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****NOTE**** This is a high volume list during the fall and Christmas season! If you love Christmas, this is the group for you! Come join us and share Christmas fellowship, graphics, tubes, sigtags, fonts, brushes, masks, stationery, etc. Pretty well anything Christmas is allowed as long as there is no adult content or pay to use or trademarked tubes etc. Thanks to Shirley Wilson for the lovely co...
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Taggers and snaggers are welcome. Rules are few and basic - no flaming or spamming. We ask that you try to post at least once a week, whether that be a tag for request or snagged extras. You may share fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Year's and winter tags as well as Christmas ones. No adult, pay to use or trademarked content, please. As we have a diverse group of people from various backgr...
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This list is a sister list to 0-ChristmasFun4Everyone and 0-ChristmasTags4Everyone, but everyone is welcome!! We share goodies here such as graphics, tubes, tags, fonts, tutorials, masks, recipes, etc. Pay to use scrapkits, tubes etc. are not allowed. We are a list of friends and fellowship is encouraged. Please share a bit of yourself with us, let us know about you and your life. We welcome peopl...
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This group is for IRLP experimental reflector 0070, we share all kinds of information related to building IRLP nodes and reflectors. The topics range from USB sound adapters, raspberry Pi computers, and all hardware related to build a VOIP node from scratch, Since Linux is the main back-bone of most of our nodes, we also love to experiment with all related topics as well! We also build our own O...
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00n3modellers / 00n3 Modellers
This is a group for all who are interested in modelling 3' gauge railways based on those in Ireland, the Isle of Man and Britain in 1/76th scale (00n3).
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Discussion of the Yamaha 01V96 series of mixers.
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02R / 02R
User group for the Yamaha 02R mixing console and it's variants
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070Club / 070 Club Group
This is the group/reflector for the 070 Club, the world's premier amateur radio PSK-31 user club. As a general rule, topics and comments should be confined to items involving Club matters, ham radio, and PSK related items. Of course, friendly personal comments to fellow members are acceptable. Please make sure to avoid discussions and comments about politics, religion, and current...
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This is the group/reflector for the 070 Club's contests, which are yet another facet of the world's premier amateur radio PSK-31 user club. You may find us on the web at Feel free to contact us via email at Thank you for checking out our group! 73 Jim Innis K5SP 070 #483 070 Club Executive Director
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The 0810 Software Question To Improve program group This group is meant to allow 0810 Software to share the questions and polls in The 0810 Software Question to improve program.
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089346686 / שיעור הגר"א קוק שליט"א
Sending study materials to students, such as classes and more
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קבוצה משפחתית
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This group is to serve as a communication tool for property owners on the original DC block named "0969" which encompasses the alley formed by the 200 blocks of 10th St and 11th St SE enclosed by C St SE to the South and Independence to the North.
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Maillista för A och B-klasserna födda 2009 på Folkunugsakolan i Linköping
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This group is for the sharing of knowledge related to tramway modelling in 0 scale (1:45 - 1:48 - 1:43.5) of all systems world wide from the first tram systems through to our most modern systems.
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This group is for people who enjoy wargaming with the Tumbling Dice/Vapor Trails,Oddzial Osmy, Skytrex,JTF600,Raiden,Bend Sinister,Shapeways,Tiny Thingamajigs,"Objects May Appear" and other lines of 1/600-3mm miniatures. Aircraft along with 1/600-3mm scale Ships,Figures, Tanks, Trucks and Guns and other vehicles. Please feel free to post any information including rulesets,scenarios, ideas ...
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1-87MilitaryModels / 1/87th Scale Military Modelers Group
The 1/87th Scale Military Modelers Group discussion forum exists to promote the exchange of information, references, sources, and tips for collecting and building scale models of military vehicles and equipment in 1/87 scale. If you collect or build models by Roco Minitanks, Trident, Preiser, Heiser Models, SDV Models, Artitec, ArsenalM, Kniga, etc, whether it be for display, dioramas, war gaming,...
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1-Adam-12 / Adam-12
This list is for fans of the classic Jack Webb series, "Adam-12" which starred Martin Milner and Kent McCord. The series co-starred William Boyett and featured Gary Crosby in a recurring role.
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Groupe de discussion pour l'immeuble du 1 place Jussieu à Paris, France.
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10-Ingredients-Or-Less / 10 Ingredients or Less Recipes
This is where we can post all recipes that have 10 ingredients or less. They don't have to be tried-n-true, just something that sounds like it might be interesting to share, make and taste! There is a posting requirement in this group. Group members need to only post one (1) recipe to the group once a month. I don't think that's too much to ask. There won't be a weekly "theme&#...
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