Easy Google Groups Transfer

Have a Google Group that you want to transfer to Groups.io? We've made the process easy. In this document, OLDGROUP refers to the name of your Google Group, and NEWGROUP refers to the name of your Groups.io group.

Step 0

Create your new Groups.io group.

Step 1

Invite the user transfer@groups.io to join your Google Group. Then, send an email to support@groups.io with the name of the group.

Step 2

We will accept the invitation and set our membership to no mail. We will then email the following instructions to OLDGROUP+owner@googlegroups.com:

By inviting transfer@groups.io to join your group OLDGROUP@googlegroups.com, you have taken the first step towards transfering your group to Groups.io. Here is what you need to do next:

  1. Make transfer@groups.io a manager of your Google group.
  2. Send an email to transfer@groups.io saying that you are ready to transfer your group. Make sure you include the names of both your old Google Group and new Groups.io group in your email. The email should be sent from the same address as the owner of your Groups.io group.

If you have any questions, please contact support@groups.io.

The Groups.io Team

Step 3

Once we receive the go ahead email, within one business day, we will download the member list of your Google Group and directly add your members to your new Groups.io group. We will add all members that are currently confirmed and not bouncing to your group, preserving their email subscription options. If someone is already a member of your group, we will not change anything about their subscription. We will not make any members moderators of your new group, even if they were moderators of your old group.

Every new user of Groups.io will also be subscribed to the updates@groups.io group, to receive updates about the Groups.io service.

We will send the following email to each member who is not already a member of the new group:


The owner of the Google Group OLDGROUP has moved the group to Groups.io, a new Groups service. You have been subscribed to the new group using your Google Group subscription settings. The name of the new group is NEWGROUP, and messages can be sent to it at NEWGROUP@groups.io.

Groups at Groups.io are similar to Google Groups, but we have several new features. We encourage you to explore the Groups.io website. If you have never registered with Groups.io before, you will be able to create a password when you first Log In.

If you do not wish to be a member of NEWGROUP, click here and you will be unsubscribed immediately.

If you have any questions, please contact support@groups.io.

The Groups.io Team

If you have created a customized welcome message for your group, we will also send that to each member who is not already a member of the new group.

We will send an email to NEWGROUP+owner@groups.io when the transfer is complete.

NOTE: Due to a bug in Google Groups, we are unable to transfer the archives for your group.

NOTE: If the new group is a subgroup at Groups.io, you will receive two transfer notices, one for transfering the members to the parent group, and one for transfering the members to the subgroup (all members of a subgroup must be members of the parent group).