SCADASEC's top priority and goal are to provide education and training awareness programs for both public and private sectors, as well as for the general public. Information, its availability, and its dissemination are vital in securing our Nation's infrastructures.

Public and private sector organizations cannot easily protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information in today's highly-available and publicly networked system environments without some form of compromise of ensuring that all people involved are using and/or managing information effectively. Part of the educational process is through providing a better understanding of their roles, responsibilities, and requirements that are related to their organizational missions, goals, and objectives. Being focused on an organization's goals is important; losing focus can have a debilitating impact on the organization either partially, or depending on the circumstances, entirely.

This group forum is about security discussions, trends, and overall discussions pertaining to critical infrastructure protection (CIP) and SCADA/control systems security.

WARNING: Due to several legislative laws and regulations, PLEASE EXERCISE care/caution when discussing certain topics on this list. Neither SCADASEC nor Infracritical condones the discussion of the destruction, dismantlement, disablement, rendering useless of any known critical infrastructure in specifics or details whatsoever, nor will SCADASEC or Infracritical be held liable for such discussions, and is left solely to the discretion of the individual posting to this discussion forum mailing list. Reading this welcome/warning, and acknowledging it condones your act of acceptance to these terms.

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