is a modern email groups service.

Groups are easy to join and manage, and are packed with powerful features. And it's free, for any size group.

Why You'll Love

Powerful features that make email groups more useful.

Do More With Integrations

Easily integrate Dropbox, Feeds, Slack, Google Drive, Github, Trello, Email and soon even more services into your group.

No Ads, No Tracking

We are a fremium service. We don't run advertising and your data is never submitted to any ad tracking networks.

Additional Features

Each group also has a calendar, chat, polls, a database section, a photos section, a files section, and a wiki. Also, groups can have an unlimited number of subgroups on your own subdomain.

Only The Messages You Want

Mute threads and keywords, ensuring you only see the messages you're interested in. Take advantage of better email delivery options, including receiving the first message only in each thread or receiving replies only.

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Easy Group Transfer

Move your Yahoo or Google Group to

We make it easy for you to move your group to Take advantage of our advanced features. Host with a company dedicated only to groups, where groups aren't just an afterthought.

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Great for open source projects. is Free.

Have an open source project and need a group to discuss it? is great for those. Full Github integration keeps people up to date on development of your open source project. Post using Markdown with syntax highlighting.


We're passionate about email groups. They've always been one of the best ways to communicate on the Internet, and we're here to make them even better.