet, the better it takes care of us (and our kids). If you live (or work) in the 95033 Community and can resonate with t...
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Mailing list for coordinating play and sports activities for kids in the 95033 zip code area
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Information about Real Estate Sales in the Santa Cruz Mountains.
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A place to discuss road conditions, funding, etc. for Santa Cruz County rural roads.
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People who have (or want to have) a work shop. Share pictures, ideas, projects, fun stuff.
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95033talk / 95033Talk
95033talk is the group for anyone living in the 95033 zip code or related areas of the Santa Cruz / Los Gatos Mountains to discuss local issues <please note the emphasis on local>. asking for recommendations for services asking for advice / sharing advice discuss local and timely issues notifying neighbors of upcoming events provide / get information on emergencies / fire Please do ...
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97-antennas is a discussion group for soon-to-be and new amateur (Ham) radio operators. It's primary purpose is to facilitate the coordination of training and mentoring (know as Elmering in amateur radio lingo) activities. While this group was started in South Florida, Hams and non-Hams are welcome to participate in the group as long as the conversation is related to the goals stated above. So...
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