Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa, Aids Lifecycle Team
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TASK-9, an acronym for "Trailing & Area Search K-9s", is an unpaid professional, all volunteer, not for profit Search And Rescue (SAR) Canine Unit serving Southern New England, specializing in scent specific and water search trained dogs in the search for lost and missing persons. This group is for discussions among TASK-9 members, probationary members, and the posts are archived. Disc...
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Programming Teaching and Courses for Blind Students I have developed a number of programming courses teaching computer science and computer programming to blind students. This initiative arose from a discussion with Richard Freeman at Accessibility when he told me that he was being charged around $1000 per day for the development of JAWS scripts. My reaction was to research the topic and put toget...
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We all believe in a helping hand for those who suffer from depression, anxiety, bipolar or any form of mental illness. We would love to support you in any way possible, so hope you enjoy our group! Please be kind to one and other.
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hexagon groupp yearhh!
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DurkeeFarm / Durkee Farm Neighborhood Littleton,MA
Durkee Farm Neighborhood Littleton,MA
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News and information related to the web site.
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WCA Membership Committee
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Discussing books, ideas, God and more! The School of Wonder.
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FT-857 / YAESU FT-857 Discussion Group
A group for discussion of the Yaesu FT-857 and FT-857D radios. All memberships will require approval. Under the reason why you want to join this group, please indicate your interest in the FT-857, or radio in general. Please give your call sign if you are an amateur radio operator. Note: Many individuals join this list to find out how to modify their unit for extended transmit. In the USA, it is a...
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The Email Distribution List for the First Unitarian Church of San Jose's Communications Team
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Red Hot Ad Group has grown so to accommodate new members and make our letter easier to read we are opening a 2nd group. Groups already listed in Red Hot Ad Group will not be added to this list. So if you are looking for a new ad group that's proven to be well read feel free to join. We do not accept AOL groups/lists. You must have a url not an email address. We definitely advertise for gr...
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RASCyouth / RASC Youth Members
This is a group for current youth members of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada to discuss astronomy and observing, share astrophotography, connect with other youth members, ask questions and plan events! As we get going, we'll start offering more activities like: Live tours of the night sky from across the country Time on the robotic telescope to do science or astrophotography - ta...
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Hot-Off-The-Press / Hot-Off-The-Press
Want more members? Need some help tagging, or need a trust worthy MOD? Whatever your advertising needs are we are here to help you. We are the sister Ad Group to Red Hot Ad Group. If you advertise there please do not apply to join here. This group is for those not already advertising with us. Thank you for your interest in us. Once you apply to the group a form will be sent out to you. You...
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The intent of this Group is to share information regarding the Pennsylvania QSO Party. The Group is administered by the Pa QSO Party Association. It is open to all Amateurs throughout the World that have an interest in the Pennsylvania QSO Party. Please use this Group to share thoughts, recommendations, comments, operating plans, operating strategies, etc. The Pa QSO Party Association will als...
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nonprofitmanage / NonprofitManage
This group is for people that work at nonprofit organizations, charities, or non-governmental organizations (NGOs) - organizations that are mission-based rather than profit-based - as paid employees, consultants or volunteers. The sharing of resources and questions regarding board recruitment and management, staff and volunteer relations, fundraising (not just "where do I find money"), bus...
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Testing using the Meals inspired by website
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This group is for supporters of the SurvivalRing website. We intend to share news, weather alerts, natural disaster preparedness, how-to & do-it-yourself info, new and classic SR downloads, and general support and outreach help to everyone who wants to be better able to take care of their families, themselves, and their communities. No conspiracy, hate group, or illegal activities or topics. S...
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This group is called Anything Goes, where anyone can talk about literally anything, explicit or non explicit. There are no limits, except no bullying, and nothing illegal, of course. Also, if you are going to mention something explicit, I would appreciate a warning either in the subject line or the beginning of the message so if some people aren't interested in reading such things, they can sk...
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mathelk2019 / Mathe LK 2019
Mathe LK St. Michael Ahlen 2019
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