ush-informatienetwerk / USH Informatie Netwerk
Dit is een Nederlandstalige groep voor iedereen die te maken krijgt met het Syndroom van Usher. Als je lid wordt van deze groep, word je deel van een netwerk. Een netwerk dat door korte lijnen tussen vraagstellers en (ervarings)deskundigen zorgt voor vraaggerichte informatie en advies. Het gaat dus om informatie en advies. het leuke is: ieder heeft weer een ander netwerk. Sommigen hebben alleen ee...
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ushlsom / United States Strat-o-Matic Hockey League
For members of the USHL, a Strat-o-Matic Hockey League since 1989.
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contribution and circulation for the Usk and Raglan News Diary, a free magazine run by community volunteers in central Monmouthshire
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usroadsterspares / US Triumph Roadster Spare Parts
Group created to facilitate the transfer and distribution of spare parts for Triumph Roadster vehicles in the US. Anything that can be done to help get as many of these classics on the road as possible! If you have any spare parts you are willing to donate/transfer or if you need any spare parts to get your Triumph Roadster back on the road, this is the group for you.
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uss-artemis / USS Artemis
This is the mailing list of the USS Artemis, an email game played in the Star Trek universe using non-canon/original characters. This game is not yet operational, but will be soon. Email the admin for more information.
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Group for the US sales team to use. This group will feature requests for calendars, tasks and email
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ussariadne / Star Trek: Ariadne
For almost six years, the USS Ariadne had carried out missions critical to the United Federation of Planets. Over the course of those six years, disasters were averted and a fragile peace was established with an old enemy. On old calendar date May 2, 2394, the USS Ariadne, under the command of Captain Kenya Danvers, was destroyed in order to successfully close an interphasic breach into another un...
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Welcome to the out-of-character (OOC) mailing list for ‘STAR TREK: ARIADNE’. This list is intended for all non-role-play activity, primarily administration and discussion. Kindest Regards, Captain Kenya Danvers Commanding Officer, USS Ariadne NCC-93804-A
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Fan club for Star Trek
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ussguamtrenton1977 / 17 January 1977 Survivor's Association
We have taken a new step and created the 17 January 1977 Survivors Association. The Association is open to everyone--survivors, next-of-kin, family members, and friends--with a sincere interest in or connection to the accident in the Barcelona Harbor on 17 January 1977. We believe that this will be a way for everyone to get in touch and stay in contact with one another. If you have questions...
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This is a group of USS Hammerberg Alumni members to let members communicate with one another.
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This group is for member of the USS Jurassic, a correspondence chapter of STARFLEET, the International Star Trek Fan Association based in Region 1.
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The Star Fleet Office of Scientific Investigation and Research was established in late 2379 to investigate and analyze current and historical events that defy conventional scientific explanation, in particular those that could be explained by the existence of as yet unknown sentient life forms or other paranormal events. Rear Admiral Hannah Krayt oversees this division under the umbrella of Star F...
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ussmazaroth42 / USS Mazaroth NCC-42
This is the voyage of the USS Mazaroth NCC-42. The Mazaroth was built for war. It is an Achilles class starship with a bit more teeth. Its current assignment is classified. There are rumors of an new enemy to the Federation. These are coming from the outer fringes of Federation space. It is also said that the Klingons, Romulans, Dominion and Cardassians have had run ins with this new threat and ha...
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Out of character conversation for the USS Mazaroth NCC-42
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ussnarragansett / USS Narragansett NCC-75017
This group is for members of the USS Narragansett, a meeting chapter of Starfleet, Sol Sector Command and STARFLEET, the International Star Trek Fan Association based in Warwick, RI, USA.
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Group account for the Chancel Decorators of the First Unitarian Church of San Jose.
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The official mailing list for Rust Uuid github organisation
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The Email Distribution List for the First Unitarian Church of San Jose's Communications Team
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Announcements from Uvalde Emergency Operations Center, and Uvalde Office of Emergency Management.
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