ScanIowa / Scan Iowa
Radio Scanning in the State of Iowa
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ScanUK / ScanUK
Welcome to ScanUK The purpose of this group is the exchange of technical Information concerning transmissions from Low VHF to SHF and beyond although I encourage HF discussion too. History We started originally as a spinoff from ScanPromaUK, a rather useful and highly regarded group for scanning originally owned by Paul Wey. When this group closed, I opened UKScanGroup where we came to be un...
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Scanners / Scanners [Whistler, Uniden]
Scanners [Whistler, Uniden] Whistler Scanners Whistler Scanner TRX-2 Whistler Scanner TRX-1 The purpose of this group is for discussing scanner and scanner frequencies, such as police, fire, rail, and aviation!
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ScarcNews / SCARC
Sunshine Coast Amateur Radio Club
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Scatterpoint / Scatterpoint Microwave Newsletter
This group exists to allow members of the UK Microwave Group to download its monthly newsletter Scatterpoint. Membership is limited to those on the current UkuG subscriber list.
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Schizophrenia-support / Schizophrenia-support
Welcome this group offers an open hand to all diagnosed sufferers of... 1. Paranoid schizophrenia 2. Disorganised schizophrenia 3. Residual schizophrenia 4. Catatonic schizophrenia 5. Trauma induced schizophrenia 6. Congenital schizophrenia 7. Schizophrenia NOS 8. Schizophreniform disorder 9. Delusional disorder 10. Brief psychotic disorder 11. Shared psychotic disorder or p...
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Schizopolar-disorder-sufferers-united / Schizopolar-disorder-sufferers-united
Welcome, my name is somiel, and i own this list. Have you been diagnosed with Schizopolar and don't know what it means or if your getting the right help or support? Well, Schizopolar has both aspects of bipolar and schizophrenia, often called biphrenia or psychotic unipolar depression, and is rare in unaffected people, but found more common in trauma or abuse survivors, I have this alongside ...
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HI, Please join here.
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Schul-Min / Schul-Min
Block Minyan for Most Friday Nights , Shabbos Mincha/Maariv and Yom Tovim All Minyanim will take place at the Schulhof residence, 364 Churchill Road Unless notified of change Times for davening are usually zman with the exception of friday night from shavous through the summer we will daven at 7PM
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A group of physicists and engineers
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ScienceFiction / SciFi_Discussion
The ScienceFiction group is a discussion group that originated on OneList as SciFi_Discussion on Sep 2, 1998. (transferred from Yahoo on Apr 6, 2018 :)) SciFi Discussion IS science fiction (SF - speculative fiction - SciFi - SyFy). Whether you just like to read it, write it or watch it, feel free to join in. The only proviso is that all discussions be kept mature + polite + Fun! (+ on the topic ...
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ScoutRadio / ScoutRadio Email Group
The ScoutRadio Email Group was created to give members of the Scouting and Amateur Radio communities a place to exchange information. New members are moderated until they post an initial email to the group. 73, Jon Pearl - W4ABC
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Welcome to the Scrap Shack We only share Scrap Kits and cluster frames here. Members must share weekly. Lurkers are not allowed. If there's a reason why you can't post tell the owner. Shares must have a preview. If you design kits and have a blog, store or something feel free to post it with your sends. You may send links to other people's blogs where we can get scraps and cluster...
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Scrappelaars / Scrappelaars - groep voor Scrapbookers
Wat is er leuker dan je foto's creatief te verwerken in een album! Onze groep startte in 2003. We 'scrappen' in alle formaten en met alle spulletjes die we voorhanden hebben. Je hebt geen dure materialen nodig. Er is heel veel mogelijk. We hebben (vrijblijvend) o.m. een maandelijkse sketch; tips en fotoalbums met voorbeelden. Wil je graag met ons meedoen? Je bent van harte welkom!
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ScrappinWithFriends / Scrappin With Friends
**Scrappin With Friends** Welcome to SWF, we are very easy going group here, everyone must send weekly 2 Full Scraps with previews by Friday to stay with us please remember make sure all Links are in working before sending I know sometimes mistakes happen.. 2 sends are not alot.. Most of all have wonderful time.. Make some New Friends and Tell your Friends about us..
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Sharing of kits.
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ScrapsTubesPSP / Scaps Tubes and all for PSP
Here you can share anything relative to PSP You must share twice a week. We have a weekly challenge to make something from a scrap So come on and have fun sharing
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This Christian Group is based on the reading of Sacred Scripture. Members will receive meditations on the Gospels and other Passages throughout the bible. It is intended for the reader to learn and understand how to read the texts.
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Sdrplay / SDRPlay RSP
A group for the SDRPlay RSP Software Defined Radios
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Discussion of small homebuilt and factory seaplanes and amphibian airplanes.
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