Easy Groups Transfer

Do you have a Google Group that you would like to transfer to Groups.io? We've made the process easy.

Why Transfer To Groups.io?

Groups.io has many features that Google does not have, and we're continually working to add new features. Some of the features that Groups.io has that other services don't include:

Requires Only An Email Address
No frustrating and confusing requirement for a Yahoo login.
Sub Groups
Create sub groups within your group.
Integrate other services with your group, include: RSS feeds and Github.
Tag topics with hashtags, making them easily findable.
Advanced Subscription Options
Follow or mute topics and hashtags. Receive only the messages you want.
Markdown Support
Post new topics and replies using Markdown, HTML or plain text.
Edit Messages
Edit already posted messages, and view previous revisions of messages.
Group Wiki, Calendar, Database, Files, Chat and Photos
Each group has a full complement of additional features.

Check out the Beta group, a vibrant community that suggests and helps us refine new features.

Google Group Instructions